Which would you buy a new balance? How to choose 5 recommended items

From now on, you want to buy a new balance sneakers, but are you wondering which one to do?

Because New Balance is popular, many designs and colors are sold.

At present, the famous athlete uses New Balance, so the attention is magnitude.

So, this time, I will talk about which is better if you buy a new balance, so please refer to it.

What kind of brand is New Balance?

Few people know the name of the New Balance, but who knows who has been established and has become so well -known.

New balanceBorn as a orthodontic shoe manufacturer in 1906Did.

It is only surprising that it has already had a history of more than 100 years.

Time passed, and in 1972 a young man acquired New Balance.

That person is James S. Davis, the current chairman of the New Balance.

Originally, New Balance was a small company, but since the acquisition, the number of employees has increased, and now more than 4,000 people are working.

And in Japan, New Balance Japan was established in 1988 and has gained overwhelming support today.

Which should I buy a new balance? Let's know the basic knowledge

New balance is a very popular brand, so countless types are sold.

New balance models are divided by numbers.

For example, CM996 GR2, etc. are applicable.

The CM part is a manufacturing site, the 996 part is a model number, and the GR2 is a color.

Looking at this model, the meaning of CM (manufactured in Asia) 996 (900 series) GR2 (Gray Red) is included.

and,The higher the number in the middle, the higher the performance and the higher the price.It will be positioned.

The cheapest price range is 300s, and the price is slightly higher, and when it comes to 1000 or 2000, you can judge with a model number, such as high -tech and high -performance sneakers.

If you look at the model number without knowing the new balance, it looks just a cipher, but if you understand the meaning, you can understand its value.


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Which is recommended if you buy a new balance?

New balance has a variety of differences, such as price, color, and country of manufacture, as well as model numbers.

If you know the difference and choose, you will find a more ideal new balance.

Model number and model number

The most important thing in the new balance is the model number.

This is because the price and performance are completely different depending on the model number.

It is only for reference,

・ Introduction ... 300s
・ For beginners ... 500s
・ For intermediate level ... 900s
・ For advanced people ... 1000s ~

Such a classification can be done.

Type of sole part

In New Balance, there are many types of sole.

for example,LeBrite has excellent resilience, absorbs absorbs the absorbentIs excellent.

Otherwise, there are many types of sole alone, such as sea caps (lightweight) and energy (high rebound), so choose the one that suits your purpose.

Country of manufacture

New balance has different manufacturing countries depending on the model.

If you want to judge the country of manufacture, you can see it immediately by checking the model number.

・ CM ・ ・ ・ Manufactured in Asia
・ UK ・ ・ ・ Development and manufacturing in the UK
・ J ・ ・ ・ Development and manufacture in Japan
・ M: US and British regular lines

It's not good because it's in the United States, but the price is different, so please compare it.


The new balance is simple, but the colors are quite abundant.

You can see the color by looking at the actual product, but to make a more detailed understanding, check the model number.

・ GR ・ ・ ・ Gray Red
・ B: Blue
・ BK ・ ・ ・ Black
・ DG ・ ・ ・ Dark gray
・ SW ・ ・ ・ Suede
・ NV ・ ・ ・ Navy

Such as applicable.


The most worrisome thing about purchasing a new balance is the price.

First, the price varies depending on the country of origin.

Made in the United States and the United Kingdom are of course expensive, and if it is made in Asia, cheapWill be.

The price varies depending on the model number.

If it is 300s, it is in the 5,000 yen level, and if it is a popular 900 series, it may be nearly 40,000 yen.

There should be a budget when purchasing a new balance, so let's choose a reasonable choice.


Wiz Sizing refers to foot circumference.

In general, when choosing shoes, there are many cases where the length of 25 cm or 27 cm is determined.

However, it may come to the point that it does not fit slightly even though it is 25 cm.

It is the price to solve them.

The size of the new balance is thought to be able to fit any person.

If it's men's

・ D ・ ・ ・ Slightly thin
・ 2E ・ ・ ・ Standard
・ 4E ・ ・ ・ Wide
・ 6E ・ ・ ・ Super wide

There is aance.

5 items that are perfect for New Balance


RESTICK's chino clean fit pants.

Pants made in plain and slightly wider can be matched to any fashion.

Because the pants are simple, the new balance looks cooler and more stylish.

[Water -repellent processing] paraTrooper Pants N2450

714Street, paratle -papants, parachute pants.

These pantsWater -repellent processing is performed, and it is a big success even in bad weather.Will do it.

Moreover, it is perfect for outdoors because it has a hem dried cord and has elasticity in the waist.

2way Sporty Pants N2414

Restick's 2 -way sporty pants.

As the name suggestsBecause it is a sporty pants, it is perfect for exercisingis.

Of course, it is outstanding with sneakers, so let's combine it with a new balance sneaker.

PatchWork Wide Denim Pants N2409

714Street patchworkWide denim pants.

With a slightly larger denim pantsA combination of patchwork, cute and cool designis.

Of course, it is an excellent item that is compatible with the new balance sneakers, so it is an item that you should definitely use.


NOTHOMME's one -point sweat pants.

It's a very simple sweat pants,The one -point logo makes you feel fashionable.

These sweatpants can be used all season and match with Adidas sneakers.


New balance is a brand that is familiar to us, but there are too many types and you are wondering which one to choose.

First of all, if you know the difference in the model number, you will find the ideal new balance that suits you.

There is no doubt that the price and sizing are firm.


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