Are men's leather accessories pleased with gifts? Five recommended products recommended!


I guess there are so many people who want to give a gift for men on birthdays and events.

However, it should not be very close to what you can give in the first place.

Therefore,Recommended for men's leather accessoriesis.

This time, I will talk about the knowledge of men's leather accessories and recommended items, so please refer to it.

How many kinds of men's leather accessories are there?

Leather accessories

Even if you say it as a men's leather accessoriesMany typesIs there.

First of all, if you know what kind of men's leather accessories are available, you can choose a gift.

key case

Speaking of the classic men's leather accessories, isn't it a key case?

A key case is a small item that can summarize the important key, as the name suggests.

In particular, the key case is different from a wallet, and it is not urgent, so those who are not particular may use a material that does not know whether it is leather.

in short,I really want something good, but I'm postponing,That's why.

Therefore, giving a key case of leather products tends to be quite pleased.


Speaking of the standard of leather accessories, isn't it a wallet?

Everyone has a wallet, but the material is different.

I always wear my wallet and go out, so by giving a presentHe / she uses carefully every day.

business card holder

Business card holders are also popular items for men's leather accessories.

The business card holder is quite limited, but if you have a good leather business card holder, it looks pretty good.

In particular, business card holders can be seen by the other party, soLeather products are safe and there is a sense of security.

Other accessories

There are various types of men's leather accessories besides major wallets and key cases.

for example,Pouch bag to put leather accessories and accessoriesEtc.

Accessories can be worn casually,It is quite popular because the sense of leather accessories shinesI can say that.

Know that there are several types of leather!


Various small items are sold in leather, but you should know the types of leather.

because,The material is completely different from general cowhide and pig leatherFrom.

It is difficult to explain all leather, but I picked up popular ones.


Speaking of leather, many people imagine cows.

Cowhide is used in most leather productsTherefore, many people are familiar.

Cowhide has the feature that it is further subdivided by the age and gender difference of cows.

for example,Harako, calfskin, kipskin, cowhideSuch as applicable.

  • Harako ... Celshi who died immediately after birth
  • Curfskin ... Celsof with less than 6 months old
  • Kipskin ... 6 months to less than 2 years
  • Cowhide ... Female beef over 2 years old

Pork leather

It is eaten a lot for food, but it is also used as a product such as small items.

aliasPigskinIt is also known as a leather that can be produced in Japan.

Pig leather isUtilizing the characteristics of large pores, good ventilationHas a reputation.

Originally, pork leather was often used in school bags, but recently it has been used in leather accessories.

Horse leather

Recently, horse leather is also popular.

Horse leather has a characteristic that the fiber of the material is not very rough and has the most gentle touch.

For horse leatherHorsehide and cordovanThere is a type called.

In particular, cordovan (horse butt) tends to be often used mainly in leather accessories.

Goat leather

Goat is also used as leather.

Goat leather isGoat skin and kid skinIs popular.

Goat skin is thin and flexible, and Kid Skin is a even softer material.


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About the difference between leather and synthetic leather

Leather and synthetic leather

Have you ever noticed that the items you purchased were leather but actually it was a synthetic leather?

Leather is often seen in leatherI buy without knowing the difference from synthetic leatherThere should be many cases.

Synthetic leather is often seen more than pork or horse leather, so if you know the difference, you can understand the goodness of leather and make mistakes.

first,Leather is made of cows and pigs, but synthetic leather is also called synthetic leather, and does not use any animal skin.It refers to that.

It is also called fake leather overseas.

Synthetic leather is made using polyurethane and vinyl chloride.

It looks the same as leather, but if you look closely, you will notice the difference.


If there is something that looks like a leather accessories in front of you, try the smell.

Synthetic leatherIt smells of unique vinyl materialSo you can see it immediately.

Product Details

If you smell it, you can immediately judge leather or synthetic leather, but the Internet is not so.

When purchasing leather accessories on the Internet, check the product details.

thereSynthetic leather if it is written as synthetic leatheris.

PVC leather is easy to make mistakes.

I think PVC leather is leather because it has a name, but this isSynthetic leather using plastic chloride resinSo please be careful.

Is leather good for men's leather accessories? Is a synthetic leather good?

Leather accessories

Leather is leather, and synthetic leather has its advantages and disadvantages, respectively.

In the case of synthetic leatherIt is a cheap, light, unnecessary material, but it has a difficulty in

On the other hand, leatherMaterials that are expensive but elegant and can enjoy

It smells unique to leather and can be used for a long time, but some leather must perform regular maintenance.

Therefore, whether leather accessories have good leather or synthetic leather depends on their personal hobbies and budget,If you give a present, the leather will definitely be pleased.

5 recommended men's leather accessories!

Men's leather accessories are sold in countless worlds, but there are some cool items with originality.

Mini Pouch Leather Bag N321

This item is a pouch bag that uses vegetable tannin Italian top leather.

This leather isUses animal fats and fats and vegetable tanninsIt is made in the traditional way.

Because you can enjoy aging, it can be called a pouch bag to grow.


It is a strap using cowhide.

This strap isItems that can store glasses like a necklaceSo, there is a feature that you can make casual fashion.

Glasses and sunglasses will stretch your clothes around your neck, but you don't have to worry about this strap.

Stripe Point Pass Case (Paul Smith)

It is a relatively inexpensive pass case among Paulsmith.

At first glance, it's a simple blackCasual stripedBut it gives a unique impact.

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Compact wallet (IL BISONTE)

A wallet that can store cards.

It looks pretty small,There is also a place to put coinsTherefore, it has excellent functionality.


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Key case (DIESEL)

Men's key case with 100 % cowhide specification.
Not only six key hooks,Three card slotsBecause it is on, it is a very convenient key case.

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There are many kinds of men's leather accessories and a single piece, and there are differences in leather.

If you think about gifts, if you know the types and differences of leather accessories, you will be able to give a more pleasant one.


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