[Payment -related] Introduction of postpaid padies!

The first customer has been worried about the arrival of the product,I have introduced a postpaid pady.

What is postpaid pady?
Paidy (Paidy) Payment the following month is a service that allows you to pay postpaid by online shopping.

Operated by Paidy Co., Ltd. We have introduced this store payment.

Rest assured that you will pay after the product arrives
Payment after the product arrives is also the advantage of paying the next month after Paidy.

For convenience stores and ATM payments that are common in mail order, the product is shipped after paying the price.

However, I think there are times when you are worried whether you can reach it, or you can't trust the mail order site.

Even in such a case, if you pay the next month after Paidy, you will check the product and pay the price.
Use guide pages, etc. are provided to explain the precautions for the use of NNINE, which is easy to understand,
If you are uneasy, by all means
Please try this payment method when ordering.

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