[Stylish must -see] Recommended items that are popular and compatible with Salomon sneakers

Speaking of sneakers brands, Nike, Adidas, and New Balance are famous, but did you know that there are brands that you can choose?

That is Salomon "Salomon".

In fact, Salomon has become too popular and has a valuable brand that is so difficult to obtain, and has attracted more attention than Nike and Adidas.

So, this time, I will talk about the reasons for Salomon and the stylish secrets, so please refer to it.

What kind of brand is Salomon?

Even if you hear Salomon, you don't know that and many people think it's a familiar brand.

What is Salomon?A long -established outdoor brand from France born in 1947It refers to that.

There are plenty of apparel, such as ski jackets, backpacks, goggles, and helmets.

Because it is specialized in outdoors, shoes tend to have a strong outdoor color.

Salomon shoes are quite abundant,Trail running, road running, hiking, sports styleYou can choose from.

In recent years, Salomon's awareness has been increasing in Japan due to the outdoor boom.

Why is Salomon fashionable and popular?

Why is Salomon supported by many fans among many apparel brands?

First of all, the outdoor brand is also a reason why a rich lineup is popular.

Even shoes alone, there are a wide variety of trail running, road running, hiking, sports style, and winter shoes.

AndSpeaking of the outdoors, there is a rugged image, but Salomon items are pretty fashionable.There is a feature.

In a sense, stylish designs are gaining popularity so that they will not notice unless they are called outdoor brands.

In addition, Salomon is an outdoor brand, and all items are made firmly, so they can be used for a long time.

Salomon is fashionable, but how is it comfortable?

Because it is a shoes you wear, it is important to be fashionable, but you are also worried about comfort.

SalomonBecause it is a brand that top athletes pay attention to, the comfort is endorsed.is.

In Japan, Cross Countril Ski Player players use Salomon.

Isn't Salomon a big point of cushioning?

Because it is an outdoor brand, it is made to walk not only on flat ground but also to a bad road, so you will know the comfort you have never experienced before.


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What is the model of Salomon's stylish shoes?

Speaking of Salomon, shoes are rich in lineups, but which model is popular and fashionable?


Speaking of Salomon's shoes, isn't it XT-6?

The XT-6 isModel sold in 2013 and is also a masterpiece of Salomonis.

With excellent cushioning, and your own sole, you can break through the bad roads.

Spikecross6 GTX

Spikecross isShoes that use GORE-TEX materials that do not affect even bad weatheris.

Especially in the winter season, Spikecross is very useful.

Of course, it is a very convenient shoe because it can be used everyday even in season other than winter.

The design is quite flashy, so if you are looking for a stylish sneakers, it's one point of recommended.
X Ward Leather Gore-TEX
Among Salomon, W Ward Leather Gore-TEX specializes in classical style.

Because it is located in the genre of hiking shoes, it has a sense of stability, comfort, and durability that does not get tired even after walking for a long time.

The design and color are quite simple, so you can match any fashion.

S/Lab Pulsar2

A model with a unique design is S/Lab Pulser2.

Although it is a rounded design, this is a model made in the image of a top athlete.

It has a lightness, fit, and cushioning of 178gTherefore, you can easily move.

Technic Leather

Technic Leather is a good model of sandals and sneakers.

Because part of the shoes is mesh material, it is hard to get stuffyThere is a feature.

In addition, it provides comfort like sandals, so it can be said that it is an easy -to -use model.


The simplest model of Salomon is RX MOC3.0.

Ultimately reduces foot stressAs a result, the design is quite simple.

Because it is a type like a slip -on, it is very easy to attach and detach.

It is also recommended for those who are worried about the stuffy feet because the ventilation is also excellent.

5 stylish items that fit Salomon

[Teflon processing] Teflon Stand Color Down Jacket N2629

NoshOMME is a 90 % down jacket of Teflon processing stand color white dug.

The surface is a special jacket with a frying pan and familiar Teflon processing.

It is hard to get dirty by Teflon processingIt is very warm and excellent in heat retention because it uses plenty of white dug.

[Teflon processing] Waterproof Teflon Mountain Jacket N2627

It is a waterproof Teflon Mountain Jacket of NOTHOMME BREATH OF THE MOUNTAINS.

Because this mountain jacket is also processed Teflon.Strong to dirtThere is a feature.

In addition, the waterproof pressure is 1000mm, so it is designed to be worn without any problems even in heavy rain.

[Water -repellent processing] paraTrooper Pants N2450

714Street, paratle -papants, parachute pants.

It's a pretty simple pants,It is resistant to rain because it is water -repellentThere is a feature.

In addition, the waist and hem are squeezed, so it is the perfect pants for outdoors.

[Double -sided / surface water repellent processing] REVERSIBLE JACKET N2352

714Street, reversible stand color light jacket.

This jacket isYou can enjoy it twice for reversible supportThere is a feature.

The surface is water -repellent and the back is fleece, so you can change the front and back depending on the weather and temperature.

[Teflon fiber, waterproof, water repellent, antifouling] CORDUROY COLLAR JACKET N2335

It is a corduroy color work jacket of NOTHOMME.

This work jacket has a characteristic that it is resistant to dirt because it has been processed Teflon.

It uses corduroy fabric and has a warm designIt is.

Corduroy is a material for everyone, so it is a versatile item that can be used for any fashion or any scene.


Salomon is a long -established outdoor brand and is used by many people, including athletes.

In Japan, it may not be as famous as Nike and Adidas, but that's why fashionable people may choose Salomon that is hard to wear fashion.

If you are aiming for one step ahead, Salomon is recommended.


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