Perfect for autumn! How to choose 4 selections of Men's Cardigan Corde

In the fall, there should be quite a few men who want a cardigan because they become a little chilly.

However, since the cardigan is not worn all year round, you will be wondering what kind of cardigan to wear in the fall or whether it will fit in the first place.

Therefore, this time, I will talk about men's cardigan that is active in the fall, so please refer to it.


How to choose a men's cardigan in autumn?

Autumn men's cardigan is not good for choosing appropriately.

You should have a cool fashion because you will be chosen.

Choose a cardigan with autumn -like shades

Autumn time,Choose a cardigan with autumn -like shadesYou should.

In the fall, it is ideal for colors such as orange and red, but monotone is recommended for a calm atmosphere, and if you want to make it a little brighter, color such as red is also recommended.

Choose a just -size cardigan

Cardigans are basically not perfectly wearing, but you should choose a slightly more relaxed size.

because,Wear tops in a cardiganFrom.

If the tops are thick materials, the cardigan will be stiff, so it will be quite ugly.

If you choose the size on the premise of wearing tops, you will be able to wear an ideal cardigan.

Choose a design that can be used

Cardigans should be very few men who have many clothes.

Especially in the limited season of autumn, you can assume that you have a few clothes.

Tops change every day, but if you wear the same cardigan,Choose a design that can be usedYou should.

For example, if it is a plain or monochrome cardigan, it will fit any fashion, so it would be safe to have at least one place.


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About the kind of autumn men's cardigan

Even if you say a cardigan, there are various shapes.

If you know each shape in advance, you will not fail when you actually choose.

Long cardigan

As the name suggests, a long cardigan is longer than a normal cardigan.

Long cardigan is long, soIt makes the man wearing stylishThere is a feature.

Moreover, you can feel the warmth of the cold breeze of the length and feel warmth.

If you are a little confident in your body, if you want to look stylish, we recommend a long cardigan.

Lap cardigan

A lap cardigan refers to a type where the previous button is not entangled.

Because there is no button, it gives a pretty rough impressionIs a lap cardigan.

If you are looking for a rough design, it is not a long cardigan length, we recommend a lap cardigan.

Coat cardigan

A coat cardigan is a design that looks like a coat and a cardigan, as the name suggests.

It is also called a codigan,If you don't have to wear a coat at the delicate temperature of autumn, but it's a bit chilly, the coat cardigan is active.To do.

However, it is quite similar to a long cardigan, and depending on the store, it may be with the coat cardigan.

How to wear an autumn men's cardigan

Even with the same cardigan, the atmosphere changes depending on how you wear it.

How to stop the button

Except for the lap cardigan, there is basically a button on the front.

There is a button,If you open it without dare to stop it, it looks like an outer -like imageWill be.

When using a button, remove only the lower button like a suit and wear it to look more fashionable.


For cardigans, the silhouette after wearing is very important.

For example, when wearing a cardiganConsider the silhouette of I, Y, ATo do.

If you want to have a cohesive, it is i, if you value balance, you are Y, and if you want to shift the balance in a good way, A is characterized.


When choosing a cardigan, you should first care about the design and color.

It's good to choose your favorite color, but as much as possibleYou should choose a cardigan that suits the seasonis.

In the fall, warm colors are the main, but if you do not want to be too flashy, you should make it a simple color such as monochrome.

Especially in the business scene, choose an inconspicuous color such as black or navy than warm colors.

Pay attention to the material

Cardigans are made of several materials.

For example, cotton, wool, acrylic, etc. are applicable.

CottonBecause it is excellent in breathability, the time from spring to summerIs excellent.

Wool is perfect for warm winter because of its excellent heat retention.

Acrylic is cheaper than cotton and wool and can be used all season.

Coordination that suits the autumn men's cardigan

Cardigan is a very active item in the fall, and can be used for various fashions.

for exampleIn the case of a suit style, it is good to take off the jacket and put on a cardigan, or wear it from the top of your everyday clothes in casual.That would be good.

There is no discomfort in the office, and it can be used in any place in casual.

In the case of a suit style, it is good to take off the jacket and put on a cardigan, or in casual you can wear it from everyday clothes.

Rather, it is an excellent item that is difficult to find a coordination that is incompatible with cardigan.

However, please note that long cardigan etc. may not fit depending on the body shape and fashion.

4 recommended items that match the autumn men's cardigan


It is a knit cardigan with a very high design.

When it comes to winter, it gets quite cold, so you need this much cardigan.

This cardigan isThere are many warm colors that are perfect for autumnBecause it is done, it is a recommended item if you want to be aware of the trend.

Food parka

It is a food parka with a button

It's pretty simple,The design of the billiard balls is pretty fashionableis.

Because it is a food hoodie, it will rash the food if it gets a little cold, and it is easy to take it off when it gets hot.


It is a cardigan with a simple button.

Because there is a logo that does not get in the way in the position of the chestCardigan that can be used in both offices and casualis.

Since both pockets are in both, small storage is possible.


A cardigan with a button with an impressive 7 logo on the chest.

The design itself is quite simpleSo you can use it in any scene.

If you feel a little chilly, you can put on a cardigan, and if it gets hot, you can just take it off, so it's very easy.

It is a recommended cardigan because it is easy to match with other fashion.


Cardigan is a very active item in the fall.

Not only in casual but also in the office scene, regardless of location or scene.

Men's cardigan worn in the fall should be used everywhere, so it can be said that you should have one place.

Depending on the design and wearing, it will be ugly, so it is a good idea to know how to choose.


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