Are there many types of denim pants? To improve the fashionable degree

Speaking of denim pants, everybody is familiar enough to have at least one place.

However, there are few people who know what kind of surprisingly there are.
It is a must -see for those who want to be fashionable and want to be more familiar with denim pants.

Is there a kind of denim pants?

Even if you say denim pantsThere are various types, each with its own characteristics.
There are a wide variety of things that match the times and those that have become popular in the past.


At mostThe type of simple denim pants is straightis.
Basically, it is a simple design that is handled by any store.
The straight denim pants have a standard design with a straight to the hem from the waist to the hem.And it is a versatile denim pants that can be matched in any fashion.
StraightIf you wear one, you can wear itI recommend it.


Skinny is as popular as straight.
Skinny is a denim pants with a pitch from around the thighs to the ankle.It refers to that.
Unlike straight,Appeal the thinness and length of the legsBecause it can be done, it is a popular type that can be said to be straight and rivals.


The middle type of straight and skinny is slim.
It's not too relaxed and not too perfect, but it's slim, so it's suitable for slender people.It can be said that it is a kind.

I'm not good at pitching my ankle, but if you want slim denim pants, we recommend a slim type.


Straights and skinny may be familiar, but what about tapered?

Unlike tapered, unlike skinny and slim,Denim pants with spacious thighsIt refers to that.
And when it comes to the hem, the design is a little squeezed.
I'm a little dubbed, but the hem is slenderSo you can wear it beautifully.

Boot cut

It has a straight -like style from the knee, but the boots cut from below the knee.

Boot cuts in the United States in the Showa generationIn Japan, it is popular from 1900 to 2000Did.
The boom was gone for a while,Boom again from around 2022I have a feeling of foresight.
This is a type designed so that it can be removed from the top of the boots.


Flare refers to a type of denim pants hem.
Flare is divided into the same genre as boot cuts.
OriginallyPants with the hem are generally called flare, but they can be cut into boots or flare according to their spread.To do.
Flare is not as perfect as boots cut, so it is easy to match with fashion.


Bellbotom is a type that has a larger hem than boots cuts and flare.
In the past it was called Pantalon,Denim pants that became popular in the 1970sis.
Because the shape is quite unique, it is difficult to match, but stillAdvanced fashion when you can wear itI can say that.
Also, now that retro fashion is attracting attention, isn't it a point to dare to incorporate the bellbotom?



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Don't get lost with denim pants! How to choose without failure

Denim pants themselves are also a standard for fashion, and various brands are sold from various brands.
It's nice to actually buy denim pants, but it's only regret if you don't fit your current clothes.


The most important thing in denim pants is the size.

However, depending on the denim pantsNotation in the inch numberBecause it is done, there should be many people who are not pinched.
The inch of denim pants refers to the size around the waist.
1 inch 2.54cmIf you know that, you can choose the size that suits you.

For example, the waist sizeIf it is 85cm, 33 inchesIt can be assumed to be about it.

However, please note that the size of the same inches is slightly different depending on the brand.


If you have the size of denim pants, the next worrisome is the silhouette.
The impression is completely different depending on whether it is straight or skinnyTherefore, it can be said that you should choose well.
When buying a silhouette that is not usually used, think about whether it really suits your style or with the clothes you have now.


Speaking of denim pants, there is an image of indigo blue.

However, depending on the brand, many colors such as light blue, black, and white are developed.

If you go safely, it's a blue system, and if you want to decide coolly, black, if you want to make it clean.The range of choices expands like this.


Even with the same blue denim pants, if you look closely, the design is different for each.

For example, what is commonDamaged denim pantsis.
It is now a standard classic, and is recommended for those who are not satisfied with ordinary denim pants.
Other than thatFringe and patchworkEach of them sells highly original denim pants.

Fashionable! 5 recommended denim pants

From here, we will introduce fashionable denim pants with high originality.

LOGO stitch strait Denim n1081



714Street logo stitch straight denim.
Although it is a straight, a slightly loose denim pants, the casual logo increases the fashionable degree of fashion. BR /> Because it is a simple denim pants, it is a versatile type that supports any coordination.

Relaxed Wide Denim N1617



It is a relaxed wide denim of CountryMoment.

Among the denim pants, it is a very wide denim, so it is recommended for those who want to wear it like a sweatshirt.

Vintage Strait Denim N1595



NothOMME vintage straight denim.

Although it is a simple straight denim, the discoloration that has been applied moderately creates a vintage feeling.

If you want a simple denim or want a vintage processed denim, this pants are recommended.




Evistub's white straight denim.

As the name suggests, it is a recommended denim pants if you want to create a clean white design.

Damage Art Wide Denim N1350



Unbent damage art -wide denim.

This damage art wide denim is recommended if you are looking for a cool denim because it is made a little loose and is damaged.


Everyone usually wears denim pants, but there are more types than expected, and each has a completely different style.

Each person has a good taste, but it is good to go straightforwardly, or if you want to improve fashion, you can dare to choose a large wide pants.


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