When is the Cool Biz period? Introducing merits and perfect fashion

In recent years, the word Cool Biz has penetrated, and fashion has changed dramatically, mainly for businessmen.

In particular, no ties and no jacket styles are quite popular, and it is thankful for businessmen.

However, few people know when to when to Cool Biz is.

This time, I will talk about the Cool Biz period, so please refer to it.

What is Cool Biz?

What is Cool Biz?Efforts started by the Ministry of the Environment in 2005It refers to that.

At that time, the current Governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, was recommended at the time of the Minister of the Environment, and the name was decided from the open call for participants.

It is a coined word that combines COOL and Business, which has been recognized for more than 15 years.

Cool Biz corresponds to the room temperature to 28 degrees or lightly dressed.

Even now and in the past, businessmen wear suits, but in the past it was common sense to have ties in midsummer.

However, due to the effects of global warming, many businessmen must have been quite tough.

There was a concern that the temperature of the cooling equipment had to be reduced accordingly, which would lead to environmental destruction.

The Ministry of the Environment called for Cool Biz,In the world where no ties and no jackets are commonplacebecame.

However, the only thing you should not make a mistake is cool biz = light dress.

What is the Cool Biz period?

The Cool Biz period isEvery year from May 1st to September 30thIt is decided.

However, in recent years, due to the effects of global warming, there are cases where the heat is as hot as summer in April and October, so in that case, Cool Biz may be introduced outside the period.

However, Cool Biz, which started in 2005, has ended in 2020.

After 2020, it is necessary to consider whether each company or individual should make a decision to make it cool biz.

Basically, Cool Biz is penetrating, soThe idea of ​​rude because it is a no -tie is quite diminished.

Many people tend to remove the ties in the hot season for businessmen.


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What kind of fashion does Cool Biz fall off?

Cool Biz may have the image of a no -tie, but what other style is established?

Cool Biz is a focus on no tiesNojackets, short -sleeved shirts, polo shirts, chino bread, sneakersSuch as applicable.

However, since Cool Biz style may be determined by the company, changing your clothes with your own ideas can lead to trouble.

Sneakers and chino bread are particularly different in styles compared to suits, so they are NG depending on the type of business.

In the case of a sales job, there is no problem with Cool Biz while traveling, but when visiting to the customer, you need to re -tie and put on a jacket.

You may not have to worry about it, but you need to be careful for new customers.

Is there a merit to use Cool Biz?

The Ministry of the Environment recommended Cool Biz for a long time, but what are the benefits in the first place?

Environmentally Friendly

The advantage of Cool Biz isEnvironmentally FriendlyI can give it.

In the first place, Cool Biz began because there were concerns about environmental issues.

If the cool biz spreads, the temperature of the air conditioner does not require too much lowering, so we do not use extra energy.

As a result, it can prevent carbon dioxide discharge.

Cost reductions such as electricity bills

Since 2022, the unparalleled electricity bill has soared in the past.

This should have been no exaggeration to say that it was a major damage, including the company, as well as the company.

By introducing Cool BizLimit air conditioners can be restrictedTherefore, the electricity bill can be greatly reduced.

Healthy in terms of health

In the scorching, people wearing a suit look very painful.

Naturally, the risk of heat stroke and dehydration is attached.

Also, if you move to a cool office with a sweaty state, it is clearly not good for your health.

If it's cool biz,You can spend a little comfortSo you can feel great benefits.

Suit fee can be saved

Suits are not often bought, but they still cost tens of thousands of yen up and down.

However, the more you wear a suit every day, the more it will be worn and the frequency of replacement will increase.

Cool Biz periodYou will have less opportunities to wear a jacket, and in some cases it can be changed to chinos, etc., so you can wear it.

As a result, you can save because the number of suits is reduced.

Fashion perfect for Cool Biz

In society, the style of Cool Biz is fixed to some extent, so there is no problem if you respond accordingly.

for example,Shirts and no ties, jackets and shirts, no ties, and polo shirts and pantsThe combination of is safe.

Basically, if the suit is the main, it will be a cool biz style if you have a shirt, no tie, or a jacket.

If you are a little more casual, there is no discomfort even with polo shirts and chinos.

If you want to value the business scene, long sleeves are ideal, not short sleeves.

4 recommended items for Cool Biz

Striped Summer Shirt N209

Bellken's stripe summer shirt.

A simple short -sleeved striped shirt.

It looks refreshing for Cool Biz.

It is made a little looseTherefore, the impression is different from ordinary shirts.

If you want to wear it refreshing and casually, this striped shirt is recommended.

Short Sleeed Stripe Shirt N1904

Bellken's stripe summer shirt.

This shirt isFine striped designTherefore, it looks quite simple.

It is good to wear the inner inside, or you can wear it cool with just one.

Because it is a design that does not insist too much, it can be used in any scene.

Vintage Design Shirt N1942

It is a vintage design linen blend shirt of 714Street.

As the name suggestsDesign with a vintage feeling somewhereIt is.

If you want a simple shirt, but if you are looking for something different, we recommend a 714Street vintage design linen blended shirt.


It is a 714Street Yanganagi Stripe Summer Sheer Soccer Shirt.

Yanganagi refers to a fabric that has a vertical unevenness.

It is also called chimi or crepe,Refreshing and lightweight and good breathabilityTherefore, it is used in summer clothing.

Of course, the compatibility with Cool Biz is also outstanding.


Cool Biz has penetrated the name and system, but the call itself is already over.

In other words, it was judged that Cool Biz had spread throughout Japan.

Cool Biz will continue this year and next year.

Cool Biz has a period, but it's not a rule, so let's judge in consideration of the heat.


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