Explain how to wash the down jacket! What are the points to note and the best detergent?


The down jacket that has both cold protection and fashionable is a winter standard item.

However, down is a very delicate item compared to general chemical fiber clothing.

At the turn of the season, many people may be in trouble with how to clean down jackets.

This time, I will explain how to wash the down jacket and the points to note when care.

If you read this article, you can easily and clean down jackets that are difficult to clean at home!


Precautions when washing down jackets

Points to check before washing the down jacket3I will introduce it.

The down jacket is a delicate item, and those that are particular about the material cannot be easily cleaned.

Please note that there are some down jackets that need to be cleaned at cleaning specialty stores.

Check the washing display of the tag

First, check the washing display of the down jacket tag you want to wash.

If you have a washing machine mark or hand -washing mark, you can clean it at home.

A down jacket with a mark that cannot be washed can not be cleaned at home.

In addition to the wings in the down jacket, there are down jackets that are not possible to wash their hands due to the surface fabric.

In recent years, there have been many down jackets that can be washed at home and are easy to handle, so it may be one of the criteria for choosing.

Wash at the best frequency

Down jacket1For the season1There is no problem with frequent washing.

Even a down jacket that can be washed can be overwhelmed if the frequency of washing is too high.

Be aware that you don't wash too often.

If you get terrible dirt with mud, etc., you can gently wash that part with soap.

Some materials cannot be cleaned at home

The down jacket with wool and leather on the surface cannot be washed at home.

Down jackets change not only inside wings but also depending on the surface fabric.

It is important to check the tag selection display, but let's check the ingredients before considering how to care.

If you put the down jacket for cleaning, it depends on the material,1Point2,000From the yen3,000It costs about a yen.

Cleaning is important to keep an important down jacket for a long time, but try to care for a down jacket that can be washed at home to save money.


How to wash the down jacket

From here, I will explain how to wash the actual down jacket.

Take time carefully and clean your important down jacket.

Shape up

First, adjust the shape of the down jacket.

Close the zipper and prepare it in the original shape.

If you leave the zipper open and wash it properly, the shape will collapse after drying.

At this time, you can carefully remove dirt when washing your hands by checking if there is a part that is particularly concerned about dirt.

Gently wash your hands in the bathtub

The down jacket is basically hand -washed.

In the bathtub30Add the degree of lukewarm water and mix with detergent to make a laundry.

Soak the down jacket in the laundry and gently wash your hands.

Instead of sashimi, push it with the image of soaked the laundry solution to the wings inside.

From 20 times30Press the down jacket as much as you want, and if the laundry liquid is soaked in the whole, the next is rinsed.

Drain the hot water in the bathtub and wash it with beautiful hot water.

Next, wash with the image of floating the soaked washing liquid firmly.

From 20 times30After turning, add new hot water again and repeat the wash.

You can also wash your hand washing mode!

The down jacket can be cleaned in the hand -washing mode of the washing machine.

If you have trouble washing your hands, make use of the washing machine effectively.

When washing with a washing machine, put it in the washing net and select a hand -washing mode or dry mode.

Dehydration1Please note that if you do not use the mode that ends within minutes, it will cause more damage to the down jacket.

Let the towel suck water and dehydrate

If you wash your down jacket in hand washing or hand washing mode, you must dry.

If you hang it on a hamber suddenly, the shape of the down jacket may change depending on the weight, so wrap it in a dry towel first.

While adjusting the shape of the down jacket, the towel sucks moisture firmly.

Please note that if you squeeze or hit it, it will damage the down jacket.

If it dries to some extent, dry it

Let the towel suck water, and when it dries to some extent, hang it on the hanger and dry it.

The down jacket takes a long time for the wings to dry out, so even if it looks dry enough.23Keep the sun shade.

If it is cleared up without sufficiently dry, not only the down jacket will collapse, but also germs will proliferate, causing bad odors and mold.

Even if the down jacket gets wet due to rain, make a habit of wiping out and shading.

Restore plump feeling using a dryer

If you have a dryer at home, you can use a dryer to restore the plump feeling of the down jacket.

The wings inside not only have a large finish, but also enhances heat retention.

If you don't have a dryer at home, lightly use the entire down jacket with multiple fetals so that the inside of the feather does not stick together.

By doing so, you can make a warm down jacket as if dried with a dryer.

The best detergent for washing down jackets

When washing down jackets, choose a detergent that can be used for delicate laundry.

  • Fashionable detergent
  • Knit detergent
  • Neutral detergent
  • soap bar

I will briefly explain each of the characteristics.

Fashionable detergent

Fashionable detergent has a weaker detergency compared to general detergents.

It has less damage to clothes and is perfect for delicate laundry.

It is hard to remove sebum and food dirt, but it can be cleaned with a stylishly dressed detergent with some dust or darkening.

Knit detergent

Knit detergent is also a detergent with low cleaning power and less damaged to clothing.

Perfect for washing delicate items such as down jackets.

If you want to keep the knit beautifully in the winter season, you may always have a knit detergent.

Neutral detergent

Both fashionable detergents and knit detergents are basically neutral type detergents.

Therefore, even if you do not have a special detergent, you can wash the down jacket if the detergent at home is a neutral type.

However, detergents with high detergency will also increase the damage to clothing, so if you are worried, we recommend that you buy a special detergent, such as wearing fashionable wearing.

soap bar

If there is a terrible dirt in the down jacket, rub the solid soap etc. on that part before washing your hands.

If it is a relatively casual fabric down jacket such as outdoors, it is possible to rub soap as a whole before washing.

It floats the dirt on the surface and makes it a beautiful finish like a new one.

Instead of soap, there is also a method of tapping the dirty part with a sponge containing water and detergent.

Wash the down jacket and keep wearing it neatly

We have introduced how to wash the down jacket and precautions.

The down jacket is warm and fashionable, and once you buy it, it will be worn for many years.

There is a drawback that it is difficult to clean and the cleaning stand is high.

Let's wash the down jacket at home, referring to the way of washing introduced this time!


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