4 recommended setup men's recommended in summer! Points of benefits and dressing

I guess there are many men who want to wear a setup for the summer.

The setup does not have to think of the up and down coordination, so you should feel great benefits.

Therefore, this time, I will talk about the summer -only men's setup, so please refer to it.

What is a setup?

I often hear the word setup in fashion, but there are few people who can explain in detail.

What is a setup?Clothes with tops and bottomsIt refers to that.

For example, a jersey is a representative of the setup.

Basically, there are types with different colors, up and down, and different designs up and down.

By the way, the setup and suits are often compared, but the setup is sold separately and the suit is sold up and down.

The setup has a characteristic that it is slightly different from a suit because it is highly casual.

Recently, the setup is attracting much attention, probably because the casual orientation is becoming stronger in the business scene.

What are the benefits of summer men's setup?

Not only in summer, there are many benefits to choosing men's setup.

Easy to coordinate

The biggest advantage of setup isEasy to coordinateabout it.

Originally, you have to think about both tops and bottoms, but there is no problem if you do not think about the setup.

Simply wearing a setup will make it coordinated.

For men who are not good at fashion, but want to be fashionable, setup is a savior in a sense.

Can be worn alone

The good thing about the setup isIt can be worn alone, not a top and bottom setThat is.

For example, there is no problem with a different fashion only for bottoms.

Conversely, changing the jacket design does not feel uncomfortable.

Setup is easy to coordinate and there are elements that you can enjoy many times.

Does not fail in color scheme

What is difficult in fashion is the color scheme.

For example, there is no problem if it is up and down white or black, but when it comes to brown or green, it takes a lot of sense.

but,The setup is made up and down, so it does not fail with the color scheme.

If you are not good at fashion or coordination, you may want to choose a setup.

Can also be used in the business scene

The setup is not only a jersey, but also a casual suit.

Now that Cool Biz has been penetrating,It looks like a suit -like design, and the number of fashion businessmen that are not so is increasing.

Especially if you are a company that recommends business casual, you can use it very much.

Be confident

If you are not confident in fashion, you will be worried that today's clothes will be OK.

Especially on an important day, it feels like that.

In the case of a setup, that farYou do not need coordinating power, and regardless of your personal sense.

So, even if you don't have a fashion sense, it looks fashionable, so you gain confidence in yourself.

Just choose the inner for the setup, so you can wear it very easy and cool.


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What men should be aware of in the summer setup

There are some things to be aware of in the setup that men wear in the summer.

If you know the points of dressing, you will have more sense and you will be able to dress fashionably.

Cleanness is important

No matter how cool the setup is, it will not be a story unless you have a cleanliness.

For example, if the beard or hair is stretched, it is meaningless to set up.

Rather, it gives a close atmosphere with a sense of incongruity with the setup.

at leastThe beard is beautifully shaved and the hair is firmly setLet's wear a setup after doing so.

The color is simple

Depending on the setup, there is a very flashy design.

The flashy setup stands out, but that's it.

As much as possible because it is too noticeable and no one is approachingYou should choose a simple color setup.

If you can, choose plain, you can create a simple and refreshingness.

Size not too big

The setup can be worn a little bigger like a jersey.

However, I do not recommend jackets because if they are too large, they will be quite ugly.

Best size for both top and bottomHowever, it is an important point for giving the other party a good impression.

Setup that suits the location

The setup is sold in various designs.

You can choose any setup if you are a personal shopping, but you have to think about it depending on the scene.

For example, the jersey setup in the business scene is taboo.

It is important to choose a setup that suits the location and scene as much as possible.

4 selections of men's setup perfect for summer

Waffle Fabric Sporty Setup N2193

Bellken's waffle setup.

It's a pretty simple setup,Because it is a waffle, it is very comfortableIt is an item.

Moreover, short -sleeved and half pants, so it can be said that it is a perfect setup for summer.

Waffle Fabric Sporty Pants/Tops N2161

Bellken, waffle fabric setup.

The N2161 type isThe tops shoulders and pants are printed so that the logo is inconspicuous.

It is a simple design, but if you want a little fashion, N2161 is recommended, and if it is simpler, N2193 is recommended.

Seeersucker Waffle Summer Setup N2137

Evistub is Shea Soccer Waffle Summer Setup.

This setup is excellent in storage because it has a pocket on the left and right.

I use a shea soccer fabricTherefore, it gives a soft and gentle sensation.

Especially in summer, shea soccer fabric is compatible, so it is a setup you want to wear.

Because it is a lean design, you can match any scene.


It is a shea soccer jacket setup of Evistub.

It looks like a suit,Shea soccer jacket made in summer specificationsis.

You can just use a jacket alone or combine it with a setup shorts.

Especially when worn in a setup, the degree of fashion is outstanding.


Do you want to wear a setup in summer?

Because if you look at a person wearing a setup in the summer, it looks pretty fashionable.

Now that the setup is popular, it is sold with various designs and materials from various brands.

If you know the benefits of setup and how to wear, and notes, you may be able to produce yourself more fashionable than ever.


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