Are there many types of new balance? About the difference in numbers and good compatibility

If you are considering purchasing sneakers in the future, New Balance may be an option.

Speaking of New BalanceName that no one knowsThere are many types of shops.

However, there are few people who know what kind of New Balance is and know what kind of new balance there is and which one to choose.

This time, I will talk about the type of new balance, so please refer to it.

Let's know the basic information of New Balance!


New balanceSports shoes manufacturer headquartered in Boston, USAis.

Many athletes have contracted with New Balance, and their quality is not only in name.

recently,It has been reported that major leaguers Shohei Otani have signed a long -term contract with New BalanceBut there is.

New Balance Japan is also established in Japan, contributing to the expansion of the market.

Why is the New Balance selected?


There are many shoe makers besides New Balance, but why are they chosen mainly for athletes?

Good comfort

The shoes have a design, but the comfort is more important.

After all, it is a shoe that assists walking and running, so if the functionality is low like heavy leather shoes and boots, it will not be talked about.

That pointNew balance is called Rolls -Royce in the sneakers, so it's comfortable to wear.There is a feature.

In addition, it can be said that it is a highly evaluated manufacturer that the comfort of walking on the clouds is awarded.

Celebrities are wearing

New balance is very popular because celebrities prefer to wear it.

I signed a contract with New BalanceIncluding Shohei Otani, Munehitaka Murakami of baseball, Moe Inami of golf, selected on landHands are applicable.

Considering that athletes, which have such a well -known athlete, have a contract with New Balance, you may be able to realize that they are ridiculous shoes.

It may be difficult to realize because of the sale of New Balance nearby, but it is amazing to be selected as a celebrity.


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How many types of new balance are there? 

New balance is also a very popular shoe, and many types are sold.

First, the type of new balance is classified by number.

The larger the number, the higher the model, and the higher the highest flagship model is 1000s or more.Will be.


Among the New BalanceThe most affordable series is 300sis.

It is said that it is for beginners, and it is a relatively beginner shoe that can be purchased for less than 10,000 yen.

For the first time, I buy a new balance, but I don't know which one to use, a series that is perfect for those who want as cheap shoes as possibleis.

However, although it is inexpensive, it is a new balance, so the design is solid, and the ease of walking is perfect.


The most popular in the 500s is 574 and 576.

In particular, 574 has been worn most of the history of New Balance.

It is excellent in design while improving off -road running performanceSo many fans have selected 574.

The 576 is a model that was born in 1988 and is a typical shoe with a wide variety of color variations.

The price is a little expensive for shoes in the lower 10,000 yen range, but it still boasts a outstanding popularity and stability.


The most popular series in the 900s is 996.

996 was a shoe born in 1988, which was popular because it adopted a highly durable and excellent material for shock absorption.

In 2013, MRL996, which increased durability, CM996, which updated the comfort in 2019, and as of 2023, the latest models of 996 were sold as of 2023.

996 celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2023 and sells an anniversary model that is particular about the details as the "CM996".

The price of 996 is around 17,000 yen, which is higher than the 500s.

1000 series

The New Balance 1000s are known as flagship models and are shoes worn by many fans.

Even though it is a 1000 series, there are various types of numbers such as 1300, 1500, and 1700.

BasicallyThe number is better because the number is later than the 1300It has been with.

In addition, because it is a flagship model, the price is set higher than the 900s or less shoes.

For example, the M1700, which is considered to be the highest peak, is a valuable shoe as the list price exceeds 30,000 yen.


At the same time as the 21st century, the New Balance of the 2000s appeared.

2000sIt is a model that takes over the 1000s, and the shoes with the latest technologyBut there is.

Some of the 2000s cost more than 40,000 yen depending on the shoes, so it can be said that it is a true flagship model of the new balance.

Excellent compatibility with New Balance! 5 pants!

No matter how cool you are wearing cool shoes, if the fashion to match it is not good, the new balance will not enhance.

Therefore, we carefully selected pants that are compatible with the new balance, so please check it out.

Deck Pocket Sweat Pants N1709


714Street deck pocket side wet pants.

Very simple sweatpants with a line on the sideTherefore, it has a characteristic that it is quite compatible with the new balance.

Sweat pants are quite simple, so you can match any new balance.



Evistub is a thick nylon pants with hem draw.

This is also a simple nylon pants,Sometimes you can put on the hem, so you can show the entire new balanceThere is a feature.

Isn't it quite fashionable to show the new balance without squeezing?

Although it is simple pants, you can enjoy it with multiple patterns.



It is the back brushed mountain buckle pants of NoshOMME.

These pants areItems that can be quite warm because the material is brushed backIt is.

In addition, the buckle is attached, making it easier to adjust the waist.

Because it is a pretty simple design, it goes well with any new balance.

Easy Wide Tapered Pants N1304


Evistub's easy -wide tapard pants.

ratherSimple, but because it is wide, relaxing comfortIt is.

If you want to wear a new balance and beautiful eyes, we recommend a combination with this easy wide tapard pants.



It is a retro wash wide denim of NOTHOMME.

These pantsBecause it is a denim specification, pants perfect for those who want to match casuallyis.

Also, the compatibility with sporty Adidas shoes is quite good, so why not try it?


New balance is quite well -known and used by many famous athletes, so it is a very familiar brand.

However, due to its popularity, many shoes are on sale, so few people know the difference.

First of all, why don't you know the type of New Balance and enjoy the fashion that suits them?


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