[2023] 5 recommended down jackets! Explanation of basic knowledge and how to choose

What is absolutely necessary in the cold season isDown jacketit might be.

Depending on the house, it is an important item that you cannot even go out without a down jacket.

However, due to the popularity of the down jacket, you will be wondering which to choose because of the too many brands and products.

if you can,I want to choose a warm and stylish down jacket.

So, this time, I will talk about the basic knowledge of down jackets and recommended popular items, so please refer to it.


What is a down jacket?

What are the outerwear worn in winter?

The outerwear with various names such as blouson, jacket, jumper, coat, etc. are sold, and the lineup is enriched as fashion.

What is the main down jacket this time?Clothes made of stuffing mainly for downfeatherIt refers to that.

The down jacket is quite excellent as a cold protection, has a very high insulation and heat retention performance, and has been selected by many people because it is light.

AndIt has the effect of absorbing and releasing sweat, so it is warm and sweaty that it is a good place for a down jacket.But there is.

In addition, musicians and actors were wearing a down jacket on TV, and the image of winter outerwear = down jacket was born.


Fill power is important for down jackets!

There are some warm things and not so, even if you say down jackets.

The criterion is determinedFill powerIt is called.

You may have never heard of the word fill power, even if you know the down jacket.

Phil power refers to a unit that indicates the lightness of feathers.

The feathers are about 28g per cubic, but the degree of swelling is shown in cubic inch 2.54cm.

The higher the value of the fill power, the better the down jacketI can say that.

In general,

  • Fill power 500 or less ... Ordinary quality
  • Phil Power 600-700 ... good quality
  • Fill power 700 or more ... high quality

If the fill power exceeds 700, you can judge that it is a pretty good down jacket.


How many types of down jackets?

There are two main types of down jackets.

The material of the down jacket is also familiar because it is also used for duvets.


Goose down

Goose down isJacket using gear butterfly feathersIt refers to that.

Why is the gangs chosen as the material of the down jacket among the many birds?

This is because the body is larger among the waterfielders, and the amount of feathers can be removed accordingly.

Goose down is quite lightweight, warm, and has excellent elasticity.There is a feature.

Goose down is used for high -quality down jackets.


Duck down

What is duck down?Down jacket using duck feathersIt refers to that.

The duck is smaller than a gango, so it has a characteristic that the feathers are small.

In other words, if you want to get the volume of the down jacket, you will need that much feathers.

It tends to be heavier than goose down,If you can buy it at a low price because it is relatively easy to getThere are benefits.


How to choose a down jacket correctly?

It is good to choose a down jacket only by design and price, but do you want to wear something warm and comfortable anyway?

There are several points when choosing a down jacket, so there is no loss in knowing.


Ratio of down and feather

The down jacketDecide on the ratio of down and featherIs ideal.

Down is feathers, and feather refers to bird feathers.

The down is fluffy like a dandelion, and the feather has a feathers.

The higher the down ratio, the lighter, but there is a disadvantage that the shape will be easier to collapse.

So we will add feather.

Conversely, the more feather, the heavier.

General down jackets are at least 20 %, at most 40 %A reasonable percentage contains feather.

Fill power

Fill power also applies to the criterion for choosing a down jacket.

If the value of fill power is high, keep the warmth firmlyIt will be a luxury item and the price will be expensive.

vice versaIf the numerical value of the fill power is low, it is warm to some extent, but the price is cheap.It is easy to get out.

Of course, budget is important, but where to wear a down jacket is important.

If you live in a cold region, if you buy a low -fill power figure, it may be a warm and useless shopping.

The price is a little higher,If you have one good oneYou no longer need to buy a down jacket for the time being.


Down jackets tend to decide only by design and price.You should also consider functionalityis.

For example, if you are often in a warm place to some extent, wearing a down jacket will get too hot.

Naturally, it will sweat and take the time to take off the down jacket.

ifIf you are often in a warm place, you should choose a light down jacketis.

Conversely, if you use it in cold regions or outdoors, choose a down jacket with high fill power.

Considering what situations you usually live in, you can meet a highly satisfying down jacket.


Clothes are made of various materials, but the down jacket also falls.

for example,Nylon, polyester, rayon, leather, etc.is.

As you know, leather and nylon clothing will change your comfort if it looks different.

In the case of down jackets, nylon and polyester are often used.

Because nylon makes it difficult to pass through the wind.

It is a bad impression when you hear that it is difficult to pass through the wind, but when it comes to down jackets, it feels cold if it is too airy.

If you want to protect the cold as much as possible, choose a nylon fabric down jacket.


Down jackets often have stitches.

Looking at the stitch, it is not known what it is for and whether it was made for fashion.

Actually, this stitch is not lookingTo prevent the down of the contents from hardeningis.

The more stitches, the more you are worried about durability because the needle is passed through the dough.

Also, if you keep wearing the down jacket in the first place, it is possible that the stitch hole will spread and the contents will pop out.

Of course, stitches are not bad because they are to keep the contents from hardening.

If you are really worried,Choose a seamless down jacket without a seamThat's good.


The important thing in wearing a down jacket is the size.

because,If the size does not fit, it looks so, but the comfort will be worse.From.

Down jackets are particularly cautious because they are expensive than other clothing.

Basically, the down jacketJust size should be selectedis.

There is an opinion that in winter, you should wear many clothes and wear a down jacket, but that is not the case.

It is hidden in the down jacket mechanism.

The down jacketIt keeps the warmth, so if you wear it too much, it will get hotter.Thing.

However, if the size is loose, the heat will escape to the outside, so you will not be able to fulfill the function of the down jacket.

Therefore, the down jacket should be worn in just size.


Not only down jackets, but also various colors are developed in clothing.

The color is a personal hobby, but you should still choose one that matches your everyday clothes and scenes.

for example,Gray and black are mature, and navy is elegant.He / she directs.

powerThe ki is masculine, beige is luxurious, and the red system is bad.You can feel.

Of course, the way of feeling the color varies from person to person, but it is good to match the color you usually have, or you can choose a color you don't usually buy.


How many years have you been in a popular down jacket?

If you look around the city, you will notice that a lot of people are wearing a down jacket.

However, few people know how long the down jacket has a life.

It depends on the type of down jacket,It feels deteriorated in about 3 to 4 yearsWill be.

Of course, even if it gets tattered, there are cases where you keep wearing it, so it cannot be said unconditionally.

How to make the down jacket last longer?

I bought a popular down jacket, so I want to use it for a while.

So how can the down jacket last longer?

Store in a well -ventilated place

After wearing the down jacket, you may probably leave it to the closet.

It's a mistake, but is the closet good or bad?

When stored in a poorly ventilated place, accumulated dirt may cause discoloration and mold growth.It will be.

So, if you want to last a little longer,Store in a well -ventilated placeYou should do it.

After wearing, remove dirt with a brush

After wearing the down jacket, a lot of invisible dirt is attached.

especially,Since the collar and cuffs are directly touched by the skin, they accumulate considerably.Thing.

However, if you don't do anything because it's troublesome, your life will only shrink, so the frequency of purchasing down jackets will increase.

After wearing the down jacket as much as possibleRemove dirt with a brush and wipe it with a towel if it is visibly dirty.Let's do it.



If you put a down jacket in a washing machine like everyday wear, it may be ridiculous.

Depending on the material, it can be washed, but if you wash something that is not eligible, the life will be shortened at a stretch.

Therefore,It is safe to leave it to a cleaning professionalI can say that.

If you clean the down jacket, especially when the winter is over and you change your clothes, you can save it until next year.


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Down jacket recommended popular ranking!

The down jacket has countless brands, materials, and colors, but we picked up popular and popular ones.

Stand Color White Duck Down Jacket N1486

It is a down jacket using white duck down.

Its warmth can withstand up to minus 20 degrees, and plays an active part in extreme cold.

MA-1 Down Jacket N1076

The warm and simple down jacket is MA-1.

The material is 100 % nylon, so it blocks the wind, so it keeps the warmth.


A double zip -down jacket that uses 90 % white duck.

Because it is a fairly light down jacket, it is characterized by less stress when worn.

Waterproof Specification Quilting Down N1479

It is a stylish quilting material down jacket that has been water -repellent.

It can be used for any fashion for a simple color development.

Waterproof Bread Down Jacket N1359

This down jacket uses a new material Teflon.

Teflon processing has excellent oilproofing, waterproofing and antifouling properties.

In addition, it is a popular down jacket for cold weather in midwinter because it uses plenty of white duck down.


Down jackets are familiar clothes for us, but they are popular, and many brands are born.

The down jacket is a reasonably good price, so you may want to choose one that is as popular and satisfied as possible.

NNINE has a lot of popular and very warm down jackets, so be sure to check it out.


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