[Must -see for 30s] Men's outerwear that does not fail in the 30s and 5 recommended items

In the fall, it's time for outerwear, but are you already ready?

Especially when you are in your thirties, you may have less opportunities to wear plain clothes due to work, and you will be wondering what outerwear you should now wear and what time is the best in the first place.

So, this time, I will talk to men in their thirties about the recommended outerwear in autumn, so please refer to them.


Recommended for autumn! How to choose a men's outerwear in his 30s

Since there are many outerwear in the world, is it very difficult to choose which one to choose?

However, if you choose an appropriate outer, you will have to be careful because it will be quite ugly.

The color is beautiful

It is the basics of men in their 30s,The color of the outer should be chosenis.

For example, outerwear with extremely flashy shades stands out, but that's it.

In particular, the heterosexuals are likely to be positively considered, so you should choose a color that is appropriate for the year as much as possible.

Introducing warm colors seasonally

When it is warm, the trees are dyed in red and orange.

There is such an image,Choose warm -colored coordination in autumnThere is a tendency to have many people.

So why don't you choose a warm outerwear that doesn't become flashy for autumn?

The size is not too big

The size of the outer is quite important.

SoIf it is too big, it will be quite lazy, and if it is too small, the inner will be rugged and uncomfortable.

So you should choose the size of the outer that is not too large as possible.

Recommended for autumn! Classic 30s Men's outerwear

There are some men's outerwears in their 30s who are perfect for autumn and never get off.


MA-1 is the outer made in nylon.

It is a type of military jacket and is a standard outerwear in Japan.

Useful not only in autumn but also in the season such as springMany people use it.

Originally a military, there is a masculinity, but still a simple design MA-1 tends to be selected.

tailored jacket

Speaking of men in their 30s, isn't it a tailored jacket?

It's as simple as a tailored jacket, and there's no failure that doesn't fail.

There is a feature that it looks like an adult and elegant just by adding one tailored jacket to the usual fashion.

Moreover, it can be used in various scenes, so you should have at least one place.

Mountain parka

Mountain Parker is an outer made to wear outdoors, as the name implies.

It has excellent durability and waterproofness and is gaining popularity as a sporty outerwear.

Unlike a tailored jacket, it's pretty prettyCasual -orientedTherefore, it is easier for active men to be seen.

Chester coat

Chester coat refers to an outerwear with a longer length.

The appearance is like a tailored jacket, but it is even longer.

Chester coat can be worn not only in casual but also in businessIt is versatile.

Moreover, because the length is long, the wearer looks stylish.

Coach jacket

A coach jacket refers to a nylon outer that is often worn on streets.

Generally, it has a collar, and it has the characteristic that the cuffs can be squeezed with rubber.

prettyIt is an outer with a strong casual feeling, but it is made in a loose eye.Therefore, it is easy to wear for men in their 30s who are worried about their body shape.

knit cardigan

Speaking of the classic autumn outer, isn't it a knit cardigan?

Just when it gets chillyKnit cardigan that can be worn casuallyIs the strongest item.

It is a recommended autumn outerwear for men in their thirties to easily dress.

Knit sweater

Like a knit cardigan, the classic is a knit sweater.

Especially in autumn, it gets cold during the day when it approaches winter.

In such a caseIf you wear a knit sweater, you can spend a lot of time.

Basically, you only wear a knit sweater, so you can wear it well if you do not make a mistake in color and size.


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Other items that fit the men's outerwear in their 30s

Men's outerwear in their thirties cannot be dressed alone with alone.

because,Only after pants and shoesThat's why.

The compatibility with various outerwear is skinny pants, tapered pants, etc. for pants.

Shoes are outstanding with sneakers if they are leather shoes, boots, and casual.

If the combination of the top and bottom is not wrong, you can appeal to a very cool man in your 30s in fashion.

Recommended for autumn! Men's outer in their 30s

[Teflon fiber, waterproof, water repellent, antifouling] CORDUROY COLLAR JACKET N2335

It is a corduroy color work jacket of NOTHOMME.

It is a stylish corduroy color work jacket.

This jacket isTeflon processed, waterproofing, water repellent, antifouling effectI can expect it.

The design is quite simple, but the collar is brown and has a unique feeling of fashion.

The first place is a jacket you want to keep because it can be matched to any fashion.

[Removable] Serrate -style Jacket Vest N2325

It is a separate mountain parka.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary mountain parka, but it has the characteristic that it can separate the hood and sleeves.

SoYou can enjoy 3 different fashions even though you wear one.about it.

It is good to wear it as a mountain parka, or you can wear it like the best.

Outdoor Stand Collar Vest N2118

VAVUES is the outdoor stand color nylon best.

It is a plain outdoor anelon best.

Because it is bestIf you wear it from above the sweatshirt when it gets a little chilly, it's pretty fashionableIt looks like.

In addition, this nylon vest is very compatible even from the top of the shirt.

OnePoint Pocket Retro Shirt N2333

NOTHOMME's one -point pocket retro work shirt

It is a simple work shirt with a retro feeling.

There is a one -point logo in the chest pocket,Because of the casual size, it makes good use of the goodness of a simple shirt.

[Water -repellent function] Pocket Active Wide Pants N2327

NOTHOMME's pocket active wide pants.

Not only autumn, but also wide pants that can be used all season.

There are multiple pockets and store various itemsIt can be done, and it is resistant to water because it has a water -repellent function.


In the fall, the outerwear is a very active season, but isn't it very difficult to choose in time?

First of all, you should know what outerwear you should wear in your thirties.

If you can have a beautiful and mature, yet autumn coordination, the impression from the surroundings will change dramatically.


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