How many sneakers are there? Introducing brands, types and recommended items!

Sneakers will be worn casually, but few people know how many types are.

You should know the type to choose the best sneakers from many brands and types that you can choose.

This time, I will talk about the types of sneakers, so please refer to them.

About the types of sneakers brands

There are many sneakers, from super famous brands to minor brands.

Among the,Nike, Puma, Adidas, New BalanceIsn't it a brand that everyone knows?


Nike is a brand specializing in shoes born in the United States.

Originally, I operated an agency such as Onitsu Katrager shoes, but I learned know -how andEstablished Nike with the support of Nissho IwaiDid.

In 1981, Nike and Nissho Iwai were founded Nike International, expanding sales channels overseas, including Japan.

Nike isCharacteristic air sole with air on the soleThen, the tie -up of basketball players and others became an explosive boom.

In Japan, Air Max and Air Jordan have become very popular, and they still have high support.


Puma is a sporting goods store established in Germany in 1948.

At the Olympics held in 1936, the producer persuaded short -range runners with spikes, and as a result, the players won four gold medals.

I guess there is exactly thanks to Puma's shoes.

after that,Achieved more than 200,000 feet a year and spread around the worldIt was become a thing.

The origin of Puma is an animal pum, and you can see at a glance by looking at the logo.

Isn't Puma's jumping out of Puma?


In Germany, a shoe craftsman's brothers established Adidas in 1948.

It is said that Adidas's origin is a combination of the founder Adolf's Adolf and the family name Dasler.

as a side note,His brother, Rudolph, later launched Puma.

Speaking of Adidas, marks like three lines and triple leaves are impressive.

New balance

New balance was born in the United States in 1906.

Originally, the New Balance was opened as an insole manufacturer, but has been selling orthodontics and running shoes since then.

The origin of the new balance isBring a new balance feelingThat is.

In the 1970s, the runners gained great support.

It is still a tie -up with many professional athletes, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a top brand that represents the times.


It began with a track and field athlete in 1895, and became the current Leibok in 1958.

In 1986Shoes manufacturers that are well -known enough to make the number one sales record in the United Stateswas.

Leebok is more history than any shoe brand and is known.


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What are the types of sneakers?

There are various types of sneakers.

Low -cut

Low -cut type sneakers are often seen in shoes shops.

Lower than the ankle of the footIs characteristic and can be worn regardless of the season.

Many people choose low -cut sneakers because they are very easy to put on and take off.

Middle cut

The position of the mouth is higher than the low cutThe middle cut is.

Although it is more difficult to wear than a low cut, it has a characteristic that its legs are stable and stable.

Moreover, it is a very popular type because it has taken over the goodness of low cut.

High cut

The mouth is higher than the middle cutIs a high cut.

Since the high cut is higher than the ankle, it has the characteristic that it fixes your feet firmly.

Attachment is difficult, but it is a type that is often used in sports.

What are the types of sneakers design?

Sneakers have countless designs, and each has its own characteristics.

Slip -on

The easiest to attach and detach shoes is slip -on.

Since there is no shoe string, etc., it is easy to wear it just by slipping your legs.There is a merit that you can do it.

Of course, you don't have to tie the string, so you can wear shoes in the shortest time.

Magic tape

Sneakers have a Velcro -type design.

It doesn't have to be tied up like shoes, so it's easy to put on and take

Sneakers for children, especially for children, tend to have a lot of velcro designs.


A simple sneaker is a string type.

With a string, it can fit your feet, and you can match any scene.It is a versatile type.

However, the disadvantage is that you have to tie the string, and you will be unwind when it becomes loose.

high tech

High -tech sneakers are equipped with the latest technology.

At first glance it looks like just shoes,Nearly design and ultimate comfortIs provided.

If all brands are high -tech sneakers, they are the best because they are packed with the latest technology.

6 items that are compatible with sneakers!


It is an easy nylon jacket of 714Street.

There is no extra design,Because it is quite simple, I wear it in any sceneIt is an excellent thing that can be done.

Also, the one -point logo increases fashion, so it looks fashionable.

Stand Collar Simple Cool Jacket N1680

CountryMoment's stand color simple cool jacket.

As the name suggests, it is a simple one -color jacket,Can be matched to any fashionThere is no doubt about heavy rotation.

Stripe Cuban Color Summer Shirt N2000

Evistub is a stripe Cuban color summer shirt.

It is a short -sleeved shirt, so it is very active in summer.

The big striped pattern is quite claimingIt is a shirt that stands out in a good way because it is done.


It is a cotton linen masmer shirt of 714Street.

It is a very simple short -sleeved striped shirt.

what kindDesigned to fashion that does not feel uncomfortable in any sceneSo it is convenient to have one.

Retro Bicolor Polo Shirt N1824

It is a retro bye color polo shirt of 714Street.

As the name suggests, it is a long -sleeved polo shirt with a collar.

AndExcellent storage because there is a pocket on the sideIt is a polo shirt.


714Street, heavy weight polo.

thisBecause the polo shirt is a thick fabric, it is hard to get through and it is hard to lose shape.There is a feature.

Also, depending on the season, it will warm up with one of this polo shirt.


Everyone is a sneaker that has been worn once in his life, but few people know how many types are.

In the future, if you know the background and types of brands when choosing sneakers in the future, you may find something that is compatible.

Sneakers are also highly recommended because they can be matched to any fashion.


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