terms of service

Article 1 (Introduction)

1. These Terms of Use are the basic usage conditions in the EC site NNINE (hereinafter referred to as "this site") operated by Lil Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). The member agrees with all of the Terms of Use and the help and usage guide for the use of this site, and shall use this site. The Company assumes that the members agree to the contents of the Terms of Use when they use this site.
2. When the provisions of the Terms of Use and the Terms of Service (including the help and guide for the use of this site, hereinafter referred to as the "Individual Terms of Use") are different, the provisions of the Terms of Subsidents are the Terms of Use. Priority shall be applied.

Article 2 (definition)

In these Terms of Use, the following terms are used in the following ways:

(1) "This site" EC site NNINE operated by our company
(2) "Terms of use, etc." These Terms of Use and Terms of Service
(3) Services provided to members based on the terms of use, etc.
(4) An individual or corporation who agreed with the Company regarding the terms of use, etc. and receives the provision of this service
(5) Combined with the "Password" email, the list of characters and numbers to be input to obtain authentication used when logging in by members
(6) "anti -social forces" designated gangsters, members of designated gangsters related organizations, and other anti -social organizations, and organizations that are contrary to public welfare.

Article 3 (Notification)

1. The notification of the Company to the member will be made by the Company, such as posting the notifications in the e -mail, document or this site, unless there is a special provision in the Terms of Use, etc.
2. Based on the provisions of the preceding paragraph, when the notification of the Company is sent by e -mail or posted on this site, the notification to the member will be sent to the member or posted on this site, respectively. It shall be effective from the time it is done.

Article 4 (for membership registration)

1. Those who wish to become a member (hereinafter referred to as "member applicants") apply by the member applicant to enroll in the company's prescribed method, and the Company is the company's prescribed method. The membership registration shall be established when the notification of the consent is sent. In addition, the member applicant shall make an application in response to the contents of the terms of use, etc., and at the time the member applicant of this service applies, the Company will use the Terms of Use, etc. of the Service. It is considered that the content is accepted.
2. When registering as a member, it shall be registered with no false information. If the member's registration information is changed, the member shall immediately perform the prescribed procedure.
3. Minors shall not be able to apply for registration without the prior consent of a qualified legal agent.
4. The information of the members registered or submitted based on the Terms of Use, etc. and the information obtained by the Company by using the service of the member shall be handled in accordance with our "Privacy Policy" separately specified.
5. The Company does not prior notice or consent to the member if the members and members of this service fall under any of the following items, regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraphs or other terms of use. You can refuse to register as a member. In addition, even after the membership registration is allowed, the membership registration can be canceled. When deleting membership registration, the member shall erase all the rights held by the Company.
(1) When a member qualification has been suspended or exposed to a violation of these Terms of Use, etc.
(2) When there is a false description, erroneous notation, or when there is a missing note when registering as a member
(3) When debt based on terms of use, etc. may neglect to fulfill
(4) When we judge that there is a member of the anti -social forces or its stakeholders, or that.
(5) When we judge that we are inappropriate

Article 5 (about management of password)

1. The Company and this Service will not be involved in the management of membership passwords. Members shall not make a password to third parties, lend, share, transfer, and buy and sell, and to strictly manage them so that they do not leak to third parties. The Company is deemed to be the use of the membership and other acts by members.
2. The Company shall not be liable for any damages due to insufficient management of passwords, etc. by members, errors in use, or third parties.
3. If the member is known to a third party, or if the password of the member is suspected of being used by a third party, we will immediately contact us about it and the instructions of the Company. In some cases, it shall follow this. In this case, the Company may stop the membership password as an unauthorized account.
4. Members are obliged to change their passwords regularly, and we are not responsible for any damages due to negligence.

Article 6 (about e -mail magazines, etc.)

The Member shall acknowledge that the Company will distribute information on the Service, notifications on system maintenance, and other information that we have determined to be appropriate by e -mail and other means.

Article 7 (Regarding changes in notification items, etc.)

Members shall notify the company's prescribed style without delay if any of the items reported to the Company during the enrollment application.
The notification of the Company shall be deemed to have arrived when the member is usually reached by the member to the contact information applied to the Company.

Article 8 (about withdrawal)

Members can unsubscribe in the prescribed procedure of the Company. After the withdrawal procedure at our company, you will be withdrawn.
If a member dies or if there is any other reason that it is impossible to use the member qualification, the Company shall consider that the member has withdrawn at that time and suspend the membership password.

Article 9 (about providing membership registration information to third parties)

1. The Company shall be able to provide membership registration information to third parties in the case of the following provisions.
(1) If you have the consent of the person
(2) If the Court, Public Prosecutor's Office, Police, Tax Office, Bar Association, Consumer Center, or an institution with authority according to these, if we decide to respond to this, if we decide to respond to this.
(3) When disclosing it to the insurance company for insurance claims
(4) When transferring to a member to provide products and other accompanying services, etc. to the business operator who entrusts the order information or application information
(5) When disclosed to businesses that outsource the payment of the price
(6) When outsourcing all or part of the work performed by the Company to a third party
(7) When disclosing it to those who have a duty to maintain confidentiality
(8) When it is necessary for the exercise of our rights
(9) When disclosed to those who inherit the business when the business succession due to merger, sales transfer, or other reasons for other reasons
(10) When it is recognized by other laws and regulations
(11) If we otherwise determine that disclosure is equivalent

Article 10 (Regarding the change and cancellation of this service)

The Company shall be able to change the content and specifications of the Service, suspend, or suspend the provision without notifying the member in advance when the purpose is to operate the service. The Company shall not be liable for any damages or disadvantages to members due to changes or suspensions, etc.

Article 11 (about the ban on members)

1. Members must not perform the following acts when using this service.

(1) Acts to use this service for fraudulent purposes
(2) Acts that violate intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights and other rights
(3) Acts that infringe privacy
(4) Defamation acts, insults, and acts that interfere with the business of others
(5) Acts leading to crimes such as fraud
(6) Introduction to acts that violate the law on the prevention of unauthorized access acts, and other computers of the Company and others, including acts corresponding to business hindrance (Article 234-2 of the Penal Code). Act
(7) Acts to send or provide harmful programs such as computer virus, or recommend
(8) All acts that violate other criminal acts or laws and regulations
(9) The act of falsifying and erasing the information of the Company, Members and other third parties
(10) Acts that illegally use the facilities of the Company, the members and other third parties and hinder the operation
(11) All business acts using the status of our members who do not obtain our approval
(12) Acts that violate laws, regulations, terms of use, etc. or public order and morals
(12) Acts that interfere with the operation of this service, or to impair our trust
(13) Other acts to judge that we are inappropriate

2. If the member violates the Terms of Use, etc., if the Company suffers any damage, we may claim the member for damages.

Article 12 (Regarding the range of our responsibilities)

1. We do not guarantee that there is no defect or bug in the contents of this service.
2. The Company does not guarantee that when using this service, it will not be damaged by harmful programs such as computer viruses. We are not responsible for any damage caused by them.
3. The Company does not pay any communication costs incurred by the user when using this service.
4. In any case, the Company shall not compensate for the lost profits, indirect damages, expansion damage, extraordinary damages, lawyer's expenses, and other damages.
5. The Company has liability for default, liability, and other legal claims, regardless of the damage caused to members due to the ability to force the natural disaster, riot, riot, fire, and power outage. I will not be imposed.
6. The Company shall not be liable for the accuracy of information obtained through the use of this service, or compatibility to specific purposes.
7. The Company shall not be liable for any damages due to the information obtained through the use of the service of this site.
8. The Company shall resolve the information and services provided through this site if there is a dispute between members, other members or third parties, and we will solve this at our own expenses and responsibilities. It will not cause damage to.
9. The Company shall not be liable for the fulfillment of debts related to transactions such as the sale and selling of goods such as the sale and sell of goods between members and third parties through this site, and disputes arising on other transactions.
10. If the Company decides that all or part of this service will be lost or damaged, and will not be repaired due to any other reason not to be liable to the Company in the preceding paragraph, the Company will notify the member of that. All or part of the service can be abolished.

Article 13 (Regarding the Joint Law and the jurisdiction of the court)

In the establishment of the terms of use, the effects, and interpretation of the Terms of Use, the Japanese law is a compliant law. Regarding the dispute between the Company and the Members or Third Party in connection with the Terms of Use, etc., the court in charge of the Company shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.

Article 14 (Regarding changes in terms of use, etc.)

We may revise the terms and conditions at any time. After the revision of the Terms of Use, etc., the Terms of Service after the revision shall be applied. If the member uses this service after revision of the terms of use, etc., it shall be deemed to have agreed to the terms of use after the revision.

Article 15 (Terms of Use)

Even if some provisions of these Terms of Use are disabled, other provisions shall not affect the effects of other provisions and enable other provisions.

Article 16 (about purchasing products)

1. Members can purchase products from us using this service.
2. If you wish to purchase a product, etc., the member shall apply to purchase or use the product, etc. according to the method specified separately by the Company.
3. In accordance with the application set forth in the preceding paragraph, click the button to check the delivery destination, order contents, etc. input / registered by the member, then click an e -mail to the member who will check the order contents from the Company. At the time, a sales contract for the product, etc. shall be concluded between the member and the Company.
4. Regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if there is an improper or inappropriate act regarding the use of this service, the Company shall be able to cancel, cancel the sales agreement, or take other appropriate measures.
5. Delivery of products by this service is limited to Japan.

Article 17 (Regarding the return / exchange of products, etc.)

1. Returns or exchanges of the product shall be limited to damages during delivery, defects, misinfigures, imitations, pirated versions, and other reasons that should be returned to our blame. In addition, even if you wish to replace it, you may not be able to replace it because of the missing product. If so, we shall refund the payment price for the product.
2. Members shall apply for returns and exchanges specified in the preceding paragraph in accordance with the procedures specified separately by the Company, and the Company shall bear all the shipping costs related to the return or exchange.

Article 18 (about payment method)

1. The payment amount of the product, etc. is the sum of the purchase price of the product, including the consumption tax, and the various commissions related to this.
2. Regarding the payment of products purchased by this Service, the payment method by a credit card in the name of the member, or the payment method separately acknowledged by the Company.
3. In the case of a credit card payment, the member shall follow the conditions in which the member signs separately with the credit card company. In relation to the use of credit cards, if some dispute occurs between members and credit card companies, etc., it shall be responsible for responsibility between the member and the credit card company.

Article 19 (about exemption on products, etc.)

1. The Company has its quality, material, functions, performance, compatibility with other products, and other defects, and other products sold through the Services, and the Company. Regarding profits, any warranty or burden shall not be lost except in the case specified in the preceding article.
2. For troubles due to unknown delivery destinations, the Company will contact the registered contact information and deliver products to the specified destination when purchasing a product, etc. The delivery debt shall be fulfilled and will be exempted from the debt.

Date of enactment

February 4, 2022