How should I wear a tailored jacket? What to do to be popular

Do you usually wear a tailored jacket?

Because the tailored jacket can be worn easily, few men are conscious of wearing.

However, if you are conscious of dressing, you can already look cool.

So, this time, I will talk about wearing a tailored jacket, so please refer to it.

What are the tailored jacket dressing manners?

The tailored jacket has a very important role in the business, but can be worn casually and roughly.

At that time, if you know the manners of wearing a tailored jacket, you can wear it cooler.

Most tailored jacketsThere are more than two buttons, but the button below should not be

This is the same in business and casual.

Because the button below is the decoration.

If you stop the button below, it is not recommended because the silhouette will collapse.

Also, the tailored jacket has a pocket, but basically you should not put anything.

Because it is made stylishly, it looks bad if you put things in it.

Let's wear pockets as decorations.

How to choose a tailored jacket and how to wear it

The tailored jacket is simple, but the atmosphere changes considerably depending on the size, color, design, etc.


How to choose a tailored jacketThe most important thing is the sizeis.

If you make a mistake in the size, it will be cool.

The salaryman in a suit that feels cool in the city is the size of the tailored jacket.

However, if it is too tight, it will be difficult to move, so you should choose the best size as much as possible.


There are many colors on the tailored jacket.

Whether you're in business or casual, you should choose a dark color such as black, navy, and dark gray for tailored jackets.

especiallyBlack can be used for any fashion or any sceneTherefore, it is safe to have one place.

If you want to enjoy a little fashion, you may want to try light gray or beige.


Tailored jackets have many designs.

At first glance, if you look at the material because it is just a solid tailored jacket, there are cases where it is striped.

Basically, the tailored jacketCheck, check, stripeThere are many trends in three patterns.

If you wear it simple, it's plain, and if you are aiming for a little fashionable, stripes are best.

If you want to make a tailored jacket a little flashy, you can check it.

However, you should have one plain that can be used in any scene.


There are several materials in the tailored jacket.

General suits are mainly wool, but otherwiseCotton, hemp, nylon and polyesterVarious.

Wool is casual, and cotton is active in summer because of its excellent breathability.

If you are looking for a tailored jacket different from others, hemp or synthetic fiber is recommended.


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Important things to wear a tailored jacket

You can just wear a tailored jacket from the top of your everyday clothes, but there are some precautions.

The length of the length is not too long or too short

The point to be aware of in a tailored jacket is the length of the length.

The tailored jacket itself is cool,If the length is too long or too short, it will suddenly become coolFrom.

As for the length, the last line where the buttocks are likely to hide is good.

Be careful when your butt hides, so it will look like an uncle.

Simple pants

There are many tailored jackets, so pants should be simplified accordingly.

The image is a suit.

The pants are according to the pattern of the tailored jacket,Slacks and chino breadLet's choose a simple one.

Also, it is best to choose a modest color such as black, gray, navy, etc. without any flashy colors.

Leather is best for shoes
When wearing a tailored jacket, leather shoes are the best shoes.

For example, a combination of a suit and sneakers should feel uncomfortable for any man.

So muchTailored jackets and sneakers are incompatible, so you should choose leather shoes as much as

If the pants are skinny, the compatibility with the boots is outstanding, and if it is a straight type, leather shoes such as plain and straight chips will be good.

Two buttons are desirable

According to the tailored jacket, there are two or three buttons.

Basically, if you are youngTwo buttonsIs desirable.

When it comes to three, it will inevitably become older.

In addition, one button tailored jacket is also sold.

You can make two buttons on the tailored jacket so that you do not stop the bottom button.

Recommended items that fit a tailored jacket

Pocket Embroidery Long Sleeve T -SHIRT N2536

It is a 714Street pocket embroidery long -sleeved T -shirt.

It's a very simple T -shirt,One -point logo on the chest pocket is fashionableIt creates a feeling.

If you put on a tailored jacket, the logo of the chest pocket that you can see is quite good.

Because it is a simple design, there is no discomfort even if you wear it alone.

Water -Repellent Coolmax Fiber T -Shirt N2311

Reaimness is a water repellent/fast -drying T -shirt (UV prevention UPF40+).

At first glance it looks like a normal T -shirt,Quick -drying / water repellent functionIt is also available and supports ultraviolet rays.

The numerical value UPF40+is located in the highest class of ultraviolet rays, so it has the advantage of taking measures firmly.

In addition, the appearance is a simple T -shirt, so it can be worn on a tailored jacket or alone.

Retro Check Shirt N2360

It is a retro check shirt of 714Street.

Because it is a long -sleeved check shirt, it is active in spring and autumn.

A casual check shirtIt is okay to be alone, and the combination with a tailored jacket is quite fashionableis.

In particular, you can create a different fashion by matching the plain tailored jacket and check shirts.


It is a striped shirt jacket of 714Street.

It's a striped shirt,Because it is quite simple, it is easy to match with a tailored jacketis.

Because of its gentle brightness overall, it is an exquisite color that is not too flashy and not sober, so it goes well in any scene.


There are many men who usually wear tailored jackets, but few people think about wearing them.

Because the tailored jacket is a great item that can be worn just by wearing it.

However, there is no doubt that the look will be better if you are conscious of wearing it to make it look cooler.


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