Why does the hat sweat stain occur? Explain how to clean yourself!

Do you usually wear a hat?

If you keep wearing a hat, the hat itself will fade with sunburn or get dirty with sweat.

That said, unlike T -shirts, there is an image that it is difficult to wash, so you may be wondering if you should buy a new one.

So, this time, I will talk about sweat stains on the hat, so please refer to it.

Is it possible to wash even if there is sweat stain on a hat in the first place?

It depends on the type of hat,If you notice sweat stains, you can washis.

However, if you put it in the washing machine as it is, we do not recommend it because it will cause its shape.

If you are an important hat, we recommend hand washing, no matter how troublesome.

First, check the hat material.

It would be nice if the hat material was cotton or polyester, but leather, wool, hemp, etc. cannot be washed.

nextCheck the washing displayplease.

If the number is written on the tub -like mark, it can be washed in the washing machine, and if there is a x mark, it is not possible to wash.

If there is a hand mark in the tub, you can wash your hand.

Why is the hat get dirty?

When you find a sweat stain in the hat, it should be quite dirty, but why don't you worry why it was dirty in the first place?

Even if you intend to use it beautifully, the hat gradually gets dirty and leads to sweat stains and fading.

Sweat stains

The biggest cause of the hat isSweat by myselfIs applicable.

Sweaty scalp and hats may be quite close, and a lot of sweat is immersed.

Because it is not washed every day like a shirt, it is often discolored when you notice it.


You may not notice much, but dust adheres to the hat.

For example, if you put it in a closet at home, dust will gradually accumulate and cover it with a hat.

DustOxidized over time, causing yellowingWill be.

When the hat turns yellow, it is difficult to remove dirt.

Ultraviolet rays

The hat is located in the place where you can wear UV rays because you can wear it in your head.

Ultraviolet rays can tan and lead to discoloration.

If it turns color, it can be said that it is troublesome because it cannot be returned to the original by hand washing and washing.


Isn't it attached to bleach just because the hat is dirty?

If you put a colored hat on the bleach,The color is peeled off and it is no longer a level that can be worn.

Also, even if the bleach goes well, the texture of the fabric will change and it will cause discomfort.


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Items that take the sweat stains of the hat

If you are worried about sweat stains and you can wash your hands, prepare some items to get closer to the solution.


The basin is an item required to soak a hat in water or detergent.

Other than the basinIf there is a size that makes a hat soak, it can be substitutedis.

If you don't have a basin, you should use a wash basin.

Neutral detergent

A neutral detergent is required to remove sweat stains on the hat.

As much as possibleChoose a fashionable detergentYou can prevent discoloration.


The best if you have a towel after washing your hatis.

If the hat is squeezed to drain the water, it will have a strange shape, so you need to wipe it as much as possible.

Disposable toothbrush

Prepare a toothbrush to ensure that the hat sweat stains are removed.

A new toothbrush is fine,There is no way to wash your hat, so disposable ones are fine.Yes.

How to correctly take the sweat stains of the hat

First, put lukewarm water and neutral detergent in a basin and dissolve.

Put a sweat stains in the basin,It is important to soak for a whileis.

This is because if you get a hat, you will surely lose your shape.

Wash slowly so that the shape does not collapse as much as possible.

In places where sweat stains on the hat are severe, it is a good idea to rub with a toothbrush.

When the hat is clean, rinse carefully and wipe it with a towel.

At this time, it is important to note that if you squeeze the hat, it will lead to a shape collapse.

Dryer or dehydration does not use at all, and it dries naturallyIs the best.

After that, if you hang your hat in a place where direct sunlight does not hit, it should be more beautiful than before.

How to reduce sweat stains on hats and use them for a long time?

If your hat gets dirty, you can wash your hands, but it's a lot of work and you want to reduce the number itself.

Also, you may want to use your important hats for as long as possible.

In order to use a hat for a long time, daily maintenance is requiredis.

If you go out with a hat, you will lose sweating while hitting with a wet towel after returning home.

The inside of the hat is also quite dirty, so hit it with a wet towel to remove dirt.

If the dirt is severe, mix a little neutral detergent and wipe it with a wet towel several times so that the detergent does not remain.

After that, if you dry it in a cool place where direct sunlight does not hit, you can wear it in a beautiful state forever.

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If you usually wear a hat, the dirt will accumulate and it will appear as sweat stains.

It is very important to wash it as much as possible and to wash it and everyday maintenance.

Also, if you have a replacement hat, it will last longer, so prepare some of them.


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