You should know in your 20s and 40s! 7 outdoor fashion brands!

Outdoor fashion brands that have become established as everyday (town) fashion now.

We have gained support from a wide range of generations. The secret of its popularity is overwhelming functionality and durability. This time, we picked up seven popular classic brands in Japan and overseas.

All of them are indispensable brands for outdoor life, and we will introduce a must -see outerwear that can be worn as a town.

Please refer to materials, functionality and cost performance.



In 1989, it started with climbing harness sales by two climbers in Canada.

Under the brand concept, "Make products with the best material and best technology on the earth, and confident design", it will gradually attract attention as the number of product variations increases.

Now, it has gained enormous support from the world's fashion. Popular items are lottery system to keep fair.

Beta LT Jacket Men ¥ 55,000

A representative outer that is very popular from the buyer. Beta (BETA) is a line that balances the functionality and design that supports almighty among Arc'teryx. The jacket introduced this time is an outdoor item called LT.


First, Gore -Tex is indispensable for outdoor fashion. Among them, the highest class GORE-TEX 3 layer is 350g with excellent lightweight, durability, moisture resistance, and waterproofness.


In addition, there is a ventilation under the armpits for adjusting body temperature, so there is no worry about getting stuffy. The hood is large and boasts the best functionality. The design is thin, no waste, and sophisticated. The best -class performance that can be used for a long time will be worth more than the price.

Just put it on a lightly update of your usual style casually!



A long -established classic brand founded by college students in California, USA in 1973. It covers the outdoors to marine sports comprehensively, features colorful colors, abundant sizes and high functionality.

We also work on military combat uniforms. Under the brand mission "Save the Earth," we have been working on environmental conservation in the outdoors world.

We focus on our own materials to food development, and all products of cotton materials use organic cotton without pesticides.

Men's Trent Shell 3L / Jacket ¥ 24,200


A trend shell jacket with many loyal users, a classic Patagonia and a masterpiece. Rather than cold -proof wear, it is the standing position of rainwear. Surprisingly, it is not Gore -Tex, uses a unique nylon material.

Patagonia's proud H2NO has cleared the harsh internal tests, so it has excellent durability, waterproofing, moisture permeability, and water repellency and is popular as "good cospa."

At first glance, it is a simple design, but the three -layer structure is highly functional, and since all outdoor scenes are assumed, there is a side -down ventilation and body temperature can be adjusted. It also reduces the fatigue of the shoulder when carrying heavy luggage.

It seems that the model change has been repeated regularly, and comfort and comfort are updated. It is a good point that it is easy to purchase at about half of Gore -Tex. By bicycle, motorcycle commuting, etc.

Ideal for those who want a high waterproof jacket.



Founded in the United States in 1974, it has gained support from climbers from its high quality and high -performance quality.

As with the brand concept of "for Life-Product for Survival", it features a high functionality that promises comfort even in harsh scenes, and is also known as a brand that adopted Gore-Tex for the first time. It is a brand with many bespoke in the country.

[Marmot Infuse / Marmot Infuse]


Items that have updated popular models are ranked as the current popular products. This time, we will introduce a remodeled product of the popular model of the 70's, ALL WEATHER PARKA.

Gore -Tex materials, which can be said to be basic, are used for outdoor fashion outerwear. Isn't Gore -Tex an image of a waterproof function? Surprisingly, this is not a waterproof function but a material that emphasizes comfort.

Therefore, it has excellent heat retention.

It features warm outside, and indoors are comfortable and moderate body temperature adjustment. The design is mountain parka taste and is very simple.


The brand logo is also inconspicuous, but it is a good point that a large hood can cover even a little rain. The price is high, but if you have one, it will be useful outerwear!



A brand for mountain climbing that was founded in Osaka in 1974.

The wear is high in gore -tex, and its unique high -performance fibers and sewing technology are characterized by high -cost quality that seems to be a Japanese country.

Although it is a relatively easy -to -purchase price line among outdoor brands, its functionality has gained support not only in Japan but also from overseas.

Storm Cruiser Jacket Men's ¥ 25,300

Speaking of Montbell jackets, do you often see reporters wearing on TV weather forecasts and typhoon relay situations?

This storm cruiser jacket is as the name suggests, a rainwear that should represent Montbell. The hood is a design that allows you to cover your head completely.

It features high waterproofness and moisture permeability, and a surprising lightness of only 254g, despite the only Gore -Tex 3 layer. In addition, there is also a nice function that can be folded and compact in bags so that it is comfortable and easy to carry with 20 denier!

It's not enough to wear an outerwear, but when you're worried about the temperature, it's perfect for travel because it's useful as a rain outerwear.

"I want one!"



Founded in Switzerland in 1862. Mamut, a mammoth red logo mark, has been attracting the world outdoor fans for a long time with a high -quality and sophisticated design.

It is available in about 40 countries with a rich lineup with a simple, stylish, vivid color design.

It is ranked high in popular brands in Japan.


AYAKO is one of Mamut's representative outer lineup. The bright colors are eye -catching! Not only functionality but also stylish Hosomi silhouette is also available.

The material is Gore -Tex, but the touch is popular. Not only waterproofing, but also notable points are the calculated inside design that promises comfortable comfort even if you wear it for a long time.

It is suitable for wearing for a long time because it can adjust breathability and body temperature with mesh material and armpit ventilation. It is so warm that you don't need to layer thick sweaters and heat tech, and if you raise the zipper to the neck, you don't need a muffler!

The feature is that there are many zipperes among the outerwear introduced this time. If you don't carry your bag, you want to use your pocket and use your pocket, you can feel the comfort on motorcycles, bicycle commuting, location shooting!

In addition, good points are "washed with a washing machine"!



An unknown outdoor brand founded in Colorado, USA in 1966. It develops from outdoors to winter sportswear, and is ranked high in the popular outdoor brand in Japan because of its high fashionability, and is supported by a wide range of people.

There are many high -quality products that are worth the price, and there are strong clothing that can protect yourself even in severe outdoor scenes such as extremely cold snowy mountains.

GTX Nupusivest (Men's) ¥ 49,500

North Face's representative line "Nupushi" is a lineup from clothing to boots and is an indispensable item for extremely cold outdoor scenes. This time, I will introduce a volume vest.

It is easy to hesitate to say that "the best arm is cold", but there is also the advantage that it can be layered on a down jacket, you can enjoy layered style, and it is easy to adjust body temperature.

The feature of the function is that Gore-Tex Infinium, which has excellent windproof, is used, so it will be active in the cold and cold areas and scenes with high heat retention.

When you want to choose a standard that gives priority to warmth, not a waterproof function, you can maximize the performance and make it a reliable piece!


Haglofs (Haglöfs)

Outdoor brand founded in Sweden. Sophisticated designs with simple Scandinavian colors are gaining popularity.

Not only design, but also high quality and durable because it originated in Scandinavia, Winter Sports. It has withdrawn from the country once, but it seems that sales will resume in Japan from the spring of 2023.

The classic outdoor brand is worn with others! Check it out for such people.

Mountain parka

L.I.M Series Jacket Men Rim Series Jacket Men ¥ 39,600

Introducing Hoglovs classic products. Anyway, it is a wear that adopts Gore-Tex® Paclit, a 2.5-layer material of Gore-Tex® Paclit, which is lightweight and durable. In the outdoor scene, the performance is highly performed, with excellent waterproofness, windproof, breathable, and moisture permeability, which can be stored compactly.


It is safe if you put it in your backpack when traveling, not only for outdoor scenes but also for your usual outing. It is easy to absorb sweat and warms the neck warmly with the front zipper, so it will be active in scenes where the temperature difference is intense.

The design is a very simple and cost -effective piece!


Find one item you want to have

In outdoor fashion brands, prices vary greatly depending on the material used. If you are choosing an outerwear, you should consider the functionality you want, the scenes you wear, and cost -effective, and choose the balance of "long -wearing" and "design"!


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