Shipping policy

《Estimated period of shipping》

It is listed on each product page. Please check at the time of purchase.

■ Period from order to delivery
From your order (after payment confirmation) to shipping7-14 days of business (closed on weekends and holidays on holidays)] We have time.It will take about 4 days from shipping to delivery.Basically, all staff are delivered in about 2 weeksI am trying to do it,Comprehensively from order to delivery"10th-18th business day"We have time.

* The above is a guide period. Please note that it may be different depending on the situation of overseas, external wholesale, manufacturers, and international delivery companies for shipping from overseas.


《About delivery when ordering multiple products》

If you purchase multiple products with the same order number, please note that all will be shipped after all.

* After the shipping email notification, we would be grateful if the delivery company could check the status of luggage by the delivery company based on the tracking number.

"Shipping fee [Normal time] >>

Shipping will be 500 yen nationwide.

Free shipping on orders over 15,000 yen.


"Shipping fee [time to resend] >>

If the product is resent due to customer reasons, such as when the product is not received over the storage period of the delivery company, the retransmission fee will be resent after confirming the payment in advance. Please note. The reserve cost depends on the storage status of the product, so "inquiryPlease contact us from.