What is Mountain Parker? Explain the features and how to choose!

From now on, many people are worried about mountain parka in outdoors, as well as everyday wear.

However, because you do not buy it frequently, you will be wondering what to choose.

So, this time, we will talk about what mountain parka is and how to choose the right choice.

What is Mountain Parker?

A jacket made as a hood protection such as mountain climbing and trekking is a mountain parkais.

Of course, it can be used not only for mountain climbing but also as a normal fashion wear, so it has been gaining popularity in recent years.

I do not choose the style of wearing such as commuting and going to school, and it was originally made for mountain climbing, so it is very warm.There is a feature.

Also, unlike down jackets, it is lightweight and compact, so it is good to carry.


When is the origin of Mountain Parker?

The mountain hoodie is now a commonplace, but when and what era is the origin?

Actually, Mountain ParkerThe origin of the 1960s, and was dissatisfied with the uncomfortable wearing of military jackets worn at Antarctica Base, and founded by the founder.It is said that.

At that time, it broke into the high functionality of the mountain parka and is still used by many people over time.


What are the features of Mountain Parker?

The reason why Mountain Parker is popular is its feature.


fundamentallyMountain parka has a hood.

In particular, in cold weather and places, the cold protection varies greatly depending on whether or not the food is.

Mountain parka has a hood, so you can spend it warmly not only your body but also around your face.

Wind / waterproof

Mountain parka was originally made for mountain climbing and outdoors, so the wind.Strong to waterThere is a feature.

In mountain climbing and outdoors, you can assume that it will get wet due to unexpected weather changes.

but,Mountain Parker has a thorough windproof and waterproof, depending on the brand, and escapes sweat and moisture outside.

Numerous pockets

What is surprisingly happy with hoodies and jackets is the number of pockets.

It is assumed that various items will be used in mountain climbing and outdoors.Mountain parka has many zipper pockets.

Moreover, because it is windproof and waterproof, it has the advantage that it is difficult to wet important things.


What is the goodness of Mountain Parker? Reasons to be chosen

In the first place, why is Mountain Parker selected among many hoodies?

It's not just mountain climbing and outdoorsIt is in high utility that can be used as everyday clothes.

If you wear it everyday, only for mountain climbing, the application will be limited, but in the case of mountain parka, you can use it in any scene.

Moreover, Mountain Parker can be worn throughout the season, so it is selected by many people.


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What is the difference between Mountain Parker and windbreaker?

While considering a mountain parka, you should ask how it is different from a windbreaker.

As the name suggests, windbreakers were created to prevent winds (winds).is.

The difference in appearance from Mountain Parker is no hood.

Not all,There are many windbreakers without hood, so they can be identified immediately.

It is similar to mountain parka and has rainwear.

Rainwear is also made to prevent rain as the name suggests, and each has a different purpose.


How to choose the Mountain Parker correctly

Mountain parka is very popular, so many types are sold from many brands.

Therefore, beginners will be wondering what to choose based on.


When do you wear

In the first place, you should imagine why you want a mountain parka and when to wear it.

for example,Mountain Parker is very useful for mountain climbing and outdoors, and you can wear it without any problems for fashion.

If you are for mountain climbing, you should choose something that can withstand climate fluctuations, or a color that stands out so that it is easy to be recognized by others.

Conversely, if you wear everyday wear, you can wear a simple design to wear it fashionably.



Mountain parka is quite popular and is sold by many brands.

The design and price are completely different depending on the brand, so you should choose the one that suits you.

especiallyThe design is diverse from simple to flashy.So let's think about what kind of scene to wear.


Mountain parka is basically made for mountain climbing and camping, but its functionality varies depending on the brand.

By mountain parkaBecause waterproof, water repellency, cold protection are different, imagine whether you want to use it in everyday clothes or for climbing or camping.

If you use it for mountain climbing, you should choose a warm one, or you should choose a lighter one if you wear it everyday.


Can Mountain Parker be washed?

Mountain parka, unlike a down jacket, is light and thin, so you can think that you can wash it.

However, it is unpleasant that the fabric is damaged by washing.

first,As with any clothing, check the washing displayplease try.

There is no problem if you can wash it, and if not, do not wash it.

If you can wash it, you can handle it at home.

However, there are several points to note.

As much as possibleUse a fashionable detergent, put it in a washing net, weaken the water flow and wash gentlyAnd so on.


Recommended Mountain Parker

From here on, we will introduce the recommendations of Mountain Parker.

Tag Sleeve Food Wind Breaker N1667

NOTHOMME Tag Sleeve Food Mountain Parker.

This mountain parka isWaterproofing firmly with Teflon fiberIt is performed and has a characteristic that it is resistant to dirt.

It is a high -performance mountain parka because the chuck also has a waterproof function.


Outdoor Sun Cut Hoodie N568

It is an outdoor sun cut hoodie of nothommeblue.

As the name suggestsIt is a mountain parka that cuts UV rays, and the UV protection coefficient is UFP50+and the strongest class.I am proud.

If you want to cut UV not only for climbing and outdoors, but also for everyday clothes, this mountain parka is recommended.


Outdoor Hood Jumper N1144

It is an out -and -after jumper of NOTHOMMEBLUE.

Excellent waterproof,Mountain parka with high breathabilityis.

Because the design is simple, it can be matched in any scene.



Mountain Parker is sold close to you, but the more you know, the deeper and more interested you know.

If you are looking for a mountain parka in the future, why not check it out after knowing the features and how to choose?


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