[Men's must -see] What are the correct clothes in November? What to be aware of and the timing of switching temperature

In November, it is time to get cold from the heat, but that's why you are quite confused about what kind of clothes you should choose.

It is a difficult time when the outer is still early, so don't bring it when you go out, regret it because it's too cold, or get in the way when you bring an outerwear.

Therefore, this time, I will talk about the dress in the men's version November, so please refer to it.

Is it affected by clothes? What is the temperature in November?

It is the temperature to greatly affect your clothes.

The higher the temperature, the lighter it is, and the lower the temperature, the lower the clothes, the more thick clothes and the outerwear will come in.

The temperature in November varies depending on the area, but the average temperature nationwide is up to 18 degrees and at least 7 degrees.

It depends on the year,

・ Tokyo ... The maximum temperature in November is 24 degrees and the lowest temperature is 8 degrees
・ Okinawa Prefecture: The maximum temperature in November is 28 degrees, the minimum temperature is 19 degrees
・ Hokkaido ・ ・ ・ ・ The lowest temperature in November is 17 degrees, the lowest temperature is -4 degrees


As expected, the outer is required when it is 7 degrees, but if it is 18 degrees or more, the outer is unnecessary, and one long -sleeved piece or a haori should feel no problem.

What men should be aware of in November's clothes

There are a few things to be aware of in November's clothes.

Check the temperature and weather with the weather forecast every day

In November, you should check the weather forecast every day to keep your clothes wrong.

Because the temperature is completely different depending on whether it is sunny or rainy, it can suddenly get warm.

Recently, it has been due to global warming, and it is often the temperature in September in November.

Even if you feel hot, keep the haori

In November, it can be as hot as a midsummer day.

but,Just because it's hot, just one shirt is definitely chilly at nightBecome.

In that case, it is safe to prepare an easy -to -carry haori or an inner like HEATTECH.

Even if you do not use haori or HEATTECH, the burden should not be that much because it will not be that much luggage.

Conversely, it is only miserable that you can not withstand the cold without having to bring both.

Choose fashion according to the season

November is the season from autumn to winter, but in the season.

If so, why not keep in mind autumn fashion?

Autumn fashion is warm colorIt refers to that.

For example, orange, red, olive, brown, etc. are applicable.

In particular, the brown system is a calm shade, so it goes well with men of any age.

Avoid rugged items that you wear in midwinter

November is quite cold depending on the timing.

That said, wearing a thick fabric outer like a down jacket will be quite hot.

When it gets hot, take it off,The down jacket is quite in the wayThere is a disadvantage of becoming.

Also, if you are wearing a down jacket in November, it will be a problem to see what kind of fashion you should go through from December to February, when it gets cold.


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What is the clothes that men should wear in November?

If you enter November, what kind of clothes should men be aware of?

Two tops of tops

The outer can get hot, and that's why light clothes are risky.

If so, why not wear two tops?

If you overlap the tops, you just have to take it off even if it gets hot.is.

Tops are not bulky and do not interfere with luggage.

Cardigan that is easy to detach

Cardigan is the most effective in November clothes.

After all, on days when the temperature changes drastically, you want to take off and wear it.

At that time,If you have a cardigan, you can easily attach and detachis.

If you still feel cold on the day, we recommend wearing thin knits and sweatshirts.

Thin outerwear that is easy to carry

The outerwear in November is very difficult, but the down jacket is too hot, so you should consider it other than that.

for exampleTailored jacket, denim jacket, riders jacket, mountain parkaThere is a characteristic that it is fashionable and easy to carry with light outerwear.

What is the timing of switching for men's clothes in November?

November is a time when the temperature drops, but when should I wear it?

A big guide is 10 degreesis.

If you exceed 10 degrees, there is no problem with a cardigan or light clothes jacket, but if it is less than 10 degrees, it will be extremely cold, so a down jacket class will be required.

If the down jacket is likely to get in the way, an outerwear that is easy to carry, such as a coat, may be good.

Even in November, Okinawa has no outerwear due to the heat of the midsummer day.

The main area below 10 degrees is the area in Hokkaido, but in Tokyo, it will be low temperature at night, so you should be careful about clothes.

Men's must -see! 8 items that fit in November clothes

[Teflon processing] Teflon fiber QUILTING JACKET N1605

NothOMME is a Teflon fiber quilting down jacket.

This down jacket isTeflon processedThere is a merit of being washed.

The water is also strong, so it is strong in dirt.

Contrast Color Free Springover Over N2668

NORYBRAND is contrast color free spree over.

This fleece isYou can choose the color with a bicolorThere is a feature.

There are six types of colors: purple, brown, gray & blue, blue & light blue, dark green & avocado green, and dark green & light green.

Round Neck Sweat Shirt N2637

UNBENT's embroidery logo and nex wet shirt.

It's a very simple sweatshirt,The one -point logo is applied to the chest, arms, and back.

Since the logo claims are not so good, it can be adjusted to any fashion.

Dragon Tiger Print Sweat Shirt N2615

UNBENT's retro wash dragon tiger print sweatshirt.

As the name suggestsPrint of dragon and tigerIs given and it is a very cool style.

Stand Color Zip Down Jacket N2625

It is a stand color zip light down jacket of 714Street.

Down jacket with a strong street feelingis.

The surface is water -repellent, it repels dirt, and it is a down jacket with batting, so it has enough warmth.


Restick is a waterproof nylon coach jacket.

Sometimes it is a waterproof jacket,Dirty -resistantThere is a feature.

The design is quite simple, so you can match any fashion.

Sporty Contrast NYLON JUMPER N2330

NOTHOMME is a sporty contrast nylon jumper.

This jumper is a bai color,Very modest in designSo you can use it in any scene.

Vintage Touring Jacket N2411

RESTICK, vintage detroit jacket.

thisWash about 5 jacketsIt is an exquisite color.

If you are looking for a cool jacket, a detroit jacket is recommended.


In November, it becomes cold in the season and a little warm, so you get lost.

However, if it is fashion that matches the location and the temperature of the day, there will be no failure.

We recommend that you check the temperature in November and choose the seasonal clothes.


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