Is the trend of 2023 decided by a striped shirt? About type and how to choose

I'm considering buying a striped shirt in the future, but I guess I'm worried about what kind of fashion it is now.

After all, sometimes I want to wear a striped shirt fashionably, so I want to know the trend.

especiallyIn the fashion industry, trends change dramaticallyTherefore, if you have an old knowledge, it may be ugly.

This time, I will talk about the trend of striped shirts, so please refer to it.

What is a striped shirt?

What is a striped shirt?Shirt with lines at equal intervals toward verticalIt is about.

On the other hand, a shirt with a line on the side is called a border, and a vertical and horizontal combination is called a check shirt.

There is a detailed type, even if you say a striped shirt.


You may have heard of pinstripe among the stripes.

As the name implies, pinstripeStripe that has a pretty detailed point like a pinIt refers to that.

Basically, pinstripes tend to have the most thin lines and have a strong sense of formal feeling.

Pencil stripe

A slightly thicker design than the pinstripe is a pencil stripe.

As the name suggestsLines drawn with a pencilIt has an image like.

Pencil stripe is a simple design, so it can be adjusted to any fashion.

Hair line stripe

Hair line stripe has a fine design like hair.

The design may be fine,At first glance it looks like a solid shirt when viewed from a distance, but if you look closely, it is a fine design.Is being applied.

If you want to make a casual fashion, a hairline stripe shirt is recommended.

Alternate stripe

Alternate stripes are alternating with different vertical lines.

Design considerablyBecause it is American chicken, it has a considerable impact among striped shirts.

If you want to wear a little flashy, we recommend an alternate striped shirt.

Multi -striped

A vertical shirt combined in three or more colors is a multi -stripe.

Unlike one or two colors,It will be quite flashy depending on the colorThere is a trend.

Multi -stripes are flashy, but they are playful, so they can be seen by fashionable people.

Why is a striped shirt popular?

Every year, fashion trends are announced in each season.

In 2023, it is said that striped shirts may be very popular.

especiallyStriped shirts are useful in spring and summerTherefore, there is a high possibility that it will be an unconditional trend.

In the spring / summer of 2022, it actuallyStriped shirts trendIt was featured in many media.

Naturally, it is safe to have a striped shirt in 2023, so it should be said that it should be ahead ahead.

Stripe shirts are popular! Why is it popular?

There are some reasons for striped shirts that are popular.

You can wear even one piece

You must have worn a shirt many times before.

It's easy to understand if you imagine, but a striped shirtYou can enjoy one piece as a fashion.

Stripe shirts are incorporated into fashion because they do not need high fashion sense and can be worn easily.

OK as an outer

Striped shirts are also active as an outerwear.

Just wear a shirt outerwear and just wear a striped shirt from the inneris.

It is a versatile shirt because the striped shirt is instead of the outerwear.

Excellent things that can be used all year round

Speaking of shirts, it is a clothing that can be used all year round.

Regardless of summer or winter, you can wear it by a striped shirt alone or a combination.

You can wear a striped shirt alone in spring and autumn, a short -sleeved striped shirt in summer and rotate as an inner in winter.

Abundant variations

Striped shirts are quite popular, and have the advantage that they have a lot of design.

In particular, the pattern of the stripes is diverse.

for example,Pinstripe, pen siltripo, hairline stripe, hickory stripeAnd so on.

All are stripes, but each has a slightly different design.

In addition, various stripes shirts such as tight and relaxed items are on sale.

There is a sense of cleanliness

Many people value cleanliness when enjoying fashion.
Stripe shirtsBasically, you can feel clean, so you can wear it with confidence.

In particular, light blue striped shirts look refreshing and give a good impression to the other party.


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How to choose a striped shirt?

In order to wear a striped shirt cool, the choice is very important.

Fine stripe

Striped shirts have a variety of designs, but let's pay attention to the thinness of the stripes.

If the stripe is thin, it feels clean and gives a refreshing impression.

Conversely, if the stripes are thicker, the casual feeling will increase considerably.

Although it is the same striped shirt, the impression is completely different between thin and thick.

The size of the shirt

When choosing a striped shirt, the feeling of size becomes quite important.

for example,There are some things that you wear perfectly like a suit in a suit, and you dare to wear it comfortably.There is also.

Please note that the size may not be matched, especially if you decide only by design.

5 recommended striped shirts in 2023!

From now on, we will introduce the recommended striped shirts in 2023.

Striped Summer Shirt N209


Bellken's stripe summer shirt.

As the name suggests, it is a simple stripe shirt for summer.

A slightly larger size is a modern trendIs incorporated.



It is a double stripe adjustment shirt of 714Street.

Because the width of the stripe is wide and the color is dark,The first place has a considerable impact.

Striped shirts that can be matched in any scene are highly recommended.

Contrast Stripe Shirt N1683

CountryMoment's contrast stripe shirt.

The shirt has a wide stripe because the width of the stripe is wide and the color is stronger.It is.

It is good to wear it alone, and depending on the season, it is good to wear it in the outerwear.

Classic Design Striped Shirt N1807

Bellken's classic design stripe shirtis.

Fine stripes are outstandingly wearing.springThe city boy coordinates are the standard type and color.

Double Stripe Message Shirt N875

Items with playfulness in one point on the left chestIt is.

The design is simple but not covered by others, perfect for the spring coordinates!


Striped shirts are familiar to anyone, but the more you know, the deeper you know.

If you are looking for a striped shirt in the future, you should first know the trend and choose a design that suits that year.


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