4 selections of fashion perfect for men's sweat measures! Reasons for sweating and countermeasures

In the summer, there are many men who sweat even though they are not doing anything, and feel a little disgusting.

This is because you may be sweaty and have a bad feeling.

If you sweat near a woman you care about, you want to stop it as much as possible.

This time, I will talk about measures against men's sweat, so please refer to it.

Why men sweat

Have you ever questioned why you sweat?

It is too natural to sweat and you may not feel anything.

However, it is strange that non -human animals do not sweat, but only humans sweat.

first,Humans sweat regardless of the time or time.

Because humans have a function to keep body temperature constant.

As your body temperature rises, you will sweat and try to lower your body temperature.

In addition, we have 2.5 liters of water a day evaporate, and we are able to maintain health because we supply the same water every day.

What is the identity of men's sweat?

Do you know the identity of sweat?

Sweat isEculinic glands and apocrine glands have an impactdoing.

Erlin glands are glands that exist in all of the body.

Most of them are moisture and have almost no odor.

Apocrine glands are glands that exist in specific places, such as the arms and ears.

In fact, this apocrine glands cause odor.
Because it is decomposed by the bacteria of the skin, sweat becomes odorous at that time.

In addition, sweat becomes yellow also has a strong effect of apocrine glands.


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Why do men hate sweat?

Sweat comes from gender, but there are many things that I don't like.

It's sticky and uncomfortable

Have you ever felt pretty sick when you sweat?

Especially when you get sweaty in your clothesThe sticky feeling gets wetTherefore it will be more uncomfortable.

However, depending on the location, you will not be able to take off your clothes, so you will feel more stressed.

I'm worried about the odor

It is the odor that men's sweating.

The trouble isThe smell of sweat is hard to notice on your ownThat is.

The people around you feel like you're crazy, but you don't know anything, so you'll be quite annoyed.

Also, if you notice the odor yourself, you will feel stressed because it is difficult to deal with it immediately.

I'm worried about sweat stains

If you have a black shirt, you may not notice sweat stains.

but,In the case of gray shirts, sweat soaks greatlyTherefore, it is quite noticeable.

Also, if sweat is accumulated in a white shirt, it can cause yellowing, which is quite troublesome.

Once a yellowish shirt, it is difficult to remove it even if you wash it, so you feel really depressed.

About Men's Sweat Measures

Men's sweat may be medically suppressed, but I want to deal with it in other ways.


The most popular measures against sweat are antiperspirants.

There are various types of antiperspirants,Spray, stick, sweat wiping sheet, creamSuch as applicable.

All are sold at drugstores, so they are easy to get.

Also, if you put a spray or sweat wiping sheet in your usual bag, you can deal with it.

Leave a shower

The most effective way to prevent sweat is to shower.

If you get a shower, all sweat will flow down, soThe body odor is resetIt will be.

However, some people are sweating when they get up in the morning, so it is safe to shower not only at night but also in the morning.

Especially in the summer, even if you sleep, you may have a sticky sweat, so you may have been sticky in the daytime.

If you take a shower in the morning, you will be less sticky in the daytime.

Wash your body with medicated soaps, etc.

nowBecause medicinal soap is sold, it suppresses odorIt is effective.

Also, even if you think that your sweat does not have a smell, it may be thought of as a dwarf from the surroundings, so it is recommended that you use medicinal soaps even if it is clean.

If you use a medicinal soap, you will feel safe, so you don't have to worry about the surroundings.

Change the washing method

If your clothes are not washed well, there are cases where odor remains.

Of course, when it comes to a set with a sweat odor, you should change the washing method because it is ridiculous.

for exampleThe clothes worn for one day are washed that day and dried immediately.Let's let me do it.

If you feel that you do it, it will disappear if you sterilize with bleach or boiling water.

However, it is important to note that colored clothing may be discolored and color transfer.

Change of dietary habits

Sweating smell is a problem with eating habits.

For example, if you eat too much meat, it will make it crisp, soActively eat sesame, soy milk, seaweed, etc. with antioxidant effectsIt is important.

You can eat meat, but if you try to eat a well -balanced diet, your sweat will change.

4 recommended items that absorb men's sweat

[Water absorption quick -drying / water repellent] Technology Base Tee N1912

UNBENT is a water repellent/antifouling/quick -drying T -shirt.

It's a pretty simple T -shirt,He / she plays water and prevents dirt.

Furthermore, it is a T -shirt that is more functional than it looks.

It is a recommended T -shirt for men who are easy to sweat and are easy to get dirty.

[Hygroscopic quick -drying / water repellent / UPF + 40] Water -Repellent Coolmax Fiber T -SHIRT N2312

Reaimness is a water repellent/antifouling/quick -drying T -shirt, UV prevention UPF + 40.

This shirt is a simple one with a logo,Very high water repellencyis.

Moreover, it is a perfect T -shirt for summer because it is UPF+40 to prevent ultraviolet rays.

It is excellent in quick drying and is recommended if you are looking for a shirt to prevent UV rays.

[Towel material] Purity Towel Tee N2285

It is a pile/towel T -shirt of 714Street.

Speaking of towels, it sucks sweat well, but thisThe shirt also has that function.

The design itself is quite simple and can be used for any fashion.


It is a high -tech polo shirt of NOTHOMMEBLUE.

It is a new genre called high -tech polo shirt, but it is stillContact materialThat is what I am worried about.

This polo shirt uses Ruco-Therm CMB, a material that lasts a cooling effect.

The functionality is quite excellent because it has a casual breast pocket.


In the summer, I sweat even if I don't like it, but for men, I don't want to sweat as much as possible.

If so, why not wear clothing that can help you sweat?

Now, some of them suck out sweat, and even shirts with a cooling effect are sold, so you can eliminate your worries.

Moreover, all shirts are fashionable, so why not incorporate them into everyday fashion?


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