How to choose sweatshirts? How to dress coolly

A sweatshirt that you will usually wear casually.
Sweats are also popular as a loungewear, and they are known as easy clothing.

However, you may want to coordinate the sweatshirts you wear when you go out.

This time, I will talk about how to choose sweatshirts and recommended products, so please refer to them.

What is a sweatshirt?


I usually hear the word sweatshirt, and I guess I actually have one.

but,Those who know what kind of definition of sweatshirts in the first placeThere shouldn't be many.

Sweat is a jersey clothing with cotton wovenIt refers to that.

The sweatshirts have different fabrics on the front and back, the surface is smooth and the lining is like a towel fabric.

Sweats are slightly different with the trainer.

  • Sweat -fabric name
  • Trainer: Sweat fabric shirt

Sweat is the name of the fabric, and the trainer is a shirt.

How to choose the sweatshirt correctly?

The sweatshirts you wear when you go out are something you want to coordinate fashionably.

But what kind of criteria should you choose?


As with any clothing, isn't it important what to do with the brand first?

because,Depending on the brand, the design and price are very different as well as the name recognitionFrom.

If you want to stick to the brandSweats that cost tens of thousands of yen per shot are several thousand yen if they value price, not brand.That's it for.

Sweats are easy to get, but they are sold from countless brands.



If it is a very good sweatshirt, it costs tens of thousands of yen, and if it is a no -brand, there are cases where it sells for a few hundred yen.

SoIf you buy a sweatshirt, choose whether you are thinking at a disposable level or if you wear it for many years.The standard changes.

Of course, it's not cheap, but if you wear a sweatshirt when you go out, you should choose a sweatshirt with some solid price.


The back of the sweatshirt is roughly dividedBack hair and back brushedThere are two types.

I would like to check because the touch differs depending on the material on the back.

The lining is a fabric -like fabric.Is called.

The back hair is just like a towel, and you can feel very comfortable.

The back brushed, as the name suggests,Brushed doughIt refers to that.

It has a characteristic that it is warmer and moisturized than the back hair.



At first glance, it may look just a sweatshirt, but the functionality varies depending on the brand and concept.

for example,Not only the softness of the material, but also the difference and weight of the performance that absorbs sweatEach is.

If you think about what functions you will be happy when purchasing a sweatshirt, you can choose without mistakes.



Sweats are important for prices and materials, but I still want to worry about the size.

Because it looks like it is too dusty, it will be difficult to move if it is too tight.

Even if it is too big or too small, it looks strangeJust size or a little bigger as much as possibleYou should keep it.



Sweats have different designs for each one.

Of course, some people like plain sweatshirts and like sweatshirts with flashy patterns.

In terms of this, it depends on your personal hobbies and tastes, soYou should choose a sweatshirt with a timeless designI can say that.


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How to wear sweatshirts that make you look cool?

Sweats have many simple designs, so if you wear them normally, your impression will be thin.

So I will tell you a little point.

Combination with stylish pants

Sweats tend to be chosen with pants because the size is loose.

If that happens, in a sense, it will look like a room, so it will be far from fashion.

If soDare stylish pantsWhy don't you choose?

The lower part is slim and the upper is a loose eye.Therefore, it is a very recommended combination.

A combination that makes the logo stand out


All sweatshirts have a very simple design.

However, each brand tends to have a one -point logo on the sweatshirt.

DareMake the logo stand outIf you do it, it is simple, but your own original style is completed.

Also, if you look at a logo that is not a brand that is common from the perspective of others, you will notice that it is fashionable.

A simple combination of monotone


Speaking of simple coordination, isn't it a monotone?

Coordinates that are very easy to match in white and black, and can be smooth even for beginners in fashionI can say that.

Also, if you wear a brand logo, it looks pretty fashionable.

Combination with a shirt

By layering shirts with a collar in the sweatshirt, you can make a different coordination.

The loose image of sweatshirts and the combination of shirts are more matched.And the fashion is outstanding.

Especially by layering a pattern shirt, you can create a style that is not anywhere.

5 Sweat recommended!

Paint Color Sweat N956

714Street Paint Color Wet.

It is a pretty simple sweatshirt, but a large logo is painted in the center.

Because it is simple, it can be said that it is a recommended sweatshirt that is easy to match with any fashion.

Drawstring Half Zip N909

BENTIDEA drawstring half zip sweatshirt.

Although it is completely plain, the one -point logo that is casually treated will give you fashionable.


Bellken Retro Border Ron T.

Although it is a border pattern, designs that are not too flashy and not sober are gaining popularity.

It is a sweatshirt that gives a presence even if you wear it normally.

Street Panel Sweat N1265

714Street panel sweatshirt.

Although it is a simple design, it has a large print in the center, making it a very comfortable accent.

〇Initial Logo Weight Sweat N1565

Evistub Initial Logo Wait Sweat.

It is a very simple sweatshirt, but a large character appeals its presence.



Sweat is a familiar clothing for us, and many products are sold.

Anything may be good if you wear a room, but when you go out, you still want to be fashionable.

A common brand sweatshirt is good, but why not try to appeal to the fashionable sweatshirts and appeal to the fashion.

There are a lot of things that can be done because it is simple, and it can be said that it is a clothing that tests fashion sense.


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