For small men! Tips for wearing fashionable even with short stature


An issue related to the height that can not be helped.

"Somehow it will be ugly"

"The style looks bad"

I guess many people are worried.

Especially these days, the oversized and wide size is a trend, soCorde is hard to decideIt seems that the number of people who feel it is increasing.

This time, such a small manWhat you need to know to enjoy fashion moreI would like to introduce you.

Why does it look crazy in the first place?

Some people wear clothes fashionably even if they are small. That feeling is somewhat like.

That's right, because the style is good, it is so, but what kind of person do you say that the style is good?

actuallyGood style and tallness are not equal


What is good style

There are four points to judge whether the style is good when a person looks at the body.

  • High -life
  • Long limbs
  • Smart (tight)
  • My eyes go up

TheseThe beautifulness of the overall balanceSo, the style looks good or invisible.

Certainly, it is a condition that taller is easier to arrange, but let's devise this point better.

Then, regardless of height, the style is good,Make it look fashionableThat will come true.

Therefore, if a petite man wants to look good in style with coordination

  • Show your face small
  • Make your limbs look longer
  • Look thin
  • Gather your eyes up

Let's be careful about these.

The secret to dropping it into the coordination

So far, we have introduced some points to be careful to dress.

Next, we will focus on what kind of coordinates are good.

Make a Y line

I often hear it in being aware of the vertical line"I line"maybe.

The I -line made with slender outerwear and tops + slender pants is also good because it gives a slick impression, but what I want you to take care of this fall and winter.Y line

Volume outerwear, tops + slender pants,Silhouette like an inverted triangleIf you are conscious of, you can make a sharp style with sharpness.

Gather your eyes up

Looking at the neckhoodieorturtleneckIs actually an item that shows the style well.

Since the width of the body is the same as sweatshirts and knits, it can have a volume only around the neck, so if you are worried about fatness, it is an item that you want to incorporate.

Also, long pants accumulate on the hemcushionThe legs look shorter, the eyes are lowered, and the style looks bad.

The best is slender ankle pants, but it's cold in winter.

Even if the pants are a little wide, it is OK if the length is right for you and the hem does not accumulate quickly.


By item! Tips for dressing

Long coat

Long coats that are difficult to balanceStand colormosquitoHoodedLet's choose.

The line of the coat that goes straight from the neck and falls straight from there is a vertical effect.

Conversely, in the case of a coat where the neck is empty, such as no color or notched color,Turtle neck knitorhoodieIt is recommended to prepare.


Volume outerwearMake the bottom refreshing and sharpIs important.

After all, slim or ankle -length pants are recommended, but the point is that you don't have to make it stand out so as not to lower your eyes.Solid slacksorDenim without damagePlease choose a simple one.


The down is the same as the bore outer, but the coordinates may become one pattern.

Down with hoodTo do itAdd a muffler to gather your eyesI also recommend it.


Wide pants

However, many people want to wear thick and long pants.

In such a case

  • The outer chooses the middle length (not under the waist)
  • Tack in the tops
  • Wear a tops that your eyes are up

If only one of these is cleared, the appearance will be much better.

If you can clear two, you will not be bothered by the thickness of the pants.

For small men! 5 recommended items

Middle Duffle Coat N1337

Long duffel coat with hood.

Even the coat length up to the knee does not fall too much because of the food.



The jacket of the stand color is the point.

It is an outerwear that is just right loose feeling that does not swell and warmth due to back brushed.

Oxford Fabric Bottoms N723

The optimal solution of a small man's wide pants!

The impression is refreshing at the hem that was slightly stern while wide.

Regardless of the season, if you have it, it will be a certain item.

Paint Color Hoodie N957

A heavy parka with a firm hood.

It is useful not only to wear a single piece by using the print, but also as a preparation tops when you want to add a hood to the no -color outerwear.

Wash Water Strait Denim N1121

A straight denim that doesn't get tired.

Because the rise is deep, it is easy to tack in, and when the hem accumulates, it is easy to roll up.

Fashionable is not determined by height

Of course, the taller does not look fashionable, but a well -balanced person looks fashionable.

If you make good use of the points and items introduced this time, you should be close to a fashionable man who does not use the word "short stature".


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