Is it difficult to feel the size of Onitsu Katiger? Explain how to choose sneakers!

In recent years, various apparel brands have been born, but I guess Onitsu Katrigers are one of the most stable popularity.

In addition to the impact of the brand name, there are many cool items that are as good as other famous brands, and it is attracting much attention.

However, when choosing an onitsu caller for the first time, many people may be lost in size.

What kind of brand is Onitsukatiger?

Onitsu Katiger is a very cool brand name, but why is it so popular in the first place?

The history of Onitsu Katiger is older than expected,Born in 1949, when Kihachiro Onizuka founded Onizuka ShokaiDid.

Surprisingly, Onitsu Katrager is a brand with a history.

after that,Integrated into ASICS in 1977doing.

Originally, Onitsu Katrigers were mainly manufacturing and selling basketball shoes, but they were not very acceptable, so I reconsidered the design from one.

As a result, the weakness of the shoe sole was eliminated, and the reputation became a reputation and spread throughout the country.

In fact, the Onitsu Katrigger brand had disappeared after the integration to ASICS, but it has been reprinted in 2002 and has reached the present.

Until 2002, the name of Onitsu Katrager did not appear on the table, so it is convinced that many people think that it is a new brand that I did not know.


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About the size provided by Onitsu Katrager

The size of Onitsu Katrager is22.5cm to 31cm for men'sIt has been deployed to.

In other words, it corresponds to the size of most adult men.

There are 3 to 13 for UK notation, 4 to 14 for US notation, and 36 to 49 for EURO notation.

Basically, it's a centimeter notation, so it's a good idea to use the sneakers that you usually wear.

How to choose the size of the Onitsu Katiger size?

When choosing an onitsu catiger for the first time, you will be wondering what size you should choose.

From now on, I will talk about how to match the size of Onitsu Katrager.

Make it a little bigger size

Basically, sneakers should be a little larger than the shoes you are wearing.

for example,If the size of the leather shoes is 25cm, the size of the sneakers is 26cm to 26.5cm.The best is.

Sneakers assume that they move around quite a bit, so if the size becomes tight, your feet will hurt.

Make sure you choose a feeling of size that can be afforded as much as possible.

Check the word of mouth

Sneakers have slightly different sizes depending on the brand.

If so, why not check the word -of -mouth of the user you are already using?

especiallyIf it is a famous brand like Onitsu Katigar, you can find reviews for each model.

For example, what if you usually wear 25cm shoes, but 26cm for Onitsu Katigar?

If your foot size is 25cm, it should be very helpful.

Try it on at the store if possible

If possible, try on the shoes you care about at a shop that sells Onitsukata.

Because it is hard to imagine even if you only watch images and videos on the Internet.

Because there is a problem with sizeFirst of all, try it on, and if you don't think it's nice, buy it on the spot or on the Internet.You don't have to regret it.

Some models may find the best way to buy at a store or the Internet at a low price.

Which is the popular shoes of Onitsu Katigar?

There are various models, even if you say Onitsu Katrager at a glance.

Among them, the most popular model is

・ Mexico 66
・ Serano
・ Tiger Corsair

Such as applicable.

Mexico 66

Mexico 66 is also a masterpiece of Onitsu Katrager.

Mexico 66 isLeather, comfortable comfort, and retro feelingIt makes me feel.

The design itself is quite simple, so it can be said that it can be matched to any fashion.


Serano was inspired by land spike shoes in the 1970s.

SeranoIt is a thin floor type, light, and cheapThere is a feature.

Although it is a thin bottom, it is suitable for hard work because it has excellent cushioning.

Tiger Corsair

Tiger Corsair was released in the 1970s and is still a popular model.

The design remains as it is from the time of saleTherefore, it has the meaning of a certain model that has been supported for many years.

Although there are few color development and the range of options is small, many fans are still choosing.

5 recommended items that look good with Onitsu Katragers

Round Neck Sweatshirt N2781

Evistub23FW is a roundnex wet shirt.

It is a soft and durable sweatshirt, so it has a characteristic of long -lasting.

The casual logo is applied, and the fashion is outstanding.

Because it is simple, it is a sweatshirt that can be matched to any fashion.

Easy Wide Tapered Pants N1304

Evistub's easy -wide tapard pants.

As the name suggests, it is a pants made in a wide eye, so you can wear it comfortably.

There is no extra design at all and quite simpleTherefore, the first place is an item to have.

Half Zip Sweatshirt N2400

Evistub23FW is a half zip sweatshirt.

This sweatshirt isSoft and durable.

The silhouette is natural, and it is comfortable to wear because it is relaxed.

Because it is a sweatshirt that can be worn all year round, it will help you to have various coordination with one place.


Evistub23FW is a half -turturnex wet shirt.

Since the neck part is a short type, it can be worn without bending.

The design is quite high, butIt expresses an exquisite balance that is not too flashy and not too plain.

It is a recommended sweatshirt because it gives a strong presence even with just the first place.


Evistub23FW, reversible zip borehalin jacket.

It is a borehalin jacket that is very active in winter.

It has excellent water repellency and can be comfortable on rainy days.

In additionThis jacket is reversible, so you can enjoy it twice at onceIt is.

Because there is no extra design, it is a jacket that will be very active in any scene.


Onitsu Katrigers are apparel brands that are popular not only in Japan but also around the world.

However, when using an onitsu caller for the first time, you may be in trouble with a sense of size.

First of all, if you understand the size of the onitsu catager and know how to choose it, you will find the perfect shoes.


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