2023 Men's Fashion Trend Version! Basic knowledge and recommended items


If you are interested in fashion, you may be quite worried about the 2023 trend.

If possible, I want to know the trend and incorporate it.

This time, I will talk about the men's fashion trend in 2023, so please refer to it.

What is trendy fashion?

I often hear trendy fashion, but few people can explain specifically.

first,Trends are trendyRefers to.

In particular, fashion is popular every season, and we decide what to send to the world accordingly.

again,Models and influencers who know those information are all picked up on SNS and reach the general publicThat's why.

Those who can follow the trend and embody it will be recognized as fashionable people and become popular.


Why is fashion trends repeat?

Did you know that the trends are repeated many times instead of the end?

The trend is said to be repeated in 20 years, and the fashion that was popular in the 2000s was 2022-2023.It seems to be.

Why is the trend repeated in the first place?

For example, there must be something you saw when you were a student.

The person will be a member of society in his thirties, and will have some authority.

I remember that it was popular in my teens, and I was connected to the boom.

My 30s know that time, but now my teens have a fresh taste without knowing that time.

in short,The boom is repeated by the age, The new generation has a new cycle.

This means that the trend is repeated in 20 years.


Who decides the fashion trend in the first place?

Even in fashion, isn't it popular to buy and wear it?

If you think deeply, you will be worried about who is transmitting the fashion trend.


Color trend

For example, it is said that Pantone and Intercolor are determined for trendy colors every year.

Speaking of Pantone, it is a company famous for its color sample.

thePantone announced the trendy color of the following year as a panton color of the year every DecemberTo do.

By the way, the color trend of 2023"Viva Magenta"It was decided.

The color of Bibamazenta has never heard of it, but it has a color of red, bold and vivid.

It is a pink color overall, so it may be difficult to match men's fashion.


Fashion trend

Fashion trendsThe designer has decided based on the trendbook.

A company specializing in fashion trends thinks about the trend, packs the image in the trendbook and sells it to the designer.

The designer who saw the trendbook decides the trend of the year.

Also, recentlyInfluencers etc. are creating trends mainly on SNSThere are many cases.

Basically, it may be reasonable because color specialized companies and fashion professionals have decided the trend of the year.


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What is the 2023 men's fashion trend?

The trends are different every year, but the fashion changes in detail.

The trend color in 2023 is Bibamazenta, but it is just a Pantone decided, so there is no need to match it completely.


Color trend

For example, the colors that are said to be popular in 2023 areIn addition to Bibamasenta, white, beige, green, light blue, yellowSuch as applicable.

This is the color worn by each model that appeared in overseas men's collections.

White is a classic classic, and beige and blue systems should be worn everyday.


Pattern trend

The trend pattern isStripe and checkIs assumed as a trend.

Striped shirts and border shirts are easy to use because they can be matched to any fashion.


Fashion trend

The men's fashion trend of 2023A relaxed silhouette, such as sneakers, wide pants, and track jacketsIs applicable.

In other words, it is likely that the loose -eye that has become popular even in 2022 will continue to become trends instead of the perfect style.

In addition, overseas men's collections are featured in denim setups, etc., so you can feel the signs of trends.


In 2023, such men's fashion is a trend!

To some extent, I understand the colors and designs that are likely to become trends in 2023.

So what kind of fashion actually becomes a trend?


Striped shirt

Speaking of the classic trendy, isn't it a striped shirt?

Striped shirts are shirts with vertical linesIt refers to that.

Striped shirts are easy to wear because they are quite simple and easy to wear.


Border pattern ron T

The border pattern ron T is also a popular design like a striped shirt.

You can wear it alone, or as an inner jacket.It is very useful to do.


Half zip

Half zip has a zipper from the chest to the neck.

justIt was popular in the 1900s, but recent boomIt is.

Half zip can be used as a high neck and can be worn as layering.


Track jacket

A track jacket derived from the training jacket.

Very high functionality and designFor that reason, it is adopted as fashion.

In addition, it is very easy to wear, so it can be used in any scene.


2023 Men's Fashion Trend Recommended 10 Selections

From now on, we will introduce the 2023 men's fashion trend items.

Classic Design Striped Shirt N1807

Bellken's classic design stripe shirt.

Simple striped shirtHowever, it is made more relaxedly by the current trend.

Moreover, the length is not too long, so it creates a good size.


Striped Summer Shirt N209


Bellken Stripe Summer Shirtis.

It is a very popular type every yearIf you buy a striped shirt for the first time, this!



Bellken's loose -fit borderron T.

It is a design where multiple borders overlap.

It's simpleMaking a trend even in the first placeIt is.

If you layer, you can dress more fashionably.




Unbent heavy weight borderlon T -shirt. It uses 300g of fabric and is 100%thick cotton fabric, and can be worn from spring to autumn. One -point embroidery is applied.

Because it is a heavy waist, the silhouette is the best.


Oversize Cotton Border T-Shirt

Bellken Over -size cotton border T -shirt.

If it is a classic navy color, if it is combined with shortsCompletion of easy city boy coordinates!

Because it is a short sleeve, I put a shirt on the early spring and play an active part in summer.


Drawstring Touring Half Zip N975


714Street Drawstring Touring Half Zipis.

With two colors, a trend -colored beige and a classic blackSophisticated design & 100 % cotton comfort that does not get tiredIs perfect for daily use.

Drawstring Half Zip N909

It is a drawstring half zip of BENT IDEA.

It is a fairly simple design, butIt is fashionable even for high neck, and you can also lower the zipper to show the inner.


Waterproof Embroidery Half Zip N1136


714Street Waterproof embroidery half zip.

It features a material that plays water with a waterproof.

It is also recommended for outdoor and training wear, and can be worn in a setup.


Bicolor Track Jacket N1780

CountryMoment's bicolor nylon rack jacket.

A novel design developed in green and white bai -colorSo you can play an active part in any scene.




714Street Easy Nylon Jacketis.

Design that is easy to wear for women with cute drop shoulders.

If you put it together in the earth color, it will be an adult city boy outfit at once.



Men's fashion in 2023 has become a topic that this may be popular from various fields.

Why don't you understand the trends of 2023 and incorporate them into this year's fashion?

If you have a trend ahead, there is no doubt that you will be noticed by others.


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