Refund policy


Please note that returns, exchanges and cancellations cannot be accepted unless there is a product defect.
There is a description of the size on each product page, so please check your own size before purchasing.

If you fall under any of the following items, please note that we will not be able to refund.

  1. If you cannot return the product
  2. If you cannot tell us the information required for transfer, such as the name of the financial institution, account number, and account name person to be refunded.
  3. If we have been informed of the return from our company, we have exceeded 30 days

[If it is impossible to return, exchange, or canceled]
・ Products that have been over 8 days after arrival
・ Used, laundry products
・ Requests for color -size ・ Changing orders due to customer reasons
・ Order order for mistakes

In the case of the following returns due to the following convenience, please contact us in [within 7 days after arrival].

[If returned, exchanged, or canceled]
・ When a different product arrives from your order
・ In the unlikely event that there is a defective place