Adult men's must -see! 4 correct wide pants coordinates and 4 recommended items!


I guess there are so many adult men who want to incorporate wide pants in the future.

If you are particularly concerned about the trend, the eyes of wide pants are wonderful.

However, men who don't usually wear wide pants should be wondering how to choose and how to wear them.

Therefore, this time, I will talk about the coordinates of wide pants for adult men, so please refer to them.

What about men's outfit wide pants?

What is wide pants?Pants with a thick silhouette overallIt refers to that.

It may be quite courageous for men to wear wide pants.

Because wide pants are considered to be fashion for advanced users.

Even in the city, there are not many cases where men go and wear wide pants, and it is said to be for advanced users.

That's why if you adopt a wide pants aggressively, it will recognize it as a fashionable adult men.

What are the benefits of the wide pants for adult men's outfits?

Wide pants actually have various benefits.

Leg length effect

For example, wide pants can be expected to have a leg length effect.

Regardless of body type,If you choose a high waist, the leg length effect is even more

You can match anything

Surprisingly, wide pants can be combined with various fashions, such as tops and jackets.

Especially in the case of simple wide pantsMatch any sceneTherefore, it is a very good item.

The comfort is the best

Wide pants can be worn slowly, so you can experience stress -free comfort.

For example, in the case of skinny pants, the range of motion of the legs will be narrowed because the skin and the fabric are quite close.

Wide pantsA free position because the range of motion has nothing to do withCan be taken.


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What are the disadvantages of wide pants for adult men's outfits?

Wide pants have many advantages, but there are quite a few disadvantages.

If you understand the disadvantages, you will be able to wear wide pants comfortably.

It looks low

The biggest disadvantage of wide pants isIt looks low, looks sloppyThere is a possibility.

After all, if it spreads sideways, the body shape will look thicker, so the legs may look short.

Look sloppy

Also, if you see a man who does not have a wide pants, it may look like a dowel and feel sloppy.

However, there is no problem with private fashion.

No matter what others think, the fashion you think is good should be pierced.

When a slim man wears, the balance looks bad

Wide pants are sometimes made in a loose eye, soI feel uncomfortable when a pretty slim man wearsSometimes.

Conversely, even men who have a good figure can look bigger depending on the size of the wide pants.

Be careful not to be too wide, and choose the size that suits the pants.

How to dress well with adult men's outfits?


Select a type

There are various types of wide pants and at a glance.

for example,Slacks, chino bread, denim, military, corduroySuch as applicable.

Each material is completely different, so you should choose your own taste.

In addition, the silhouette is different for wide pants, such as straight and flare.

Basically, straight and tapered are main, but fashionable people tend to choose flare.

Think about the balance between the top and bottom

What you have to be aware of with wide pantsUp and down balanceis.

For example, the tops are tight but the lower part is wide pants, which has a considerable imbalance.

If you wear a wide pants, you must be careful not to have the size up and down as much as possible.

Choose shoes other than sneakers

Shoes that are incompatible with wide pants are sneakers.

Sneakers are excellent items that any man has,Very incompatible with wide pantsI do not recommend it.

If you choose a wide pants, you should choose leather shoes.

This is because only leather shoes can make use of the elegance of wide pants.

Choosing what you wear is a great place for wide pants.

Isn't it suitable for adult wide pants men's outfit?

Wide pants men's coordinates must be careful not to make a dowxo or short -sided, and to be overwhelming.

for exampleThe longer the rise, the shorter the legs, and the larger the size, the more dusty feeling will remain.

In both cases, if you make a mistake in choosing the size and design of the wide pants, it will be difficult to wear.

Also, in order to prevent it from getting rid of the whole, make sure to make your shoes leather.

Sneakers that can be worn easily are too compatible with wide pants.

Recommended items for men's outfit for adult wide pants


Multi -pocket topard pants.

A little loose and simple work pantsTherefore, it has the advantage of being able to match any scene.

Because it is a large size that is trendy now, it can be seen quite fashionably just by wearing wide pants.


Bellkenidea's loose straight wash denim pants.

It's a pretty simple denim type pants,Wide madeTherefore, you can wear it comfortably.

Because of the trendy wide pants, just wearing it looks pretty fashionable.

The size is available from S to XL, so you should choose the best one.

[Water repellency] PARCCHUTE CARGO PANTS N2487

Unbent's parachute car goopants.

Cargo pantsThe casual feeling is quite strongTherefore, it is a very useful item in private.

Moreover, because the cargo pants itself has excellent water repellency, it is very useful even in the rain.

The design is quite simple, so you can match any fashion.

[Water -repellent processing] paraTrooper Pants N2450

714Street, paratlue pars (parachute pants).

These pants areThe waist can be expanded and contracted and the hem is squeezed, so it prevents rain and wind.There is a feature.

In addition, it is very strong in the rain because it is water -repellent.

Therefore, it is suitable not only for everyday clothes but also for outdoors.


Wide pants for adult men are very popular items, but you may think that it is difficult to wear.

However, many wide pants themselves have a simple design, so they can be seen quite fashionably unless the size is wrong.

If you are interested in wide pants, such as wanting to do different fashions from other men, why not use it?


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