[Must -see for men in their thirties] What is fashionable for girls? Explain the features!

Even if you are in your thirties, you may want to do fashion that is easy to use.

However, unlike a teenager, you can hardly afford to focus on fashion because of your daily life -centered life.

Therefore, this time, I will talk about fashion that women's uke for those in their thirties, so please refer to them.

Why do men in their thirties have to do women's uke fashion?

Why do I have to be in women's ukefotions in my thirties in the first place?

it is,In the thirties, the age of working will become a fashionable age, and it will be a fashionFrom.

Also, unlike teens, there should be some financial margin, so if you keep it fashionable in your 30s, women's uke will be quite good.

Because the surrounding 30s are no longer interested in fashion, they dare to focus on themselves.

If you want to be cool forever, try to be careful about Oshale because you are in your thirties.

What is your fashion in your 30s who don't have any girls?

First of all, let's consider fashion in their 30s who do not use women.

Stopped in fashion when I was a teenager

When I was a teenager, I was a student, and there should be many men who were fashionable with all their might because of the influence of puberty.

However, because you get a job and become a job -centered life, you will move away from fashion.

especiallyI'm so busy in my 30s, so I feel like that.

So, as I remember when I was a teenager, I coordinate, but fashion should not be more than a few years ago because the trend changes in a year and a year.

I can't feel cleanliness at all

Fashion without cleanliness is quite out of the question, so it is characterized by the fact that it is not good because it is the same sex, not just a girl.

for example,Clothes with yellowed T -shirts and holesIs a level that is truly drawn.

If you get into fashion, you tend to be able to do something inevitably, but women often look at them.

Your clothes

It is the same as a clean case, but it is not a girl to wear a chewy clothes.

for example,If the neck is overwhelmed due to too much washing, it will look poor, so you will not do any girls at all.

No matter how dirty your clothes are.

The neck is easy to swell, so you should not wear it if you feel that it is growing even a little.

Fashion with an unusual design

Some people prefer unusual fashion.

but,Fancy fashion is different in likes and dislikes, and above all, women's uke is pretty bad if you are in your thirties.There is a possibility.

It is more noticeable than any fashion, but it is less likely to make a good impression just by standing out.

Fashion with branded goods

If you can make some money, there are cases where you can buy luxury brand clothing and accessories, depending on the appearance.

There is no problem in itself,If you accumulate a whole body high brand, you will be irritating and women's uke is not good.

Of course, it may be good for Ichibu women, but if you look wide, you will be shunned.


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What are the features of fashion that men in their 30s are girls?

There are several points in fashion that men in their 30s are girls.

simple is best

What can be said to all menThe best fashion is idealis.

If you're in your teens or twenties, you can be a little flashy fashion, but it's not very good in your 30s.

Especially in the thirties, if you are not calm, you will not be able to get women, so think about making fashion as simple as possible.

Moderate size

For men's fashion, it is important to choose a moderate size.

because,If it's too dowel or too slim, women's uke is not goodFrom.

For example, it looks unreasonable in the case of a dowxo clothes, and it looks weak if it is too slim.

If you are in your thirties, you are calm in age, so you should choose a simple clothes, Eo.

Clothes that make you feel clean

If you are in your thirties, you can afford some money, so you have to make it look clean, as well as clothes.

vice versaThe more dirty, the worse the image and the poor.

If the women's uke is thinking about good fashion, make sure that your clothes and appearance are as clean as possible.

Accessories are simple

If you wake up fashionably, you will also want accessories.

For example, sunglasses, clocks, necklaces, rings, etc. are applicable.

All accessoriesIt is fashionable for luxury brands, but women's uke is not good.

Also, if you wear excessive accessories, we do not recommend it because it will be far from calm 30s.

The accessories are easy because you wear them casually, and women's uke is also better.

A must -see for men in their 30s! 5 items to use girls


It is a striped pattern cotton shirt.

veryA simple striped shirt, a very clean designis.

The silhouette is loose, so it is a perfect shirt for those who want to wear a little oversize.

Because it is simple, it can be matched to any fashion.

Seeersucker Waffle Summer Setup N2137

Evistub is Shea Soccer Waffle Summer Setup.

thisThe setup is short sleeves and 5 minutes length, so fashion is perfect for summerI can say that.

You can purchase only tops and pants, and of course you can purchase it.

Solotex Jacket Setup N1895

Evistub's Solotex jacket setup.

I have an impression like a suit,A setup with a lot of casual feeling because it is made in a loose eyeis.

However, while it is like a suit, it has a casual feeling, so you can appeal to fashion.

Stripe Oxford Shirt N1820

It is a striped Oxford shirt of 714Street.

Very simple, loose -eye shirts are characteristic.

The fabric of this shirt isIt uses a material called Oxford Cross and has excellent breathability.It is also known.

Therefore, it is perfect for a slightly warm spring and summer season.


Koumei's oversized pocket polo shirt.

As the name suggests, it is a large polo shirt, so it incorporates the current trend.

AndThe design is pretty simple, so it fits any fashion.

Unlike ordinary polo shirts, if you choose a trendy size, there is no doubt that women's uke will be.


Even if you are in your thirties, you want to do girls and want to be popular.

Image change is quite important for women's uke and motivation.

Knowing and wearing modern fashion will definitely be fashionable, and women's uke will be outstanding.

Just changing the fashion will have a completely different impression, so be sure to try it.


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