[Important] January 13 (Fri) -Fri, February 3 (Fri) Information on the holidays

Thank you for always using NNINE.

[Friday, January 13th -February 3 (Fri)]

Delivery and ordering work will be suspended.

▼ Reason for stopping

There are partner factories and business partners overseas, so you will enter a large holiday.


Friday, January 13 -February 3 (Fri)]The period is
As usual, we can accept orders, but we also make arrangements.
The shipping work of international flights will be performed sequentially from February 3 (Fri).
It is a form that takes more time than usual.
Because it is an apparel, it may be the season, so we hope you can use it after confirming.
concreteArrival imageSo
It will be mid -February -late February
* The congestion of logistics is expected to be held consecutive holidays.
It may take time to reflect, such as a slip number. Please note.

[For those who buy it before January 13]

We will process it as much as possible as the guideline of the published.
* In consideration of missing items, we accept cancellations for orders before January 13. After January 14, it will not be canceled. note that





We accept inquiries as usual.
Please read the above explanation and contact us.


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