What is Nome Core Fashion? Reasons for attracting attention and 6 recommended items

If you are interested in fashion, you may have heard the word gnome core.

However, it is suspicious whether you have heard the name but can explain it in detail.

In the future, if you want to give you more fashion sense or be cool, you should know about gnome core.

So, this time, I will talk about gnome core fashion, so please refer to it.

What is Nome Core Fashion?

New fashion is born every year and new trends are being sent out.

And in 2023, gnome core came to be noticed.

Simply put, gnome core,"Ultimate (normal) normal (normal)"It refers to that.

It may be difficult to say that it is the ultimate normal, but ordinary fashion is a gnome core without giving individuality.

For example, if you have high tools for hobbies and link to good results, you will be satisfied at that point, and you may think that cheap tools are fine.

It also applies to fashion.

You may be wondering if it is fashion but not individuality, but there is a fact that gnome core has become a boom in the past.

Nome core became popular in the United States from 2013 to 2014, and at the same time it was incorporated in Japan.

Just as the word simple is vest, the number of people with similar ideas has increased in fashion, so the gnome core may be popular.

Why is Nome Core Fashion attracting attention again?

Nome core fashion may look boring at first glance.

However, the gnome core isFashion with high approval rating regardless of genderIt is attracting attention in 2023.

The background varies, but there should be quite a few influences, such as not going out due to corona, or a miserable price.

Considering the current situation where you do not go out and your prices will rise, and your salary will not increase, you may not want to spend a lot of money on fashion.

Considering that the number of people who buy at fast fashion shops, not specializing in clothing, is increasing, it can be said that gnome core has become popular as possible.

Moreover, since the gnome core is not too flashy, it may be a highly evaluated fashion regardless of age or gender.

Points to pay attention to gnome core fashion

If you are aware of gnome core fashion, there are some points.

The colors are calm colors such as monotone and beige

The major premise of gnome core fashion is the ultimate normal, so flashy things are NG.

In other words,Nome core fashion chooses a quiet color such as monotone and beigeYou should.

There is no doubt that if you are conscious of the trend with a limited color, it will be a pretty cool style.

The size is not too large or too small

Nome -core fashion should also be careful about the size.

SoFashion that is too dough or too tight is far from Nome Core.

You should choose a size that matches your body shape as much as possible.

Don't forget your personality

If you throw away the gnome core, it will look like a mass -produced fashion.

I don't feel like I'm indifferent to mass -produced and fashion from the surroundings, even though I dare to incorporate a gnome core.

Nome core is a fashion that does not give personality,If you abandon all the individuality, your personality will disappear.

Don't forget your personality in gnome core fashion.

Make a difference with others with a little accessory

For example, if you have a combination of white shirts, denim pants, and sneakers, it will be a gnome core fashion that you often see.

Therefore,By wearing a hat or cap with little claims, a different gnome core fashion is completed.To do.

Especially because there are just a hat or cap, the atmosphere is completely different, so if you don't want to wear it with others, you should actively incorporate accessories.

Of course, not only hats and caps, but also watches and bracelets are effective.

What kind of combination is gnome core fashion ideal?

Nome core is the ultimate theme, but what kind of fashion actually applies?

The combination of gnome core is infinite, but I picked up something that is easy to coordinate.

・ White shirt x denim pants x sneakers
・ Sweat x skinny pants x sneakers
・ Tailored jacket x tapered pants x leather shoes
・ Solid colored hoodie x straight pants x sneakers
・ Plain polo shirt x chinopan x leather shoes

Such as applicable.

Basically, shoes vary depending on whether you are casual or business while being aware of simple monotone.

After that, add a small accessories such as a hat to complete a more original gnome core fashion.

6 recommended gnome core fashion

Retro Flight Jacket N2610

It is a retro filite light down jacket of CountryMoment.

verySimple flight jacketTherefore, it is characterized by being able to match any fashion.

Moreover, because it is a batting with batting, you can feel the essential warmth.


It is a 90 -white duck stand color down jacket of CountryMoment.

The combination of blue and red bicolors is highly originalHowever, it has the characteristic that it does not suffer from others.

If you are thinking of an outerwear that is simple but impactful, this jacket is recommended.

Retro 90 White Duck Stand Color Jacket N2654

CountryMoment's retro 90 Wight duck stand color jacket.

There is also a combination of red and black bicolor,A little flashy designIt will be a classification.

However, since there is little suffering from others, your own fashion is completed.

90% White Dag Down Jacket N2657

CountryMoment is a 90%white dug down jacket.

This down jacket uses a white dug.

White dug refers to ducks, and is positioned as a relatively inexpensive classification.

butIt keeps warmth firmlyTherefore, it is a pretty good down jacket.

American Retrojiper Denim Jacket N2613

CountryMoment is a denim down jacket with American retro jipper down.

It is an American type retro down jacket.

VeryBecause it is a simple denim, it can be matched to any fashion.

Embroidery Baseball Jumper N2612

It is an embroidery baseball baseball jumper from CountryMoment.

Casual and cute, This is a jumper.

This jumper is recommended if you want a little self -assertion in a gnome core.


The word gnome core is being recognized again in the fashion world.

At first glance, the ultimate normal hurdle looks high, but anyone can do it with a little consciousness.

Please try Nome Core Fashion.


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