What is the best temperature to wear a down vest? Reasons to choose and recommended items

I want to wear a down vest from now on, but don't it get hot or I'm worried about wearing it at this time?

In November and December, when the temperature drops at a stretch, I think that we need to prepare the down vest soon.

So, this time, I will talk about the temperature that is important for wearing down vests, so please refer to it.

What kind of clothes are down vests?

Down vest refers to an outer without sleeves.

Most down vestsThe downface is packed with feathers and batting, and quilted.

To put it simply, the down vest is like a life jacket used in the sea.

Down vests are quite popular, so they are handled by any brand and the wearing rate is high.

It is said that the down vest was born more than 90 years ago.

It is said that Eddie Bower, who knows fashion, has first adopted the down vest, and is now sold by many brands.

Originally, the founder of Eddie Bowder enjoyed fishing in the cold season, but after experiencing too much cold, we started developing the outerwear.

Both the downfeather and the quilt processed were adopted by Eddie Bower's idea.

What is the best temperature to wear a down vest?

If you are interested in the down vest, but you will wear it, you will be worried about the optimal temperature in the first place.

If you wear a down vest even though it is warm, you will be worried about the surrounding eyes, and even if it is cold, the down vest alone will lack cold protection.

There is no rule on the optimal temperature of the down vest,The timing of wearing is about 10 to 15 degreesis.

The temperature is 10 to 15 degrees, depending on the area, but from November to December, and February to March.

In an area or time that exceeds 20 degrees in the daytime, the down vest gets in the way, so it is better to wear it on average at a temperature of about 10 to 15 degrees.

Why choose a down vest instead of a down jacket?

Comparing the down vest and the down jacket, anyone can see that the down jacket is clearly warm.

But what are the benefits of those who dare to choose a down vest instead of a down jacket?

The wearing period is longer than the down jacket

Down jackets are obviously the main cold protection, so it is common to use from December to February.

In other words, the down jacket is an outer -only outerwear.

forThe down vest is active in December and February and March for several months, so it is wider than the down jacket.There is a merit.

The more opportunities to wear outerwear, the more places you can play, so you'll be glad to buy it.

The width of fashion is expanded

Down vests are characterized by expanding the range of fashion.

For example, it is difficult to see the inner worn inside if it is a down jacket, but the down vest has no tip of the sleeve, so you need to be careful about the inner.

Therefore,If you wear a down vest along with the inner, it is quite fashionableBecause it becomes, the width of the fashion is considerably expanded.

Also, if you add a thin down vest to the jacket, you will feel quite warm.

It is hard to become luggage

I'm wearing a down vest,If you feel hot, you will not be in the way even if you take it off.

Conversely, in the case of a down jacket, it becomes a luggage when you take it off because it becomes a fairly large outerwear.

If the temperature may be high, you can just take it off even if you wear a down vest, or if it gets a little chilly, you can just wear it like wearing it.

Easy to move in the outer

Speaking of outerwear, it is only heavy, such as down jackets and coats, but the down vest is quite light because there are no sleeves.

The lighter the weight, the easier it is to move, so the down vest is very excellent.I can say that.

If you usually move well, why not choose a down vest instead of a down jacket or coat?


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Why not choose a down vest?

Down vest is a very popular item, but there are many people who do not.

Cold than a down jacket

After all, compared to the down jacketThe down vest is coldThere is a disadvantage.

In particular, the down vest protects only the inner part, so if the temperature drops, it will be lonely for cold weather.

However, the down vest is quite excellent when the temperature is appropriate, so you should have one place.

Difficult to combine with other items

Down vests have a characteristic that it is difficult to combine with other items.

especially,Down jacket layers are difficult to layered from the thick down vestTherefore, the compatibility is very bad.

Also, since the down vest can be seen, the inner sleeve is visible, so you have to worry about the shade and design of the inner and down vest.

There is no problem with people who like fashion and are good at it, but those who are not good may think about coordination.

3 selections of down vest items that are ideal for cold season

Stand Color White Duck Down 90 % Vest N2606

CountryMoment is the best stand color white duck down 90 % best.

Although it is a down vest,Use plenty of white duck downIt is a warm outerwear.

This white duck down vest plays an active part, even in an environment where the temperature is a little chilly, and even in an environment where the temperature is below 15 degrees.

3m Quilting Stand Color Teflon Vest N2531

NOTHOMME is the best quilting stand color.

This color vest isTeflon processing is applied.

Teflon processing is used in a frying pan and has the characteristic that it repels dirt.

It is a color vest that can be used everyday, and is very useful even in dirt outdoors.

Waterproof Light Outdoor Vest N2514

Restick's waterproof light outdoor vest.

This outdoor vest isUsing a microfiber material made by the US military's request called Primaloftdoing.

It is as light as feathers and has excellent heat retention.

In addition, it supports waterproofing, so it can be used in bad weather.

Because the design is quite simple, it is easy to match any fashion, such as denim and sweatshirts.


Down vest is a convenient outerwear, but it may be quite difficult to judge the season and temperature you wear.

Basically, it is very active in the season of November and February and February and around 15 degrees that I feel cold.

The down vest is overwhelmingly lighter than the down jacket and is convenient to carry.

Down vests have more opportunities to be active than down jackets, so be sure to have one place.


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