What is a summer jacket? Introducing how to choose for men and recommended items!


In the summer, you want to compete with one short sleeve, but don't you want to go to a more stylish world?

That's why the summer jacket is attracting attention.

You may think that a jacket is hot in the summer, but it is a necessary item to increase fashion sense.

This time, I will talk about summer jackets for men, so please refer to it.

What is a summer jacket in the first place?

You may be able to imagine it as a jacket,"Summer jacket"Do you know what is?

As the name implies, a summer jacket refers to a jacket made for summer.

Speaking of jackets, it is easy to imagine a thick fabric like a suit, but it is not a summer jacket.

For example, do you not notice that the fabric on the back part is thin for a suit jacket for summer?

Similarly, summer jacketsThe fabric is made thinly while maintaining the appearance as much as possible.So it's not hot than it looks.

Why do you dare choose a summer jacket in summer?

Ideally, the combination of short sleeves, tank tops, shorts, and sandals is ideal because I want to dress as cool as possible in summer.

However, there is a reason to wear a summer jacket.

it is,If you have one jacket, you don't have to worry about coordination, don't make your opponent uncomfortable, become a sunburn measure, look fashionableIs applicable.

Don't worry about coordination

If you go out in plain clothes every day, you have to think about coordination like this tops today.

but,If you have one jacket, you only need to put on the tops, so you don't have to worry about coordination.

Changing the tops and pants a little and wearing the same jacket will look fashionable.

Summer jacket that does not make your opponent uncomfortable

If you look at a person wearing the same suit every day, you shouldn't think anything.

However, on the contrary, if you wear the same clothes in private, you will feel uncomfortable.

If you have one jacket, every timeExcellent things that don't seem to think even if you wear it on a dayis.

Become a sunburn countermeasure

In the summer, it is sunburn that you are very troubled.

Recently, men are avoiding ultraviolet rays and taking care for whitening, so I would like to take measures as much as possible.

That's why the summer jacket is useful.

If it is a summer jacket, the whole arm will hide, soMinimum sunburn measures are possibleis.

In addition, depending on the summer jacket, there are even cool processes.

How to choose a men's summer jacket correctly

Summer jackets are very popular fashion items, so they are sold by many brands.

That's why you will be wondering how to choose, but if you know the right way, you won't make a mistake.

Good material

Men's summer jackets are often used by linen, polyester and cotton.

Among theLinen is recommendedis.

Linen refers to a flux -derived fiber.

The reason for linen is that it is durable, easy to last long, hard to get dirty, and has a good texture.

Since the history of linen is quite old, it is also a fiber adopted by many apparel manufacturers.

Good ventilation

It is important for summer fashion to have excellent breathability.

Because if the breathability is poor, it gets stuffy.

If you sweat a lot, you will feel much uncomfortable, so good breathability is important.

fundamentallyChoose a linen material summer jacketHowever, some things are also sold in summer jackets that specialize in breathability.

High functionality

Do you wash ordinary jackets at home?

Basically, if you wash the jacket in a washing machine at home, it will be wrinkled and it will be difficult to restore it.

In the case of a summer jacketYou should also consider whether you can wash it at homeis.

If it is a summer jacket that can be washed casually, you can wash it with your usual clothing, so you can wear it forever.


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What fashion is suitable for men's summer jackets?

The classic fashion that goes well with men's summer jackets is the shirt.

The shirt and summer jackets have an elegance like a suit and have a rough impression.

Also, there is no discomfort even if the inner is a T -shirt.

but,Choose a plain instead of a pattern so that it doesn't become as flashy as possibleYou should.

This is because it is ruined if you put a pattern even though it is elegant.

It depends on the place where you wear a men's summer jacket, but be aware of the inconspicuous fashion as much as possible.

5 recommended summer jacket men


It is a sheer soccer jacket.

A sheer soccer jacket refers to a thin and transparent fabric for summer.

The characteristics of the fabric areReduces the ground area to the skinabout it.

Because it has a refreshing feeling than it looks, it can be said to be a perfect summer jacket for summer.

Simple Outdoor Vest N2118

Buttbill is a simple outdoor vest.

The material is nylon, andBecause the shape is best, it looks coolThere is a feature.

It is easy to match with any fashion, and if you want a casual feeling, we recommend a simple outdoor vest of Buttbill.

[UV protection] UV Cut Sunscreen Loose Jacket WN103

It is a sunscreen loose jacket of 714Street.

The great thing about this loose jacket is that sunscreen is processed.

In sunscreen cream, there is a value that indicates the degree of sunscreen, but the higher it is, the more it has a prevention effect.

The number of the loose jacket isUPF50+It is the first place among the numbers of sunscreen.

Since no more numbers exist, the loose jacket sunburn prevention function is quite excellent.

[Waterproof / antifouling / oil] TAG SLEEVE FOOD Wind Breaker N2048

NOTHOMME is a tag sleeve food indy breaker.

This windbreaker isWaterproof, antifouling, oil defense processingBecause it is, it has the characteristic that it will flip the dirt firmly.

Especially in the summer, it is easy to get dirty, and it can be soaked due to sudden rain.

Depending on the location, it may get dirty other than rain or sweat.

However, if you have a tag sleeve food indy breaker, it will keep you as much as possible.

Outdoor Stand Collar Vest N2149

VAVUES is the outdoor stand color nylon best.

It is a best type jacket, nylon, so it is very light, and it is a good type.

Of course it goes well with short sleeves,There is no discomfort at all even if you use it with long sleeves for sunburn measures.

Nylon vest is recommended because it is quite convenient.


When you hear a jacket in summer, you may feel hot.

However, a summer jacket called a summer jacket is sold, which is very popular.

If you want to attack fashionably, but don't want to stand out, why not put a summer jacket on your usual shirt?


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