Thorough explanation of winter men's shirt coordinates! Eight points that make a difference from the surroundings

A shirt is a versatile item that can be used from business scenes to daily use throughout the year.

It goes well with any item, but that's why I want to stick to dressing.

This time, I will introduce a winter men's outfit using a shirt.


If you take a shirt, it will always be the same outfit ... Please refer to it.


Basic of winter shirt coordinates

I tend to think about cold winter in the cold winter, but I want to enjoy fashion all year round.In such a case, the most convenient shirt is a classic item shirt!

Although the shirt is a simple item, it gives various impressions depending on the matching item.

  • knit
  • sweat
  • coat

Just adding items with shirts will increase your usual coordination.

Because it is easy to layer, you can enjoy fashion while protecting the cold even with summer shirts.

If you wear a shirt under the knit, the knit does not directly touch the skin, so you can prevent damage.

It is also a nice point that the number of knits is washed and the beautiful state can be maintained.


Let's change the impression with the items to match

Even if you wear the shirt as it is, of course, it is fashionable, but enjoy the layer in winter.

Check out what differences can be enjoyed depending on the items you match.

Casual with a cardigan

Winter standard items, cardigans are excellent compatibility with shirts.

Although it is simple, you can create a good impression.

Since it is a moderately relaxed outfit, it will be a standard outfit on the off day.

Choose a large size and enjoy a loose silhouette.

The impression changes greatly depending on the design of the cardigan.

If you choose a bicolor item like the item in the photo, you can also create an individuality.


Put the best to trad

If you combine the shirts and vests, you will have a fashionable trad style regardless of the times.

If you want to enjoy the pattern and design of the shirt, the area where you can see the area of ​​the shirt will be larger if it is the best.


It is also recommended for those who want to aim for a thinning effect because the vertical lines of the body are emphasized.

In winter, where you tend to wear it, make good use of fashion items and aim to improve your style.

Knit vests are standard, but even if you match the down vest, you will be fashionable and casual.


Sporty with cut -and -sew

If you wear a cut -and -sew under the shirt, you can enjoy a sporty impression.

If you choose a shirt, if you have a stronger impression, incorporate a cut -and -sew and go down casually.

The cold protection is also increased and it is perfect for midwinter coordinates.

Depending on how the color of the shirt and the cut -and -sew are adjusted, you can enjoy infinite combinations.

Like a photo itemIf you choose a high -neck cut -and -sew, you will be more sporty.


Produce individuality with sweatshirts

Sweat is a casual item, but you can enjoy an adult -like impression just by wearing a shirt underneath.

You can produce your own personality by the sweatshirt design, so please try it when the coordination is unsatisfactory.

Your favorite brands and design sweatshirts will also be different if you put a shirt.

Like the coordination in the photo, the compatibility with beautiful colors and shape pants is also excellent.


Stylish with the outer

The outer is an indispensable item in the cold winter.

Show your shirt from under the long coat and upgrade your coordination to a more stylish impression!

If you spend all day out of the house, you can enjoy a stylish impression that does not rely only on the outerwear.

Even if you have many opportunities to take off the outerwear, layering shirts, knits and vests will make a more difference from the surroundings.

It's a nice point that shirts don't get a messed up impression even if you overlap various items.


Focus on the materials and designs of the shirt itself

In addition to increasing the repertoire of the shirt layer, there are also ways to stick to shirts and designs.

I want to enjoy a different shirt coordination this winter! If so, please add a new item to the wardrobe.


Stripe that is easy to incorporate

Stripe is recommended for beginners among pattern shirts.

A thin pattern will create a neat impression even if the color is flashy.

Even those who usually have a simple monotone coordination, it is easy to incorporate striped shirts with abundant color variations.

We recommend not only green, which has been trends in recent years, red, orange, and blue that gives a stylish impression.


Check it out!

The check pattern is the one that gives a cute impression regardless of men's or ladies.

You may think that the plaid shirt looks ugly ... but you can make a trendy coordination by layered cut -and -sew and loose pants.


The item of the image is an excellent item that gives you a classic check pattern but also has a classic atmosphere.

I don't want to fail to choose a check shirt! Please pay attention to not only the pattern but also the texture and silhouette.


Simple and unique

If you are too flashy, but it's boring with a simple shirt, we recommend a simple design that makes you feel a little personality.

If you have a design item like a photo, you can enjoy a simple outfit and a unique outfit depending on the layered item.

Cospa is also good for simple shirts that can be worn not only in winter but also in spring and autumn!


The deformed design is easy to incorporate if it is plain

A shirt with a deformed design is an item that can easily create a personality.

It is difficult to incorporate it into the coordinates suddenly ...! For those who like, we recommend a plain shirt.

The large pocket of the front is an impressive item.

Even a simple dress with only shirts and pants, the shirt itself has a high design, making it a stylish impression.

It is troublesome to think about coordination! On a busy morning, choose a shirt with a deformed design.

Stand -color short -sleeved shirts create a more casual atmosphere than ordinary shirts.

If you combine a cut -and -sew or a thin knit under the shirt, it is a versatile item that can be dressed in winter.

Let's establish your own style by combining colors and patterns.

The silhouette is also important for a shirt with a deformed design.


After checking the size well, please choose one that is perfect for you.



Feel more free for winter men's shirt coordinates!

We introduced items that can be used for winter men's shirt coordinates.

Shirts are simple and versatile items.

There are many people who are worried that they will always wear the same dress.


Layer is indispensable to make a difference from the surroundings.

It is recommended not only to match winter items such as cardigans and vests, but also to focus on the design and materials of the shirt itself.


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