[Men's must -see] What is the correct combination of clothes colors? Introducing the basics of color and recommended items!

Even if you are a good man who is good at fashion, isn't it difficult to combine your clothes?

For example, if both the top and bottom are white coordinates, there may be no discomfort.

However, the more you pursue fashion, the more you want to wear clothes of various colors.

This time, I will talk about the combination of clothes, so please refer to it.

Is it true that the color is 7.5 million colors?

Actually the color isThere are 7.5 million colors, and there are 1.87 million colors for only those I usually use.It is said that.

It is extremely difficult to find the best clothes from among the huge colors and combine them further.

Even if you were a color professional, it would be difficult to combine it from that color.

but,Knowing the basic knowledge of color will not fail with the combination of clothes.

Know the color elements!

In the color,It is made up of three types, hue, brightness, and saturation.

The hue is a color that represents the color of red and yellow, the brightness is indicators, and the saturation is an index that represents the vividness of the color.

These are three colors of color.

Color is important

The color phase refers to each color, such as red and blue.

These colorsPolice ring is placed in a circular shapeIs called.

The color ring is used to systematize the color.

For example, by combining the color of the color ring, each color can be noticeable.

Also,If the color ring is a triangle, it will be a well -balanced combinationIt is said that.

Dight of brightness and darkness

Even with exactly the same color, the impression is completely different between bright and dark.

It is brightness to express them.

The higher the brightness, the brighter it, soGives a refreshing impression, and if the brightness is low, you will have a calm impression.

Saturation that determines the impression by vividness

As the name implies, the saturation is an index that determines the vividness.

For example, in the case of redIf the saturation is high, it will be vivid, and if the saturation is low, it will change to a wine -like color.

Highly saturated colors are flashy, giving a lively impression, and if the saturation is low, you will have a gentle impression.


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What is the ideal color combination in men's clothes?

It is quite difficult to choose men's clothes with color combinations.

You just have to know some combinations that do not fail.

Basically, the combination of colors should be reduced from two colors to at most three colors.


With the combination of clothes color,Speaking of a classic color that does not fail, whiteit might be.

I do not recommend the whole body white because it has a slightly narcissistic image, but it is an ideal combination of white, black pants, and gray haori.

In addition, if the tops are pale pink etc., the cuteness and coolness can be expressed.

Especially if you have everything in a solid color, it looks simple but fashionable.


The color that is as easy to use as white is black.

The whole body black is also cool, for example,Make the tops white and make pants and haori blackThere is a method.

By putting white in one point, the impression is great because it is sharp.

In addition, the inner will be cooler by making it a lighter design such as a border.


The blue system has the impression that it is refreshing, so it is a color that you want to actively combine.

However, if it is a whole body blue, it is only a sense of incongruity, soVery refreshing when the tops are blue and pants whiteIt will be.

Even if the tops are blue and the pants are black, it will look different again.


Beige is also a popular color in men's fashion.

It is a beige place that it is not as refreshing as white and does not have a dark impression as black.

for example,If the tops are white and the pants are beige, the fashionable fashionIs completed.

Is there a choice of patterns in the color of the clothes?

The design of the clothes is infinite, so you can get lost not only in colors but also in patterns.

first,Note that if you make a mistake in wearing a printed shirt, it will be dumb at once.is.

You should be as plain as possible, or choose simple patterns such as borders and stripes.

If the fashion is too intense, it can't be noticeable.

Moreover, most of them are noticeable but not cool.

Points to determine the combination of men's clothes colors

There are various colors in clothes, but there is no rule that this combination is useless.

In addition, each person looks good in the same color and does not look good.

First,We recommend that you coordinate various clothes and find a suitable color scheme.

Even in the combination of clothes that you think you can't do yourself, your friends and lovers may be cool, or vice versa.

By repeating them, you will reach the ideal fashion.

Fashion is a world of self -satisfaction in a good way, so if you act with confidence in the chosen clothes and colors, you will see a different world.

5 items that are active in the combination of men's clothes colors


714Street, heavy weight polo.

A polo shirt made of all -cotton material of thick fabric.

The design is quite simpleHowever, there is only one -point logo, so you can wear it with just one and can match any fashion.

Wide Leg Washed Denim Pants WN67

NGOARMY (NORYBRAND), wide leg washed denim pants.

simple,Very relaxed denim pantsis.

Because the color is strong, it is perfect for spring and summer and can be worn by women.

Slogan Logo T-Shirt N2096

Unbent's slogan logo T -shirt.

It's a short -sleeved T -shirt,The logo that is large printed on the front part is very impressiveis.

Because it is a firmly designed T -shirt, one piece gives enough presence.

Raglan Long Sleeed TSHIRT N1808

Bellken's raglanron T long -sleeved T -shirt.

It is a shirt that is very active in spring and summer for Ron T.

The color is a popular bicolor and has three colors.

Very easy to wear,Recommended items for women as well as menis.

Round Neck Long Sleeve Retro Trainer WN46

A retro trainer of NOTHOMMEBLUE.

As the name suggestsBecause it is a trainer with a certain retro feeling, it does not cover it, and the attention is quite high.is.

The material is brushed back, and it feels quite warm.


Regardless of men, it is very difficult to combine clothes.

Because there are countless colors and combinations in the world.

However, the correct combination of colors is decided to some extent, so if you wear it based on them, it will be difficult to fail.

Especially for men, based on white and black, the combination of clothes will work.


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