It is now possible to pay with "SmartPay" 3 times without split fee.


Payment functions in "SmartPay" have been added without split fees.

SMARTPay is a settlement method that has no interest and commission, and will automatically set 3 months from your desired credit card.

As a trial campaign this time, we will carry out a campaign that will be 2,500 yen off for a limited time if you purchase more than 12,000 yen with SmartPay payment.

I hope you will try it at this opportunity.

* Input of the promotion code [NNINE2500] is required to apply the campaign.

* SmartPay is a card, bank account, Apple Pay and Google Pay
You can pay 3 times for free



▼ How to use

As usual, put the product in the cart and proceed to the payment screen,Make it blank in the "discount" column that appears first without putting anything.For the payment method, check "SmartPay -3 times payment fees zero" and finally tap "Confirm order".

Then, it will temporarily switch to SmartPay, so please take the following steps.


Frequently Asked Questions of SmartPay



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