How is men's knit stylish dressing? Explain how to select items to match

Speaking of winter standard items, it's a knit.

It is a warm, stylish and presence, but that amount
"When you wear a knit, you always wear the same thing."
"It will be a coordinating knit design"
I guess there are many people who are worried.
This time, we will introduce the tips for choosing items that can enjoy more than winter knit coordinates.
If you want to enjoy the knit under the coat, please take a look.

Three points when thinking about wearing knits

First of all, here are three points you want to keep in mind when thinking about wearing knits.
If you always have a similar outfit and don't know how to wear the knit, check the knit itself and choose an item to match.


Select an item according to the presence of the knit

If you have a strong knit presence, too much claims with other items will give you a noisy impression. On the other hand, if the knit has a weak presence, but the other items are too simple, it will give a sober impression.

Knit has less presence in high -gay with fine stitches, and large stitches have a stronger presence. If you want to enjoy a variety of dresses or want to wear a knit like an adult, choose a low gauge knit.

If you have a presence, it can cause you to wear fat, so even if you want to aim for a slimming effect, low gauge knit is recommended.


Unifying the color to give a mature impression

By unifying the color of the knit and other autumn tems, it gives a mature impression.
If you are a brown system, choose a brown coat, pants, etc. to make it look different.
When incorporating bright color knits such as trendy blue and green, unify other items in a calm color such as black so that the knit color will be the leading role.
Unification of bright colors such as white and beige can reduce the heavy impression of winter.

Layered to an unusual outfit!

Layer is a must -have for those who always wear the same knit.
The easiest way is to match the shirts worn in spring and autumn.
Just incorporate a shirt under the knit to give you a stylish impression.
There is also a way to look into the high -neck cut -and -sew.
It is also recommended to reduce the area of ​​knit in coordination, such as cardigans and vests, to make other items claim.


Five stylish dresses to enjoy knit more

Here are five tips for wearing knits more stylishly.
We will introduce the actual knit items together, so please try to incorporate the items you are interested in into this year's coordination.

The simple knit is combined with a profound pants


A simple knit with a strong stitch is a standard item that you want to keep.
As the classic design will be similar and similar, consider how to match other items such as pants.
By combining it with a profound chic design, material, and color pants, it is finished in a luxurious coordination.
Please choose items with a chic impression, such as brown and corduroy.

The highly designed knit is casual with denim


A stylish and cute knit with high design gives a more casual impression when combined with denim.
It gives you youthful impressions, so it is perfect when you want to go out with rough coordination.
In winter, the coordination tone tends to darken, but if you choose a bright color denim, you can enjoy a gorgeous impression.
On the other hand, be aware that a highly designed knit will give you a sloppy impression when combined with beautiful items.

Multi -color knit plays with accessories and upgraded the coordinates


The trendy multi -color knit allows you to enjoy a more stylish impression by incorporating small items.
Use trendy barrava, hats with a strong presence, and eyewear that impress the face around to make your coordination an upgrade.
It is also important to choose a color for multi -color knits. The combination of bright colors will look like a child, so choose a calm color combination.
By doing so, you can enjoy matureness while being casual.

Incorporate a sense of trend with a zip -up knit


Zip -up knit is a recent trendy item.
It is popular among a wide range of generations because of its high convenience that it can be easily attached and detached according to indoors and outdoor temperature.
The zip -up knit is simple, but the design itself has a trend, so it is easy to match any items.
Choose one of the perfect pieces, considering the compatibility with your pants and your favorite color

Change the impression of the knit by layered with a shirt


Knit can enjoy various impressions by matching with a shirt.
Denim shirts can be casual, check shirts, and a striped shirt can reduce knit -specific impressions.
The combination is also a point, such as matching a simple knit with a distinctive design shirt.
Your favorite shirts that you wore from spring to autumn will enjoy a different impression again by layering the knit.


5 recommended items to match the knit

Here are five recommended items to match the knit.
If you want to buy more stylish items this winter, please refer to these items.

Stripe shirt perfect for layering


If you buy a classic shirt to match the knit, we recommend a striped design.
The vertical line shows the neck neatly, making it harder to feel the weight peculiar to the knit.
One striped shirt will be a leading role in coordination, so it will be useful when you have trouble with spring or autumn coordination.

A bag that can enjoy a warm impression

Knit bag is a seasonal item unique to winter.
Incorporating the seasonal feeling from small items can be finished in a even warmer coordination.
Because it is a casual atmosphere, it is good compatible with knits and denim with high design.

Muffler that changes the impression of coordination


Muffler is a stylish item unique to winter.
It not only warms the neck, but also colors it gorgeously.
If the color of the knit, bottom, or coats is too dark, incorporate a bright and impressive muffler.
That alone can change the atmosphere of coordination.

Large necklace with impact

Don't forget to incorporate accessories even in winter.
A large necklace that is as good as the knit presence is a must -have item for winter.
This necklace is a design with a strong presence where the warmth of leather goes well with the knit.
It's perfect for gifts, so it's a good idea to give it to someone who is important for Christmas.

Socks that color your feet gorgeously

Winter coordination tends to give a heavy impression.
Even if you give a little sense of omission at your feet, it will give you a light impression.
It is very fashionable to see a bright socks from the hem of the pants.
Be sure to prepare some high design socks, such as multi -color and socks with lines.


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