Is there a kind of carhart jacket? Introducing the popular outerwear from the classic!


There are countless apparel brands in the world, but Carhart is absolutely supported.

The jacket, especially in the cold season, is very popular with carhart.

However, because of its popularity, there are various types of carhart jackets, and you will be lost in choosing.

This time, I will talk about the type of carhart jacket, so please refer to it.

Which brand is Carhart?

Carhart refers to an American workwear brand established in 1889.

The founder's name is Hamilton Carhart, and the name is the brand name.

The history of each major apparel brand tends to be quite long,Regarding carhart, it has a history of over 130 years, and the oldest in this industryI can say that.

Originally, Car Heart was selling miscellaneous goods, but switched to sales of workwear which is currently becoming mainstream.

At that time, it started with only five staff and several sewing machines, but now a major company with more than 5,000 staff members nationwide.It is.

Carhart's masterpieces are overall, but now they are sold in a wide variety of shirts, sweatshirts, pants, and jackets.

What are the types of carhart jackets?

I'm worried about the car hart jacket, but why don't you wonder which one to choose because there are so many types?

First of all, you should know what kind there is.

Detroit jacket

Speaking of Carhart's masterpiece, isn't it a detroit jacket?

because,Simple design and price range that are easy to getThat's why.

Moreover, it has been known that Johnny Depp has been using it in the past, and as a result, Carhart's Detroit Jacket has become more popular.

It is simple but has excellent heat retention, and has the goodness of matching any fashion.

Active jacket

The active jacket, as the name implies, is a jacket made to move actively.

Carhart is a workwear brand, so to speak.The active jacket for workers is an active jacketThat's why.

It is a very popular jacket because it has ease of movement and still feels quite warm.

Santa Fe jacket

A simple outerwear without a chest pocket or logo is the Santa Fe jacket.

The sleeves have a corduroy specification, and the jacket with excellent designBut there is.

Of course, the cold protection is very good, so you can always feel warmth.

Traditional coat

The traditional coat has a ribs of the cuffs.

Unletrd jacket,Thanks to the ribs, the skin and the jacket will adhere firmly, which will reduce the cold.There is a feature.

In addition, the traditional coat is excellent in storage because many pockets are used.


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What is the duck ground used in the carhart jacket?

The carheart jacket is very warm, but the reason is that we use the duck ground.

A duck fabric refers to a thick fabric made of flat weave.

The duck ground is very durable and lasts long, There is a feature.

Carhart has a long history, but duck is used for overalls sold in the early days.

Therefore, many people have the image of Carhart = Duck.

When it comes to duck, it imagines a bird, but it has nothing to do with cotton.

Originally, it began with DOES in the Netherlands in Dutch, and then the duck picture was printed, and it was called a duck.

It's a bit confusing, but the duck does not use duck or duck hair.

Why is the carhart jacket supported?

Many jackets have been born from many brands, but many users still use Carhart.

After all, a brand with a history of over 130 years is not Date.

Even if you don't talk a lotI have survived such an era, so that alone is supported.That's the reason.

Basically, Carhart was a brand for workers, so it has the image of being rugged, including design.

In terms of masculinity, isn't Carhart a top -class brand?

Not only Johnny Depp, but also a former soccer superstar, David Beckham, so it should be considered a highly evaluated brand.

6 items that are compatible with the carhart jacket

Santa Fe /Detroit Cotton Jacket N2346

714Street, Detroid Santa Fe Cotton jacket.

It is a very popular Detroit jacket.

This jacket is an outer, butIt is hard to get stiff even if you wear a thick knit or sweaterThere is a feature.

It is quite durable because it adopts a duck ground, so you can wear it for a long time.

This detroit shirt is recommended if you are looking for fashionable fashion because it goes well with wide pants.

Vintage Touring Jacket N2411

RESTICK, vintage detroit jacket.

Washed over 3 monthsTherefore, it is a very strong vintage jacket.

In addition, since it can be worn even with the collar, you can enjoy various coordination in the first place.

Retro Mitrary Blouson N2434

714Street, Retro Mitraly Bullzon.

It is a detroit shirt full of military feeling,A good accent with a logo and pocket that is not too flashy and too simpleIt is.

Military blousons are useful even in a very cold season, so it is an item to have one place.

Wash Pocket Jacket N1622

It is a wash pocket jacket of 714Street.

This jacket isThere are three pockets on the front, so it is excellent in storage.

With a casual logo, it does not become too plain.

The overall design is quite simple, so it can be matched to any fashion.

〇 Stitch Outdoor Work Pants N2807

Pinsktbs of stitch outdoor work pants.

These outdoor work pants have a major feature in the pocket.

At first glance it looks like a simple work pants, but the color of the pocket part is one tone brighter.Therefore, it is a stylish item with high original elements.

[12 oz] Splash Paint Pants N2771

Unbent's splash paint pants.

These paint pants, as well as designThe use of 320g cotton makes it warm and feel good.

Because it is processed by retro wash technique, you can enjoy different pants.


The carhart jacket has a history of over 130 years and is the oldest brand in the apparel industry.

The fact that this has been supported so long means that there are many fans.

If you are interested in Carhart, be sure to wear a jacket.


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