What is the recommended summer outfit for men in their 30s? How to choose and recommended items

From now on, there are many men in their 30s who want to have a summer -like outfit.

If you are a 30 -year -old men who can afford both feelings and financially, you can aim for your favorite outfit.

However, if you have no fashion sense, it will not be cool, no matter how much money you spend.

Therefore, this time, we will talk about the basic knowledge of summer outfits and recommended items for men in their 30s, so please refer to it.

Why men in their 30s have to be aware of summer outfits

If a man is in his thirties, his work will be able to afford to some extent compared to his teens and twenties.

Regardless of whether you are unmarried or married, you want your spouse to be fashionable, or approach people who are worriedThere should be many men who are thinking.

However, when it comes to work -centered life, you will move away from fashion and lose your sense itself.

That's why the higher the fashion sense in their thirties, the better the impression, so it is only a great benefit.

Especially in summer, it looks cool even with simple coordinates, so it can be said that it is the best timing in terms of time.

Points to be aware of in the summer outfit of men's 30s

Even if you're in your thirties, even if you get the money to buy something, it's only self -sufficiency.

In the 30s fashion, it is important to spend money, but there are many other things you need.

Don't forget the cleanliness

The cleanliness of men in their thirties should never forget.

RatherCleanness than fashion senseIs required.

If you live unconsciously, such as stiff odor, unauthorized beard, wrinkles, etc., all are applicable.

Also, if the details such as nails are too stretched, they will be seen filthy.

Therefore, be aware of the appearance that is as clean as possible.

Eliminate flashy and simply

You may want to stand out and choose incredibly flashy fashion.

However, the fancy fashion of men in their thirties is a style to avoid because they are only addicted to certain people.

Also,I don't really recommend a luxury brand fashion.

Eliminates flashy as much as possible, and simple fashion is the key to a good impression.

Be aware of a little accessory

If you really want to assert yourself, why not focus on small items?

for example,Sunglasses, bangle, necklaceSuch as applicable.

All are casual accessories, but high -brand ones have a good appearance and quality, so you can understand those who understand.

However, it is important to note that those with a large brand logo are printed.

Not only tops but also pants are important

If you are conscious of summer outfits, not only tops but also pants are important.

RatherThe impression varies greatly depending on the color and type of pants.

For example, if men in their thirties are wearing denim full of damage, most people are only uncomfortable.

Make sure you are as simple as possible.


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Summer outfit that goes well with men in their 30s

There are some summer outfits that look good with men in their thirties.

White shirt

Speaking of the standard of men in their thirties, isn't it a white shirt?

It is a representative of cleanliness and because it is simpleYou can wear it without fashion senseIt is excellent.

There are white shirts in every shop, so there is no difficulty to choose.

Chino bread

Chino bread is also a simple classic fashion.

I didn't claim it at all, but still fashionableTherefore, chinopan's approval rating tends to be quite high.

In particular, the combination with a white shirt is clean and simple, so it is very compatible.

Polo shirt

Polo shirts are also a standard summer outfit that suits men's 30s.

Polo shirts are all brandsItems that are simple and easy to wear, so it is liked by many menis.

The combination of polo shirts and white pants is very refreshing and clean.


The hurdle rises a little compared to chinos,For men who want to have an adventure in fashion and have a summer -like outfit, shorts are recommendedis.

Half pants are also popular items, but be careful as they will be too short or half -length length.


If you are aiming for a higher -grade summer outfit, a jacket is also recommended.

You may think that the jacket is hot and unsatisfactory.

But nowA category of a summer jacket is born and a very popular itemis.

Because of this hot summer, if you wear a jacket, you can get a completely different outfit than other men.


Most men should wear sneakers.

but,If you are thinking about a proper summer outfit, you have to choose a sneaker that suits your fashion.

It is also important to choose sneakers that are not too flashy.

5 recommended summer coordinates for men in their 30s


UNBENT's Cubao Hoha shirt.

Cubaoha shirt is not a flower pattern like Hawaii, but somewhereI have an Indian -like atmosphere.

Cuban shirts are known as traditional shirts worn locally.

Slogan Logo T-Shirt N2096

Unbent's slogan logo T -shirt.

It is a very simple short -sleeved T -shirt overall, but on the front part"Roundelay Birdsong The Vivid Life"The logo claims, and it has a design suitable for a slogan shirt.


714Street, heavy weight polo.

It is a polo shirt that does not claim too much because it only contains a one -point logo.

There are plenty of colors and simple designsSo you can match any fashion.

If you are looking for a convenient polo shirt, we recommend heavy weight polo.

[UV protection] UV Cut Sunscreen Loose Jacket WN103

It is a sunscreen loose jacket of 714Street.

In the summer, the number of men in their 30s wearing long sleeves and the like is increasing.

If so, why not use a UV protection jacket?

This loose jacket isUPF50+sunscreen processingIs being applied.

UPF50+is a UV prevention index, which is the highest class.


Bellken's loose -fit tailored pants.

Easy to match any tops,Pants with two colors of khaki beige and brownis.

The design itself is very simple, and the waist can be adjusted with a string without passing through the belt, so it is quite easy to attach and detach.


When men are in their thirties, there is a lot of time in many ways, so it should be more likely to be conscious of summer outfits again.

However, if you get the items without thinking about anything, it will be ugly or glaring.

Since there is a weapon in his thirties, why not choose a simple and clean summer outfit without claiming as much as possible?


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