* The address is very large when ordering. Please confirm once before confirmation.

■ It will be the precautions for the use of this shop and the guide to use. <
Please check before use to prevent trouble.

■■ Flow from ordering to delivery ■■

1. Order

2. Confirmation of payment

3. Ordering at our company

Four. Waiting for arrival from the order

Five. Overseas shipping (we will deliver shipping notification email) Sea
↓ * It will be delivered to customers 3-5 days after shipping.
6. Domestic shipping (at this point you can track by Sagawa Express)

7. arrival
★(When absent, the absence report will be posted, so if the storage deadline has expired, you will return to the warehouse of the international carrier. In the case of resending, you will be charged for shipping, so before the storage is out, early. Please receive the receipt procedure. If you have any questions, please contact us.)

■ About inquiry form
We will reply to the inquiry email within 3 business days except for weekends and holidays.

■■ About cancellation of ordered products ■■

If you do not contact us within one business day after ordering the product, we cannot accept cancellation.
Please be careful. The order is arranged to the ordering destination the next day, so it is impossible to respond in principle. We hope that you can use it after understanding it because of the nature of overseas order mail order.

■■ The period from order to delivery ■■
■ Period from order to delivery
From your order (after payment confirmation) to shipping7-14 days of business (closed on weekends and holidays on holidays)] We have time. It will take about 4 days from shipping to delivery. Therefore, from the order to the delivery, "comprehensively10th-18th] I have a lot of time.

* Please note that it is the period when you ordered any product on the business day.
* Please note that we do not provide order or shipping work on Saturdays and Sundays.
* In addition, order after 17:00 on Saturday will be ordered on Monday, so please order early.
* After the shipment is completed, we will notify you of the product tracking number to your e -mail address.


  1. about shipping cost:1 Shipping fee per order500 yen
  2. Order completion email does not arrive:Have a look at this


* Because it is an overseas product, it is not recommended for those who want perfection or those who are in a hurry.
Please use only those who can understand. In addition, due to production reasons, there may be a shortage of products to be delivered, but in that case we will refund the missing items, so please be assured.


■■ Please read the following precautions before ordering ■■

1) Please note that this site has a high liquidity of the product inventory, and it may be out of stock even after ordering, and even after ordering.
* If the product is out of stock, we will contact you to your email.
* In addition, if you order multiple orders, we will contact you if you have out of stock, and we will refund the price of the missing product by bank transfer.

2) The color of the product may cause the image and error due to the degree of indoors and light sources.
In addition, depending on the usage environment of monitors such as smartphones and PCs, the color of the actual product and the actual product may look a little different, so please purchase it after understanding.

3) For the product that has been ordered, we cannot accept the color change or size change of the order, so please check it again before ordering.
In addition, regarding the product after delivery, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for customer reasons, such as changing the size, color, different image, and actual size, so please purchase such people in advance. Please refrain.

4) Sewing may be rough for overseas products. Depression, threading, no washing tags, wrinkles, beads and buttons may be sweet. Please purchase after understanding in advance.
In addition, since it is an overseas product, unlike Japanese products, there are some bottoms such as jeans and denim do not have holes in the buttonhole. In that case, the customer will make a hole by the customer, so please understand and understand this in advance.

5) This shop is an overseas order mail order, so there may be missing items due to the order of the order. At that time, we will contact the customer and refund the cost of the missing items. (If you choose post -payment payment, the price you ordered on the system, so the price is not possible, so the cost of the customer does not cause any inconvenience, so the price of the missing items is first. I will refund it.)

6) If you are using postpayment payment, if there is an error in the sending address, you will not be able to deliver the payment form from the payment company, so we will cancel. We may ask you again.

■■■■ Returns ■■■■
When a product that is different from the defective and order details arrives
We will return or exchange for the same product if the delivered product has been found or a product that is different from the order content arrives.

* Please note that if you do not contact us within 5 days after the product arrives, we cannot accept returns.

If you would like to replace or return, please specify which of the correspondence, please attach a photo of the defective part and contact us.

* Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases.
・ Returns and exchanges (color, size, etc.) due to customer's convenience
・ Products that have been over 6 days after arrival
・ Used ・ Products that have been used ・ Rested, washing / cleaning
・ If the odor is attached to the customer, or the product that has dirt and scratches

that's all

* We hope that you can use it after confirming the precautions for the use of this shop.

■■ About business days ■■

Business day: Monday -Friday

Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and holidays (We will inform you of large holidays such as year -end and New Year holidays separately)


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