What is a polo shirt? Explain the origin, the type of material and fabric and how to choose!

For you, polo shirts are quite familiar, but there are few people who are selected in the image of dressing.

Polo shirtFamous as a T -shirtThere is a lot of design, so you will be lost in choosing.

So, this time, I will talk about what a polo shirt is and how to choose it, so please refer to it.


What is a polo shirt?

A polo shirt refers to clothes with short -sleeved shirts and a collar and button.

OriginallyIn the 1920s, that Lacoste was built for sports.It is said to be.

What does Polo mean in the first place?

Polo refers to hockey competitions on a horse.

Although it is not very familiar in Japan, it seems that tournaments are still being held around the world.

at that time,Lacoste made a polo shirt with hints after seeing Polo's uniform.


Is there a difference in material in polo shirts?

No matter which polo shirt, the appearance is the same, but each has a difference in material.


Speaking of the classic polo shirts, isn't it cotton?

CottonBecause it absorbs sweat, you can spend comfortably even if you sweat.

Many people choose polo shirts made of cotton material because they feel good.


Linen is hemp, and is the most popular material after cotton.

because,Ventilator is good and sucks sweat firmlyFrom.

Moreover, it is said that linen has the power to absorb about four times as much as cotton.


PolyesterIt is hard to wrinkle and is resistant to heatIt has a characteristic.

It is quite good as a material because it does not shrink even if washed.

Considering care, polyester is a pretty easy material.


What is the main fabric used for polo shirts?

Polo shirts are made of materials such as cotton and polyester, but what about the fabric?



Do you know the fabric called Kanoko?

"Kanoko" is also a kind of knit fabricIt refers to that.

From the name, I wonder if it's a deer fabric, but that's not the case.

OriginallyThe stitch is similar to the mottled pattern in KanakoThat's why I came to say so.

Most of the polo shirts use Kanoko.



What is Tianzhu?Flat -weaved fabricIt refers to that.

Light and excellent in elasticity, There is a feature.

Basically, it is also used for T -shirts and sweatshirts, so it can be said that it is a familiar fabric.



The method of interweaving polyester yarn on the back of the dough with a general Kanako is a dating Kanoko.

The Kakanoko of the intersection isExcellent power to absorb sweat, There is a feature.


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What functionality do you want to check with a polo shirt?

Polo shirts are originally made for sportswear, so not only the appearance but also functionality is important.

You can choose a polo shirt, so check not only the design but also the functionality.


Many people will choose polo shirts for exercise.

What I want to keep in mind is elastic.

If the elasticity is high, you will not be bothered by intense movements such as sports.

Conversely, if you wear a polo shirt with a hard -to -stretch material like a shirt, it will be very difficult to move.

Quick -drying

In summer, you will want to wear a polo shirt, but what you care about at that time is sweat.

If the sweat dries slows down, it will make you feel uncomfortable.

If it is a quick -drying polo shirt, it will absorb sweat firmly.

In addition, polo shirts that emphasize quick -drying are hard to stick even if they absorb sweat.


Depending on the clothing, the heat gets muffled and you can feel the heat extra.

Naturally, because sweat is generated in large quantities, it will be all over.

As much as possibleBy choosing a breathable polo shirt, you can spend a cool time from beginning to end.


How to wear a polo shirt correctly

Poro shirts are simple, but don't you think you should wear them more cool.

Don't stay the buttons

The polo shirt has a button on the chest, but do you usually stop all buttons?

If you stop all buttons, you tend to have an impression that you are too serious.is.

If you don't want to see it seriously and want to have a cool fashion, it's fashionable to open the most button.

Make your pants slender

Polo shirts are relatively tight, so if the pants are dubbing, they will look sloppy.

If you wear polo shirts and pants tightly, you can make cool fashion alone.So it is a recommended style.

The basics are solid

Basically, polo shirts have few flashy designs, and there may not be many people who dare choose something that stands out.

SoYou should choose a design that is as plain or plain as possibleis.

Poro shirts are rich in color depending on the brand, so there are many elements that can be enjoyed even in plain.


6 recommended polo shirts

Retro Bicolor Polo Shirt N1824

It is a retro bye color polo shirt of 714Street.

A long -sleeved polo shirt, a very casual designIt is.

A slightly larger silhouette incorporates modern trends.

Street Half Zip Polo N1862

It is a street half zip polo of NOTHOMME.

A polo shirt with a design like a sweatshirtEasy to match any fashion because of the design that is not too tightThere is a feature.

Also, because there is a logo on the point, it can be said that it is a casual polo.


It is a heavy weight polo of 714Street.

It's a very simple polo shirt,Loosen design and one -point logo are fashionableIs standing out.

Because it is simple, it is excellent in any style.


714Street trial color line polo shirt.

The design is simple, butPolo shirt with a strong impact of tricolor and high fashionabilityis.

Because the design is simple, it can be worn as a men and women.

Pocket Sweat Polo Shirt N789

It is a 714Street pocket sweat polo shirt.

It is a long -sleeved, quite simple polo shirt.

The stylish degree of fashion is quite high because the pocket is attached to the chest and the casual one -point design is applied.is.

Pocket Plain Polo Shirt N531

KouEMGI's pocket plain polo shirt.

It is a very simple long -sleeved polo shirt, but it has a one -point logo on the chest.

The design is quite simple, so it goes well with any fashionIt is an excellent one that can be worn in any scene.



Polo shirts are quite familiar for us, but few people know what the origin is and how to choose.

If you know the knowledge of polo shirts in advance, you will find more compatible items.


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