What is men's big silhouette? How to dress coolly and recommended items

In the last few years, fashion has become quite big silhouettes.

especiallyMen can transform into a modern style by choosing one -size large one.

However, the big silhouette is what you do in the first place and what the size should be done.

This time I will talk about big silhouettes, so please refer to it.


What is a big silhouette?

Big silhouette refers to wearing a larger size than your body.

for exampleIf your size is M, it is a big silhouette to wear L, XL, etc.Is called.

However, even if a M -size man simply wears L or XL, it may be just a fluttering and the appearance may be ugly.

Tops made for big silhouettes are made of one size small around the neck and length.There is no discomfort even if you wear it.

For example, if a M -size man usually chooses L or XL, the neck and length will increase, but the big silhouette is made in M ​​size even if it is the size of L or XL. 。


Why is the big silhouette said to be dumb?

Although it is a small opinion, for some reason, the big silhouette has the impression that it is dumb.

because,Dowly and fluttering fashion looks ridiculouslyFrom.

Certainly, the oversized fashion looks sloppy and the style looks bad.

However, this is just an oversized fashion,The big silhouette is different.

Clothes made for big silhouettesBecause the neck and length are made for the size that the person selects, it is difficult to connect to the image that it is ridiculous or not.is.

Rather, now that big silhouettes are popular, I want to take it aggressively.

Even if the trend at that time was ugly, it would definitely be a trend, so if you don't get on it, you may think you're crazy.


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How to choose the size of the big silhouette?

 If you are interested in big silhouettes, you will be worried about what to do.

Because it is a big silhouette, I tend to think that it is better to make one larger than the usual size, but that is a mistake.

in the first place,Clothes made for big silhouettes are made as big silhouettes in size.

In other words, if the M size is just, the big silhouette should be M size.

However, if you buy a normal M size, it will be as usual, so make sure that it is made for big silhouettes.


What is the criteria for the big silhouette?

Big silhouettes need to be careful if you make a mistake in choosing, as it will be just a dusty clothes.

For beginners, a solid design

If you want to do fashionable fashion, you may think of a pattern as much as possible.

but,In the case of a big silhouette, you should choose as plain as possibleI can say that.

This is because the big silhouette has a presence because it looks big just by wearing it.

Even though there is already a presence, if the impact of the pattern is added, it will be more noticeable, so in some cases it will have a negative image from the surroundings.

If you are a beginner with a big silhouette, you may want to choose a solid color safely.

Being able to wear clothes

Have you ever heard the words that you can wear clothes instead of wearing clothes?

It would be cool if you were wearing clothes, but if you wear it in clothes, it looks pretty crazy.

Wearing clothes is more noticeable than humans, or a sense of size that someone was dressed.

To dress as much as possibleThe size is not too dowel, and it does not become too dustyLet's do it.

Do not match with the same color

It may be surprising, but when wearing a big silhouette, it is important not to match the same color as possible.

because,If you adjust the top and bottom with the same color, the sharpness will disappearBecause it looks like a daruma.

For example, if you want to make the whole body black, adding only one point will change the atmosphere at all and your impression will be better.

The size is as usual

Just because I was interested in the big silhouetteIf you choose L or XL even though you are in M ​​size, it will be just a dowxo fashion.

Since it is no longer a HIPHOP fashion, the system you imagine should be different.

Clothes made for big silhouettes are made large by leaving the feeling of size as they are.You don't have to dare to raise the sizeis.
If you usually choose an M size, you can wear it in a large size.


7 Recommended Big Silouette Men's

From now on, we will introduce 7 recommended men's recommended for big silhouettes.

Classic Design Striped Shirt N1807

Bellken's classic design stripe shirt.
As the name suggestsAlthough it is a striped shirt, the design that does not insist too much is outstanding as a big silhouette.is.
Because it is a refreshing color of blue, it can be matched in any fashion.

Double Stripe Message Shirt N875

It is a double stripe message shirt of KXLFCHN.
In a striped shirtContains a one -point logo, and a stylish big silhouette shirtis.
Colors are deployed from three colors, brown, blue, and red, and can be worn by couples.

Fastener Parker Logo Embroidery with Hood Wn19

It is a logo embroidery zipper hoodie of NGOARMY (NORY).
It's a very simple hoodie,The chest has a one -point logo and a simple design on the back.
It is a stylish hoodie that does not get in the way of the big silhouette.


It is a Bellken one -point lag lag luggip hoodie.
It is a simple bicolor food parka.
A simple logo on the chest, a design that does not get in the way with a big silhouetteIt is.
This is also available in two colors, black and brown, so it can be worn by men and women.

B Logo Heavy Weight Sweatshirt N1813

Bellken B's logo heave weight sweatshirt.
It is a design with a simple plain sweatshirt with a large B logo.

Because it is a sweatshirtBasically you can wear it comfortably and easy to match for beginners with big silhouettesIt can be said.


Bellken's bore logos wet.
It's simple, butThe front has a large message, and the impact is outstandingis.
In addition, the message part is a bore specification, so it is also a simple but particular sweatshirt.


714Street Paint Design Foam Print T -shirt.
It is a simple design T -shirt,There is a logo on the front, and there is a pleasure to choose 9 colors.
Because it is a T -shirt, it is good to wear it alone, or it is good to match it with a big silhouette striped shirt.



Big silhouettes for men will look cool if you wear them strangely, but if you wear them with your basic knowledge, they will change 180 degrees and look cool.
If you want to have a stylish fashion, why not try a big silhouette?


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