What is the topic material "Grafen"? Introducing 4 outerwear ideal for outdoors


Although the material of graphene is not familiar, it is a familiar material that is incorporated into smartphones, tablets, car coating, solar cells, etc. And it may be used for apparel items because of its characteristics.

In addition to explaining what kind of characteristics are graphene, we will introduce recommended outdoor outters.

Characteristics of graphene material

To briefly explain the graphene, it is a material that is tied to carbon atoms. It is beautifully lined up in a hexagonal mesh and is famous for its very thin and high durability. It is incorporated into various technologies, but let's check what characteristics of apparel items that incorporate graphene are.

Highly durable

A major feature of graphene materials is that they are highly durable. Keeps the same strength as diamonds, and does not break the fibers with some shocks and stimuli. It is also ideal as an outerwear when you want to move actively. Once you buy it, you can enjoy it for a long time, so it is also recommended for those who want to choose a really good item.


Thin and durable

The graphene is very thin and its thickness is only 1 nano. It is also compatible with the apparel items that bend and process, and even if you move actively, your body movement is not limited. Many of the materials used for outerwear that warmly warm the body are heavy and hard, but graphene can enjoy the light comfort that you can not imagine from the appearance and warmth.


High thermal conductivity

Graphene is easy to use for winter outdoor items, even though it has high thermal conductivity. It boasts 10 times the thermal conductivity of steel and protects the heat of the body. It seems that you can enjoy the winter sports in the winter without worrying about the cold if you use graphene outerwear. Because it is thin, it is easy to fold and convenient to carry, so it can be used even in places where the temperature difference is intense.


High water repellency

Graphene material is also famous for its high water repellency. Graphene may be used for car coding because of its strength and high durability. There are also graph there which can be easily coated, so many people have seen and heard. The outer using graphene materials also plays the rain and snow. Camps, winter sports, and outdoors in the sea and rivers are likely to be comfortable if you wear graphene outerwear.


4 recommended graphene using outerwear

This site also handles items using graphene. 3-4 % of graphene fibers can be used as a strong, durable, comfortable outdoor item. It is only a high design item, so please try to incorporate it into winter coordination.


Best to dress casually

A full -fledged outdoor outter is difficult to wear in the city, but the best can be incorporated casually in your daily coordination. Even just putting one vest can be warm and comfortable. The fine plaid gives a more casual impression. It is also recommended for those who are trying to try graphene materials for the first time.

If you check the check pattern, it will not be too heavy

The outdoor outter has a strong presence and weakens the impression of other items. Depending on the color and design, it can be too heavy. However, if you choose a check pattern item, you will not be too heavy and you can enjoy fashion. I don't want to give up on cold protection, durability, and design! Recommended for those who say.

Reversible and can be enjoyed at a great price

There are still few brands that handle graphene materials, and the price tends to be expensive. Although it is a comfortable and highly functional graphene material, there are many people who can not easily buy many clothes. For such people, the outerwear with reversible design is recommended. With the coordination of the day, enjoy both simple designs and the design of the chest switching. It is also important to fold it compactly when not in use.

Warm to the neck

The graphene material has excellent thermal conductivity and warms the body firmly even in the cold weather of midwinter. If you choose an item that can cover the neck firmly with a high neck, you can enjoy it as a more cold -protected outerwear. It is perfect for long -term outdoors in cold weather, such as camping and winter sports. The point is that you can enjoy a different fashion from the other outerwear with the logo on the neck on the back.

Let's spend comfort and fashionable with graphene material

We explained the hottest material, graphene.

• Durable

• Thin and durable

• High thermal conductivity

• High water repellency

The characteristic of graphene is perfect for outdoor items. There are still few apparel items using graphene, but there are not only comfortable but also stylish items that are highly designed, so please find your favorite first place.


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