10 selections of slim coordinates for chubby men! Explanation of items and colors


No matter how fashionable you want, if you are not confident in your body, you will always have a similar coordination that draws a line of your body.

Many people give up fashion in the winter, where they tend to wear. However, with a little awareness of fashion items and coordination, you can clearly show your body shape. This time, I will introduce the points of slimming that chubby men want to be aware of, and explain the actual wearing points! If you are worried about coordination that makes your body look a little beautiful, please refer to it.


Three points that chubby men should be aware of for wearing and thin

First of all, I will introduce three of the slim points that chubby men want to be aware of.

What you were doing to hide your body may make your body look bigger, so please check out the compatibility with your items and items you are aiming for.

Especially determine the part you want to hide

Where is the part you want to hide in your body?

Even if you say a chubby body, there are various troubles depending on the person. Some people are worried about the thickness of the upper body, while others are worried about the sharpness of the lower body. If you look closely at your body and determine the parts you want to hide, and the parts you don't care much, it will be easier to select and coordinate items. If you are worried about the upper body, you can choose a slender item for the lower body, and if you are worried about the lower body, select an item that emphasizes the upper body, you can coordinate a balanced balance.

Choose a warm item even if it is thin


It is easy to wear in winter, but if you choose a thin item even if it is thin, you will get a clean impression. A high -quality knit will keep you warm even if you are thin, and it is recommended to wear a highly heat -retaining inner. The knit in the reference image is a high neck type that warms the neck firmly, and the vertical pattern also has the effect of showing the body clearly.

When choosing a knit or thick item, choose just size so that your body is not as large as necessary.

Watch out for black and oversized

Speaking of the color of wearing lean, black, the item that hides the body line is oversized, but it is NG to abuse.

The black -colored coordinates have a dark and heavy impression, and it is difficult to enjoy fashion. The over size hides the body line, but it also makes it look bigger than necessary. If you add black, choose a bright color in other parts, and the over size is conscious of squeezing only the lower body or upper body. You can expect a higher wearing effect with the same item.

10 recommended wearing coordinates recommended for chubby men

Here are 10 wearing coordinates that I would like to recommend for chubby men.

Emphasize the vertical line with a long coat

If you emphasize the vertical line, you can get a surprisingly thinning effect.

Please take in a long coat in winter. Wearing a long coat with a dark color even if the items you wear inside are expanded, you will have a sharp impression in the coordination. It is recommended to put a long -length cardigan or a thin long shirt in spring and autumn.

A dark color item somewhere

It is recommended that the dark color coordinate will be a heavy impression, so the dark colors are narrowed down to one point. In particular, the cardigan does not pick up the body line and gives a relaxing impression. The V -shape on the chest shows the upper body neatly, so it is easy to choose a bright color cut -and -sew.

A simple cardigan is easy to wear and does not disturb other items, so it is convenient to have one.

Put a neatly visible striped pattern

It is also recommended to incorporate stripes to emphasize the vertical line. The shirt in the reference image is an impressive item with a sharp striped pattern.

The shirt itself has the effect of showing the body shape neatly, so if you choose a pattern shirt, pick up the striped pattern.

Make it thin with center press pants

For those who are worried about the thickness of the lower body, the center press pants are perfect. It emphasizes the vertical line and looks beautiful and beautiful. If you choose a large size because you are worried about the thickness, the line will collapse, so choose just size.

The size of pants varies greatly depending on the brand, so please check the size table and word of mouth and purchase it.

Look up with a hat or muffler

If you look up with small items such as hats and mufflers, you can see the overall impression. Choose a stylish design with a strong presence and make it a leading role in coordination. Even if you are worried that the bright color looks like a worm, it is easy to choose a bright color if you are worried.

If the overall color has become dark, please balance with a hat or muffler.

Dare to show the thin part of the body!

Dare to show the thin part of your body to squirm the part you care about. Especially when you show your wrist and ankle, you can coordinate a balanced balance. If you choose short pants and 7 -part -length pants, you can show your feet clearly.

If you want to emphasize the thinness of the upper body, it is recommended to select the V -neck item, the 7 -part length with the wrist, or roll the sleeves a little.

Over size is conscious of sharpness

When choosing an over size, be aware of the whole sharpness. If the tops are oversized, the bottoms are thin and look good by balancing the bottoms, such as matching beautiful pants. If you make the whole body oversized, it will emphasize the size of the body, so be aware of the sharpness.

Creating a waistline, such as in the waist porch, belt, and tops, can also claim sharpness.

Match the color of the pants and the shoes

If you match the color of the pants and the shoes, the atmosphere at the feet will be unified, and your feet look longer. You can see the style up that much, so please try it. If you want to make it look thin, a dark color is recommended, but even in a bright color, you can see the style well by combining pants and shoes.

Make your feet look longer with clean shoes


Choose a simple and neat design for shoes.

By neatly your feet and weakening your presence, you can show the line of your feet neatly. Sneakers with high design are fashionable, but if you have a complex in your lower body, you need to be careful because your gaze goes on your feet.

Appealing a sense of omission and a plenty of atmosphere

If you solidify your coordination too much, or select only the perfect line items, you will have an impression that you can not afford. Let's aim for a higher -grade wearing outfit with a sense of coordination.

The blazer jacket gives any coordinating impression. By combining simple cut -and -sew, denim, and casual shoes, you can create a mature atmosphere with plenty of time.

Let's master the coordinates that look fashionable but stylish!


We introduced a slimy coordinates for chubby men.

Depending on how you select an item, it is possible to make your body look beautiful.

"It doesn't look good no matter what you wear."

"It always becomes a similar combination"

If you are worried, please take in the coordination you proposed this time.

Combine the items you already have and items suitable for slimming to enjoy the coordination.



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