There are also types of military outerwear! Explain six things including MA-1


Choose an important outer choice to enjoy street fashion.
Among them, the popularity of military outerwear is only increasing.
Speaking of military, many people may think of MA-1, but there are actually various types.
This time is a typical6 military outerwearI will dig deeper in an easy -to -understand manner.

Military classic "MA-1"

Included in the bomber jacket in a type of flight jacketMA-1

Originally developed on the premise of wearing pilots in the cockpit of the fighter, it seems that it is hard to get caught on switches.Simple designThere are many things.

In addition, since the use of the sky, which is extremely low, is considered.Excellent cold protectionOne of the features

The heat retention is enhanced by packing the batting and making the sleeves and hem from invading the wind.

Because of its simplicity, the needs are high,If you are looking for something that is easy to wear, MA-1Is recommended.

Stand color "M-65"

It is a field jacket for battleM-65

Using a nylon blend material, it can withstand even under freezingExcellent cold protection and ease of movementIt has a combination.

The design is a stand color, four pockets on the front, and one with velcro on the cuffs.

Because it can be put on lightly, if you combine it with simple items such as knit, chinos, denim, you will get a beautiful outfit.

It can be worn in autumn and springM-65 if easy to use is importantIs recommended.

"L-2" without batting

Because it is a flight jacket with a similar design, it tends to be confused with MA-1.L-2

The big difference isWhether there is a battingis.

Compared to the MA-1 designed to withstand the freezing point, the volume is suppressed without batting because the temperature is assumed to be 10-30 degrees.

There is no collar,L-2 if you value the ease of coordinationIs recommended.

"N-2B" with hood

A flight jacket developed by the U.S. Air ForceN-2B

Far with furBecause it is attached, it protects the neck from the cold when the placket is closed.

Therefore, more than the MA-1 developed for the same pilotBoasts high cold weather performanceFeatures.

The length is short and a neat impression so that it does not hinder the maneuverable.

If it is good to have practicality and design, N-2BIs recommended.

"N-3B" that covers the waist

For the N-2B with a short length for pilots, the length is longer because it is on the ground.N-3B

The purpose is to wear it in a very harsh environment of minus 10-30 degrees,Ultimate cold clothesIt is also famous.

The front is also a double in front of the front, so the buttons are large so that they can be attached and detached even with gloves.Excellent functionality

Just putting on the volumey gives off a unique presence, soN-3B for coordination with outerwear as the main characterIs recommended.

"B-3" with warm bore

Often called Mouton jacketsB-3

An item that was originally worn as a flight jacket for cold regions.

You can enjoy coordination with a rugged atmosphere with the collar fur and leather body.

A design that boasts a high heat retention that is OK even with a single sweatshirt.

If you want warmth and military-like comfort, B-3Is recommended.

4 recommended military outerwear!

Teflon Ma-1 Down Jacket N1240

The MA-1 logo down is the point of the back logo.

It is recommended to put the hood with a hoodie because it is compact and easy to layer while putting batting.

MA-1 Down Jacket N1076

For those who want more warmth, a MA-1 down jacket is recommended.

It has a simple design without waste, and goes well with any winter clothes regardless of the times.

It is a multi -use first place that can be used for a long time.


Military food jumper designed to dissolve the "N-2B" into everyday life.

It can be closed to the top or closer halfway.

If you combine the sweat pants, you will get a good loose feeling, so please try it.

Teflon Flight Jacket N1573

Light and warm reversible flight jacket.

You can also use the quilting surface with a completely different atmosphere, so you can enjoy a wide range of coordination.

We use 3M ™ Thingrate ™, a high -performance batting material.

Reversible Fleece Jacket N1178

Reversible fleece jacket with M-65 more simplified.

The reason for the popularity is that the volume is reduced despite the use of both sides with fleece.

It is a delicious item twice in the first place.

Enjoy the military outerwear

This time, I have explained various types of military outerwear.

However, after all, if the wearer thinks "Military -like and cool!" And enjoy it as an outer, it is not a big deal.

I want to use it for autumn and spring, so I want a collar, M-65, but it's cold anyway, so try to find a military outerwear that is perfect for you, according to the application and preference.


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