[Must -see in the 30s] 4 recommended choices for men's chinos coordinates!

Do you usually use chino bread?

There should be quite a lot of scenes in business in their 30s.

However, there are not so many men in their 30s who are conscious of coordination.

Because you choose chino bread, do you want to wear it cool?

Therefore, this time, I will talk about the chinopan coordinates of men in their thirties, so please refer to them.


What is Chino Pan?

I would like to get a trend, but if you are a busy 30s, it would be difficult to chase.

If it is halfway, it may be that the item itself was a trendy thing last year.

So you want to enjoy fashionable fashion without being affected by fashion as much as possible.

ThereforeChinopan is attracting attentionis.

Chino bread refers to pants using a dough called chino cross.

Originally, chinopan was used as a U.S. Army's work clothes during the war, and has spread as general clothing after the war.

It is said that the word chino cross was called "Chino" because the U.S. Army purchased cloth from China at the time.

At present, chinos are versatile pants that are often adopted not only in business but also in casual scenes.

In Chimata, it is the image of beige pants = chinos, but that is a mistake.

Chino bread applies not only beige but also khaki, brown, black, etc.

How to choose chino bread for men in their thirties

Chino bread is a popular item, so many colors are sold from many brands.


The color is quite important for the criteria for choosing chinos.

Basically,Chino bread has a strong image of beige, so if you get lost, there is no problem if you choose a beige.

The beige color that is not too flashy and not sober is suitable for all coordination.

Otherwise, black and gray are good.


Chino bread is compatible with both slim and wide type.

If it is a slim type, it is for business, and if it is a wide type, it can be used in casual placesWill do it.

In particular, fashionable advanced users are recommended if you are aiming for a higher -grade fashion to choose a wide -type chinos.


Chino bread basically tends to have a lot of cotton -type materials.

especially,The best combination of cotton and elastic polyurethaneis.

This is because elasticity makes it easier to operate.

If you don't have elasticity like slacks in your suit, you will feel difficult to move, but chinos with polyurethane will not feel it.


If you want to do chinos, the goodness of the silhouette is important.

fundamentallyThe size of the chinos is not too large, not too smallIs ideal.

If you are a man who usually works well, there is no doubt that you can choose a feeling of spacious size.

How to use

Chino bread is an excellent item that can be used both in business and private.

Therefore, the choice of chino bread differs depending on how you use it.

If it is a business, the size should be about a suit, and if it is private, a little wideYou can wear it with.


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How to wear chino pan coordinates in their 30s

Wearing chinos should be considered in color for tops and outerwear.

But the most important thing is shoes.

Chinopan is a business closer than casual, so it is very effective to match it with leather shoes.

If it's leather shoes and chinos, it's perfect for 30sSo you should adopt it aggressively.

If possible, chinopan without tack is also recommended.

In the case of No Tuck, the lines of chinos look pretty beautiful.

Of course, it may be difficult without a tack depending on the body shape.

In recent years, wide -type fashion has become popular, so there are cases where you dare to choose a tack.

Perfect for 30s! Men's Chino Pan Corde

Chino bread is compatible with any coordination, but I will introduce something perfect for men in their 30s.

If you want to go casually,Combination of chinos, denim shirts, and T -shirtsis.

By combining denim shirts, it looks quite casual, making it a higher -grade fashion.

If you go to the standardCombination of chinos, tailored jacket, and shirtsIs ideal.

Office casual is fine, and this combination is not uncomfortable even in private.

In addition, even if there are no haori such as jackets and cardigans, the combination of shirts and chinos alone is clean and looks cool.

・ Casual ・ ・ ・ Chino bread x denim shirt x inner
・ Standard ・ ・ ・ Chino bread x jacket x shirt

Chino bread is an excellent item that can be combined in any style, so be sure to look for a coordination that suits you.

How is chino bread and slacks different?

Can you say the difference between chinos and slacks?

Not only men in their 30s, but few people can say the difference.

Chino bread is made of chinocloss, and slacks are all beautiful pants.It refers to that.

Slacks should be recognized as suits and pants worn in formal.

In fact, slacks have nothing to do with materials like chinos.

Recommended for men in their 30s! Chino bread 4 selections

Twill Chino Pants N1965

Evistub chinos with tax.

It has a glossy feeling and has a characteristic that the fabric is solid.

There is a little loose wide feelingTherefore, it can be said that it is a chinopan that has a solid trend.

There are two types of colors, white and black, so you can match any fashion.


NOTHOMMEBLUE's relaxed silhouette work pants.

As the name suggestsWork pants made in a very relaxed eyeis.

It is easy to move in size and the design is simple, so it plays an active part in any scene.

Simple Strait Drape Pants N792

714Street, simple straight drape pants.

These drapers areUsing materials that are hard to wrinkle, you can spend comfortablyThere is a feature.

The waist string is made of leather, so it shows a little commitment.

Easy Casual Strait Pants N1828

714Street easy casual straight pants

Casual straight pants made in a loose eye.

The design is quite simple, so it goes well in any scene.

The colors are popular with khaki, brown, gray, black.


Chino bread is a convenient item that can be used in both business and private.

That's why men in their thirties may be wondering what kind of chinos to choose.

First of all, if you know how to choose chinos and how to wear it, you can enjoy a higher -grade fashion.


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