Is the men's pattern shirt dummy? Reasons and points to dress cool

I guess there are many men who want to wear a pattern shirt, but are worried that they don't seem to be crazy.

Because, depending on the type of pattern shirt, it looks really crazy.

However, if you choose with the correct sense in the right way, it is not a dumb, but it looks cool, so you should know it in advance.

This time, I will talk about the pattern shirt for men, so please refer to it.

Why are men saying they are dumb when they wear a pattern shirt?

There are several reasons why you think it's crazy when you wear a pattern shirt.

It's too flashy depending on the design

There are various designs, even if you say a pattern shirt.

Among theToo flashy pattern shirts stand outSo, it may be considered dumb.

The impression is not good, especially if you are in your 20s and late 30s, wearing flashy pattern shirts.

The gala looks bad

Depending on the design of the pattern shirt, it seems that you are a naughty person.

Of course, there are many people who like such coordination, but even if you look at it as a whole.

Conversely, depending on the design of the pattern shirt,It looks like a geekSometimes.

In a sense, the pattern shirts are also designed by fashion advanced users, so it is difficult to change the impression.

I have a strong desire to stand out

If you are a teenager, it may be good to challenge a flashy pattern shirt.

However, choosing a flashy pattern shirt in the 30s or older is something that you want to stand out.

It's not bad to stand out,If you stand out weirdly, you will be able to open the distanceThere is a possibility.

What are the features of men's pattern shirts that you can wear coolly?

If you want to wear a pattern shirt, you have to follow the modern trends and laws.

So I will tell you the points of some of the most bad men's pattern shirts.

Choose a slightly larger size

Various sizes are developed, not limited to pattern shirts.

but,Those that are too tight or too big tend to be uglySo you have to be careful.

The best size is now a slightly larger size.

Design to adults except for shirts

A pattern shirt means that the shirt has a pattern, so it becomes noisy when tops and pants are also patterns.

Of course,The possibility that the whole body pattern will be quite uglyYou should avoid it because there is.

If you want to match the pattern shirt, you should choose a completely plain design for the inner and pants.

IN of the shirt is no good

There are cases where a pattern shirt is in the pants, but it is not recommended.

because,It looks like a geekFrom.

Pants IN may look weak on a pattern shirt, and there is nothing good.

If you wear it in your pants as much as possible, or if you do in, find a cool style of a jacket.


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What kind of design of the pattern shirt?


Check the most easy to fit in a pattern shirtit might be.

Check shirts are standard pattern shirts that are handled in any store.

There are plenty of patterns, such as gingham check and tartan check, so there is a pleasure to choose.


Dot shirts are as popular as checks.

Dot shirts are among the pattern shirtsMost of the design is quietIt is located in the genre.

Because of the modest design, it has the advantage that no one can wear it, regardless of age.

In addition, if you have a dot shirt, you will not be able to give the impression that it is dumb, so you can wear it with confidence.


Stripes are as popular as checks and dots.

Stripe is a standard in a pattern shirt,Can be tailored to any fashionThere is a merit.

It's not as flashy as a check, and the right design is not as modest as a dot.


Paisley is a pattern that imagined the grass, flowers and curves.

It is quite flashy among the pattern shirts, but very popular designis.

You can only use one paisley shirt, or it is cool to combine plain tops with the inner.


Speaking of summer, isn't it an Aloha shirt?

Aloha shirts are mainly floral patternsIt gives a bright impressionI have an atmosphere.

Especially in Hawaii, it has the meaning of formal dress, so it is a mysterious pattern shirt with a completely different image depending on where you wear it.


The camouflage is also a kind of pattern shirt.

The camouflage is not a flashy design, but after allImage that gives a wild impressionthere is.

If it is a upper and lower camouflage, it will look like a military uniform, but if you combine the pants with a simple one, it looks cool.


Leopard design is called Leopard.

definitelyThe flashy and aggressive design among the pattern shirtsIs Leopard.

Some men do not look good, and depending on their age, you will need the courage to wear.

However, there is no doubt that it will definitely stand out, so if you want to be noticed, you can wear it.


It's cool because it's crazy! Recommended men's pattern shirts

Short Sleeed Stripe Shirt N1904

Bellken's stripe summer shirt.

Although it is a pattern shirt,It's a striped design, so it's easy for any man to match.There is a feature.

In addition, it is a stylish fashion that is simple but incorporates the era because of the softness of the trendy.


It is a cotton linen masmer shirt of 714Street.

This is also a simple shirt with a striped pattern,Because the border is a little stronger, a design with a strong presenceIt is.

In addition, it is very comfortable to wear, so you don't feel stressed even if you wear it for a long time.

Hawaiian Short Sleeve Beach Shirt WN84

714Street Hawaiian short -sleeved beach shirt.

A Hawaiian shirt with a motif of fishing luresI can't wear it with others with no designThere is a feature.

It is a Hawaiian shirt that is not too flashy and has a cuteness.


It is a retro check summer cuba shirt of 714Street.

As the name suggestsCheck shirts that make you feel strangeis.

The design is not so flashy, so it can be matched to any fashion.


It is a tropical aloha shirt of 714Street.

Among the Aloha shirtsA very strong designTherefore, even one piece has a presence.

Because the shirt is flashy, if you combine pants and the like simply, you can see it in any stage.


There are quite a few people who have the idea that men's wearing a pattern shirt is ugly.

Certainly, the pattern requires the courage to wear and the sense of matching.

However, if you know how to match it, it will be cool because it is ugly, so why not try it out?


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