[Men's must -see] What is the right clothes with a temperature of 25 degrees? Explain fashion of the lowest temperature and maximum temperature!

When the season approaches summer, the temperature becomes 25 degrees, so why not get lost every year?

It is difficult to judge whether you should go short sleeves or wear long sleeves or haori even if you are not men.

especiallyClothes vary greatly depending on the difference between the minimum temperature and the maximum temperature.

Therefore, this time, I will talk about clothes with a temperature of 25 degrees for men, so please refer to it.

What season is the temperature 25 degrees?

It depends on your area, but in Tokyo, May to June, and September, when summer is about to reach 25 degrees.

In Hokkaido, the lowest temperature in Japan, there are regular days exceeding 25 degrees from late June to July.

In Okinawa, which is located on the contrary, it has already exceeded 25 degrees in March in March, and in April it rises to nearly 30 degrees.

SoThe timing when the temperature is 25 degrees differs depending on the area where you live.

Also, even if the temperature is 25 degrees, the clothes will change depending on whether it is the highest temperature or the lowest temperature.

Naturally, if the maximum temperature is 25 degrees, the lowest will drop considerably, and if the minimum temperature is 25 degrees, the maximum temperature will be close to 30 degrees.

Is the temperature 25 degrees hot? cool?

Even if the temperature is 25 degrees, it is difficult to judge whether it is actually hot or cool.

25 degrees is not too hot nor too coldIt can be said.

However, on a sunny day, there is a concern about the effects of ultraviolet rays due to direct sunlight.

Conversely, after the evening, some people find it a little chilly.

In addition, the 25 -degree of the damp season, such as the rainy season, gives you an unpleasant warmth and cold.

What is the men's outfit when the maximum temperature is 25 degrees?

The maximum temperature of 25 degrees means that the temperature drops considerably at night, so you should prepare long sleeves and a cardigan that can put on it.

It's warm in the daytime, so make a fashion that can be taken off your cardiganThat's good.

Conversely, if you have a short sleeve in the morning and night just because it is 25 degrees, you will feel cold.

Men's fashion with a maximum temperature of 25 degrees corresponds to long -sleeved shirts, setup suits, grees, cardigans, jackets, etc.


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What is the men's clothes when the minimum temperature is 25 degrees?

If the minimum temperature is 25 degrees, it may exceed 30 degrees in the daytime.

In other words, isn't it possible to assume summer in terms of time?

In summerAssemble in fashion with short sleeves as the mainYou should.

The outery is hot, so you have to fight simply in the first place.

For example, the impression varies depending on whether you attack simple with polo shirts, border shirts, shorts, etc., or attack with a slightly flashy design.

However, if the air conditioner is more than 25 degrees in the room, the cooling should be pounding, so short sleeves alone will make you feel better, which may cause you to get sick.

Points of fashion with a maximum temperature of 25 degrees

If the minimum temperature is 25 degrees, the minimum temperature is 25 degrees, and the point of fashion is different.

It's the same as 25 degrees, but be aware of fashion depending on the season.

Have a haori

If the maximum temperature is 25 degrees, you should prepare one haori assuming that it will be as cold as possible.

especiallyAt night, it gets quite cold with short sleeves, so I get sickThere is a possibility.

Depending on the location, the temperature decreases more than expected, so the ease of spending time depends on whether or not there is a haori.

Long sleeves are required depending on the time

If you don't have a haori, you can say that it is safe to have clothes that can be changed, such as Ron T.

If it is Ron T, most people should have it, nor is it so bulky.

again,If you are worried about the cold, it is safe to keep warm long sleeves such as HEATTECHI can say that.

The point of fashion with a minimum temperature of 25 degrees

If the minimum temperature is 25 degrees, it will be a burning level heat in the daytime, so another measure is required.

Sunburn countermeasures

On a midsummer day, sunburn measures are essential because intense ultraviolet rays are falling.

Depending on the men's, you may not need to take measures against sunburn.

ifIf you are particular about fashion, your skin should be beautifulis.

If the number of spots and wrinkles increases due to sunburn, it looks older than the age.

There are various methods for sunburn countermeasures, but it can be prevented by wearing a hat, applying sunscreen cream, and thoroughly moisturizing.

Cooling countermeasures

If it exceeds 25 degrees, there are many cases where air conditioning is being turned out not only at home but also at the place of going out.

I guess there are many men who have become cold and have trouble.

in advanceIf you know that the specified location is cold due to cooling, bring your haoriI recommend that.

6 recommended men's clothes that match the temperature of 25 degrees

Striped Summer Shirt N209

Bellken's stripe summer shirt.

Because it is a short sleeve, it is a perfect fashion for a temperature of 25 degrees.

In additionThe striped pattern has a clean feelingTherefore, it is a shirt that looks good for any man.


714Street, heavy weight polo.

The name is heavy, so there is an image that seems to be heavy,The design is very simpleis.

There is a small one -point logo on my chest, so I do not claim it strangely.

The design itself is simple, so it can be matched to any fashion.

Sheer Soccer Shirt N2150

It is a shirt with excellent breathability of soccer material.

Soccer material is not sports soccerThe fabric with unevennessIt refers to that.

It is excellent in breathability and is a perfect shirt for 25 degrees temperature because it is light.

This shirt is recommended to wear with the inner woven.


Outori's cross -check summer shirt.

The check design is quite fashionable,If you put it on the inner, that alone is impactthere is.

However, any fashion goes well with a check shirt that is not too flashy.


714Street, outdoor short sleeve nylon T -shirt.

This shirt is a simple logo,Standard type with pockets on the chestis.

Therefore, you can wear only one piece, and if it is a little chilly, it will be compatible with the haori.

Raglan Longsleeve TSHIRT N1811

Bellken's one -point torogora Gran Long Sleeve T -shirt.

This shirt isBecause it is a long T -shirt, it is perfect for the season when it feels a little chillyis.

In addition, it is a simple but stylish bicolor, and you can feel a presence even if you have only one.


Even if you say a temperature of 25 degrees, men's clothes vary greatly depending on whether it is the lowest temperature or the highest temperature.

If the minimum temperature is 25 degrees, it will be hotter in the daytime, so short sleeves are desirable, and if the maximum temperature is 25 degrees, it will be cold at night, so it is ideal to combine long sleeves and haori.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do fashion according to the season even at 25 degrees at 25 degrees.


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