[Men's must -see] Is the turtleneck dumb? Reasons and points to dress cool


In the cold season, the number of men wearing a turtleneck that warms the neck is increasing.

However, for some reason, there is an image that men's wears a turtle neck, and many people may not be able to wear it even if he wants to wear it.

If you can't wear clothes you are interested in, it's only stressful.

In fact, we will talk about whether the turtleneck is ugly, so please refer to it.

Why are men saying that they are ugly when they wear a turtleneck?

There are some reasons why men's wearing a turtleneck are said to be ugly.

If you know all the reasons why you get rid of it, you will be able to wear a cool turtleneck and be confident.

I'm sorry

The most common opinion of turtleneck isBecause it looks crispabout it.

The turtleneck can be seen feminine because the neck is quite perfect.

Also, depending on the size, the body line is too high, so it still has a feminine atmosphere.

It looks like an uncle

Turtle necks have an old design, so they have the image of an uncle.

If you are in your forties and 50s, you may still be convinced,I don't want to be like an uncle in my 30s or 20sIt should be.

Depending on the turtle neck, it may look like an uncle.

The broken neck is unnatural

Depending on the turtle neck, the material of the neck is made for a long time, so it must be bent according to the size of the neck.

but,If you bend properly, the balance will be poorTherefore, I will look at it.

This is something that is more like a grooming problem, rather than a turtleneck.

I'm crazy

Turtle necks and at a glance can be thin or thick.

if,If you wear a thick turtleneck in the outer, it will be scarce and it will look crazy.

If you have an outer, you should wear a thin fabric, and in the case of a single unit, you should choose a thick and warm turtle neck.

It looks ugly depending on the layering

The turtleneck can see the fabric up to the neck, soDepending on the layered method, it looks pretty crazyThere is a possibility.

For example, if you wear a turtleneck in a hooded hoodie, the neck around the neck and turtleneck will be congested and will not look fashionable.

Basically, the turtleneck can be matched to any fashion, but you should be aware that depending on the combination, you will feel ridiculous or uncomfortable.


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It is a big mistake that the turtleneck is ugly! It's cool when men's worn

Turtle necks are a long -standing style, so they are no longer standard.

If it is a strange trend fashion that suddenly appears, it may be said that it is dumb, but it can be said that the standardized turtleneck itself is ugly.

because,The fact that it has been a standard for a long time is so supportedabout it.

If you think that what is being supported is not popular or popular, you may be left behind in the times.

I guess anyone is focusing on fashion because he wants to be often seen by the opposite sex.

If you're a man, you're worried about how women are seen.

Although there are pros and cons, there are many good men wearing turtlenecks, so there are some opinions that they are cool, so it is a waste to think that they are crazy.

Also, if you have the impression of being crazy, it would be fun to challenge and overwrite the impression of the dumb.

How do you wear a turtle neck and get rid of it?

If there is an opinion that the turtleneck is ugly, do you hesitate to wear it?

If so, if you know how to wear a turtleneck, it will solve it if you know how to get rid of it.

Choose a size that is not too long for the neck

When men choose a turtleneck,Be careful about the length of the neckYou should.

This is because depending on the length of the neck, the appearance becomes feminine.

Most men should not want it.

For men's turtlenecks, choose a design that is not too long.

Choose the standard color

Since the turtleneck itself has an impact, you should choose a simple one that does not do extra colors.

For example, if you choose a turtleneck with unusual colors such as green or pink, even the turtle neck alone will be noticeable, but the color will stand out.

As much as possibleStandard colors such as white, black, beigeLet's choose.

Choose the size of the size not too big or too small

Turtle neck is very important in size.

After all, just too dowed and too tight, the impression changes completely.

To wear a turtle neck coolIt is important to choose the right sizeis.

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Many people may have the image that men's wears a turtle neck.

However, the turtleneck itself is a style that has been around for a long time, so if it is dumb, it should have been abolished long ago.

It should be considered a small opinion that a turtleneck is sold to the present, and considering the fact that many men are wearing it, it is a small opinion.


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