What is City Boy Fashion? How to start from tomorrow



Do you know "City Boy"?




Somehow, I think many people have the image of "fashionable boys in the city of urban areas".

Actually, that's right.

That nice atmosphere, I long for it.

When you want to get closer to the city boy, the quickest way is to incorporate it from fashion.

This time, I will talk about City Boy fashion.


・ What is City Boy Fashion?

Do you know what city boy fashion is?

City Boy Fashion is a "fashionable fashion that urban men do."

What I want to keep in mind before giving a specific explanation is about "trade style".

"Trad style" is a style that focuses on beautiful jackets and pants, or broke it a little, and incorporates casual elements.

The "City Boy Fashion" is based on the traditional style, arranging and dressing more casually.

It is a style of dressing simple and standard items in a stylish manner, gaining support regardless of fashion or age.



How to make City Boy

So what should I wear when I actually want to have a city boy fashion?

Even if you can imagine somehow, there are many people who do not know what items coordinated and how to coordinate them to be City Boy fashion.

Let's find your favorite style while looking at the photos.

▷ The jacket setup is loose


A jacket setup that tends to give a tight impression.

It is the City Boy style that wears a large size loosely.

In addition to wide pants, you can casually down with half pants.

Please choose by all means.

▷ Sweat pants are clean


Sweat pants are casual items, but it is a city boy who dares to bring it to a beautiful style.

Let's match shirts and jackets instead of T -shirts and hoodies.

The beautiful is mixed and the finished in the city.

▷ Under the polo shirt is other than denim


Of course, denim is good, but the street feeling becomes stronger.

Let's combine the city boy fashion with a calm atmosphere, such as slacks and tapered pants.

Sneakers are not stiff, and low -tech ones are recommended.

・ Tips for making it look fashionable

So far, we have introduced various items and coordination.

As you can see, City Boy Fashion incorporates classic and basic items.

Basically, it is a simple outfit because it is simple, but if you make a mistake, it can give you an impression that it is too normal for a dead personality.

Here are some recommended methods to avoid such disappointment.

▷ Incorporate only one color

After all, the items used tend to have more basic colors, such as black and white, beige, and gray.

However, let's put only one color one point, conscious of the colors.

If you say, "It's courageous to make tops and bottoms colorful ...", it's OK just to have a color in the logo or one point.

Alternatively, small items such as hats and socks that can be seen at a glance are effective.

The color of the color tightens the coordination at a stretch.


▷ Be aware of the sense of omission

A sense of omission is a rough feeling and a slightly broken atmosphere.

A sense of omission is very important in city boy fashion that incorporates beautiful items such as jackets.

If you want to make a sense of omission easily, let's do "skin".

For example, by making a gap by showing the skin such as the ankle or wrist, the coordination gives a sense of omission.

Roll up your sleeves and hem and show your skin a little.

Alternatively, it is easy to wear short pants.

By adopting a sense of omission while looking at the balance of the coordinates, you can dress more stylishly, even if the items you are wearing are the same.


City Boy starting from fashion

This time, I talked about City Boy fashion and the points.

How was it?

Urban and stylish city boy fashion.

Although it has a slightly high threshold impression, it is a highly versatile genre that can be started with only the items on hand.

NNINE handles a lot of trends that can be a city boy just by wearing it.

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